Sep 27, 2022
Needful Things
Posted by Stephen King

Free Read Needful Things - by Stephen King, Needful Things, Stephen King, Needful Things Leland Gaunt opens a new shop in Castle Rock called Needful Things Anyone who enters his store finds the object of his or her lifelong dreams and desires a prized baseball card a healing amulet In addition to a token payment Gaunt requests that each person perform a little deed usually a seemingly innocent prank played on someone else from town These practical jokLeland Gaunt ope Free Read Needful Things - by Stephen King - Needful Things, Needful Things Leland Gaunt opens a new shop in Castle Rock called Needful Things Anyone who enters his store finds the object of his or her lifelong dreams and desires a prized baseball card a healing amulet In ad

  • Title: Needful Things
  • Author: Stephen King
  • ISBN: 9780450574580
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
Free Read Needful Things - by Stephen King, Needful Things, Stephen King, Needful Things Leland Gaunt opens a new shop in Castle Rock called Needful Things Anyone who enters his store finds the object of his or her lifelong dreams and desires a prized baseball card a healing amulet In addition to a token payment Gaunt requests that each person perform a little deed usually a seemingly innocent prank played on someone else from town These practical jokLeland Gaunt ope

Free Read Needful Things - by Stephen King - Needful Things, Needful Things Leland Gaunt opens a new shop in Castle Rock called Needful Things Anyone who enters his store finds the object of his or her lifelong dreams and desires a prized baseball card a healing amulet In ad


As Jeff turned to go into Needful Things, he bumped into a woman wearing a dazed determined expression, who was hurrying out the door, clutching a stuffed warthog Entering the store, he was greeted by a tinkling bell and what appeared to be the shop owner, walking toward him with an outstretched hand Jeff s first instinct was to back away in revulsion, but he extended his hand and felt a wave of nausea sweep over him I m Leland Gaunt and welcome to my humble establishment I ve just opened today [...]

Gregor Xane

Mr King likes to tell stories about people getting trapped He s got one about a guy trapped in a bedroom He s got a whole bunch of these stories, really He s got people trapped inside a car, in a gas station, a classroom, a grocery store, a hotel, on an island, a city under a giant force field I m pretty sure he s got one about a lady handcuffed to a bed for the whole book I m just going from memory here He s probably got a lot .In Needful Things, the entire town of Castle Rock is trapped by the [...]

Dan Schwent

A store has opened in the Maine town of Castle Rock, a store selling objects a person most desires, at a price the buyer can afford But are the goods worth the cost Can Sheriff Alan Pangborn get to the bottom of Leland Gaunt and his Needful Things before he falls prey to the madness that s gripping the town In what originally was intended to be its final appearance, Castle Rock goes out with a bang in this Stephen King tome It reads like a love letter to Castle Rock at times I caught references [...]

Edward Lorn

Some authors write about king slayers Others write about serial killers Stephen King He writes about fuckers capable of leveling entire towns Whether those responsible are aliens or devils, it doesn t matter The ride is usually a fun one Needful Things is no different It is, however, the epitome of a bloated Stephen King novel There are entire characters herein that serve zero purpose George T Nelson and Frank Jewett s stories could have been left out Ace Merrill is another pointless character I [...]


With this tome of Stephen King small town horror, I m constantly amazed that I had missed picking this up and geeking out over it when it first came out.I m certain that I would have It has all the things I d been learning to geek out about with his general horror universe, including Cthulhu references, homages to his previous works including events and characters, all of them strung up as if on a map of homicide victims on a perp board, and of course, Castle Rock, itself.Castle Rock Entertainme [...]

Paul Nelson

Everyone loves something for nothing even if it costs everything When new shop Needful Things opens in Castle Rock, there is soon an avalanche of customers desperate to buy now but as the front cover says, you will pay later Leland Gaunt is the proprietor and he has an extensive stock, something will definitely catch your eye, I guarantee it.Is it the perfect store Well it possesses the thing you desire most and its available for whatever you think it s worth, with a small proviso, you have to [...]


