Sep 25, 2022
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☆ Lethal Ù Sandra Brown, Lethal, Sandra Brown, Lethal When her four year old daughter informs her a sick man is in their yard Honor Gillette rushes out to help him But that sick man turns out to be Lee Coburn the man accused of murdering seven people the night before Dangerous desperate and armed he promises Honor that she and her daughter won t be hurt as long as she does everything he asks She has no choice but toWhen her four year old ☆ Lethal Ù Sandra Brown - Lethal, Lethal When her four year old daughter informs her a sick man is in their yard Honor Gillette rushes out to help him But that sick man turns out to be Lee Coburn the man accused of murdering seven people t

  • Title: Lethal
  • Author: Sandra Brown
  • ISBN: 9781455501472
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Hardcover
☆ Lethal Ù Sandra Brown, Lethal, Sandra Brown, Lethal When her four year old daughter informs her a sick man is in their yard Honor Gillette rushes out to help him But that sick man turns out to be Lee Coburn the man accused of murdering seven people the night before Dangerous desperate and armed he promises Honor that she and her daughter won t be hurt as long as she does everything he asks She has no choice but toWhen her four year old

☆ Lethal Ù Sandra Brown - Lethal, Lethal When her four year old daughter informs her a sick man is in their yard Honor Gillette rushes out to help him But that sick man turns out to be Lee Coburn the man accused of murdering seven people t

Blacky *Romance Addict*

Put your hands on me Pretend this means something Well there was no pretending from me This book will always be special to me, probably because the ending is so burned in my memory I know I will never ever forget it.The storyDirty cops Cover ups A man running from the law and holding a young cop widow hostage while trying to search through her house looking for something important.I think that about covers it.If you want to know , read the book because I don t want to spoil it for you.So, I love [...