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Nicholas Armstrong

I was going to say that the reason I didn t like this book was the huge cast of characters, but that isn t true Sure, the huge cast bothered me, but I ve read books like that before, the problem was far to do with the writing The writing was belabored, tired, and trite I say this with the utmost respect for King, but it was.For example, the huge cast of characters followed a largely identical format With a book rocking 730 or so pages of small font, that s a lot of reading, and, as with Atlas S [...]


Stephen King s approach to horror is much less about the supernatural than I think his reputation suggests Before approaching his work back in high school, I was vaguely aware of books like Cujo, Pet Sematary, Christine and It mostly due to their movie incarnations , and based on these, I assumed that King was all about the thrills and chills of the unexplained or just plain weird It turns out the real horrors of his books are quite easy to explain, but no less frightening for this Human nature [...]

M.G. Mason

Despite that The Stand is my favourite King novel, Needful Things comes a very close second.In some ways it is a much intriguing story in that it deals with a much base issue human greed and the things people will do for personal gain.Leland Gaunt arrives in Castle Rock, the setting for a good handful of King s novels, opening up a bric a brac shop The thing is with this shop is that it always seems to have the customer s most secret desire and Gaunt never seems to require much money for the s [...]

Cody | codysbookshelf

Needful Things is my favorite Stephen King novel Hell, it s probably my favorite novel, period I felt that way going into this reread, and those feelings did not change upon reading it for theurth time, I think it is now King nails everything here exceptional character work, horror and comedy in equal measure, and one of his most memorable endings to date I know this novel has its detractors, and that s cool Different strokes for different folks, brother This novel is long but not extraneous, he [...]

Matt Garcia

A reread for me Absolutely amazing and epic tale that perfectly captures and creates the quintessential essence of small town America The large cast of characters are all so unique, perfectly fleshed out and entertaining Leland Gaunt is badass and so cleverly, evil and cunning that he s one of King s best characters in my opinion This is a hell of a read and King outdid himself with this one The plot may seem simple but it s far from it The way King was able to concoct such a harrowing and compl [...]

Mike (the Paladin)

So are you familiar with the Lemony Snicket book, A Series of Unfortunate Events Well this book could be, a series of depressing dark events.I am a bit ambivalent about Mr King s books anyway I have for years found his books a mixed bag at is for me of course I know many love his every comma, period and blood stain I have liked many of his recent books so when I hit a dry spell recently and no book drew me in I decided to drop back and pick up one of his books I never read.The story here Our ma [...]

Andrea ❤Ninja Bunneh❤

YOU VE BEEN HERE BEFORE Sure you have Sure I never forget a face Whoever said nothing in life is free , has apparently read this book A small town one Constant Readers have seen many times before is about to get a brand new business Anything your tiny heart desires is in that store Anything at all There s that rare baseball card you ve been hunting for ages Oh, and look at those sunglasses worn by The King himself Have you seen that gorgeous lamp you were never able to afford Well, there it is R [...]


Always said this was one of my favorites of his, from when I read it many years ago, but never gave it a reread still good, had a lot of fun listening to it this time around, but didn t enjoy it quite as much as I remembered Original rating still stands my tastes have just morphed slightly I suppose but definitely wanted to give a rating to the audiobook Still highly recommended, if you re looking for that creepy small town feel


Alguna vez les ha pasado que iban a leer un libro con una buen sima idea y les termin decepcionando Bueno, este no es el caso Es una genial idea y King la trat con soberbia, perfectamente hasta el punto en que super mis expectativas Trata sobre un misterioso hombre que abre una nueva tienda llamada Cosas Necesarias Resulta que cada quien que entra encuentra siempre lo que quiere y anhela fervorosamente lo que sea, aunque sea casi imposible su adquisici n El due o del local, Leland Gaunt, s lo ex [...]


Absolutely loved this one and yes I should have read all of the Castle Rock ones together but life goes on.


I read this as part of a buddy read with my fellow King readers Anasylvia and Kat StarkNever in my life had I read a Stephen King novel until just months ago and now I have marked off three on my list After skimming through so many of his books, I was surprised that I had no idea that he wrote so many books that I had seen on the big screen I always assumed that his books were just gore and horror without much of a story to tell and I am not sure how that became implanted into my brain, but I am [...]

Will M.

Special mention to Kat Stark Because of her 4 star rating of this, and a really favorable review, I decided to pick this up again, as it was lying around on break for over 3 months already I completely forgot about it blame the really long to read shelf Thanks Kat Your review was amazing, and it ended up making me finish an amazing novel.Here s a link to her review my link textFinally finished this, and I m really glad I did What a freakin ending that was The best Stephen King book that I ve rea [...]


I ll never be able to hear one of those little tinkling silver bells in shop doors again without thinking of Leland Gaunt and Needful Things.

Ruth Turner

Audiobook Narrated by Stephen King For the most part it was great, although at times he read a little too fast and the words ran together.I first read Needful Things in the early nineties, and I loved it except for the ending I sat there, stunned How could he How DARE he I love Castle Rock.And so I sulked I refused to read any of his books for twelve months, and unlike so many of his other books, I never read it again That showed him Then I discovered that he narrated the audio I ve come to enjo [...]

Jenn Andrew

Beware of small little antique stores that appear in your town run by a man that makes you nervous In a small town of Castle Rock where lots of weird things happen and where a number of stories are told, a tall, mysterious man sets up his shop called Needful Things and invites the locals to enter His name is Leland Gaunt He appears as a gentleman but under his taunt and dried skin he is made of pure evil His customers really have nothing to buy from him but he is able to manipulate them into buy [...]

Doreen Petersen

Another fascinating read from Stephen King This is definitely a must read for any who like Stephen King


Buddy Read with these amazing ladies Kat and Jenna Everyone loves something for nothingeven if it costs everything.Damn King knows how to raise a girl s blood pressure up I ve been craving a good scare and Stephen King hit the spot with Needful Things This book is filled with, terror, smut, and downright creepy shit, and oh man was it ever good.Welcome to Needful Things the new little shop in the small town of Castle Rock where they sell you guessed it things Oh yes, anything you ve ever needed [...]

Adam Light

Upon reading NEEDFUL THINGS for the second time first time since it was originally published I was thoroughly impressed I have changed my four star rating to a well deserved five At first, I did not intend to read this again, but if I want to read King s entire backlog again, I will have to do it eventually, so I said what the hell and dug right in.I remembered very little, aside from the basic premise, of this thick novel for this reread, but I recalled that it had felt bloated and tedious the [...]


Maldigo a Stephen King y esa manera que tiene de escribir que hace que no puedas parar de leer Adem s tiene ese poder de crear personajes reales y bien definidos, y hace que te metas en la historia de pleno La tienda ha sido una mina de altibajos y sorpresas, y el final apote sico apocal ptico se disfruta much simo Totalmente recomendado Era un asunto extra o la cordura Cuando uno estaba privado de ella, no se daba cuenta No notaba su ausencia Solo la percib a de verdad cuando la recuperaba, com [...]

Jason Pellegrini

It has been a yearly tradition of mine to kick off the new year with a Stephen King novel For the past decade, I have started my year off with the Master of Horror Well, except for that one year, where I decided to give my tradition a break and give Richard Bachman a go wink, wink As the years have gone by, though, and I found myself soaking up King as much as I could throughout the entirety of the year, I began to feel that maybe I burned through all his essentials The Shining, IT, The Green Mi [...]


I avoided the story for a while because there were other books I was interested in by King However, as I decided recently to read all his books I wanted to give it a try Definitely an interesting read but in the end, the story was too predictable for me What intrigues me about King s books is that I hardly find a character that I don t enjoy reading about This means a lot of you think about the abundance of different characters in each of his books Polly and Alan certainly were such characters [...]

Aymen Ben cheikh

a really good book It s a story about the city of castle rock, where a new store opens the owner, Gaunt, have many items, and all of the customers can find what they always dreamed of owning, but if they want to buy something, they need to do a favour to Gaunt, an innocent prank to someone and slowly, horrible events start happening in castle rockIn this book, Stephen King plays with the obsession of owning things, the fear of loosing them, the jealousy, and the hidden hatred that lives inside p [...]

Jason Jauron

The last King book that really had characters I could relate to.There s a Leland Gaunt in every town.Like the Pumpkins said, The killer in me is the killer in you Let s face itour society feeds on envy, lust, and greed.And King painted characters that we either relate to because they were part of our life or at least the characters were people we could easily identifyAnd that was the genius in this bookd that was the disconnect I had with The Dome

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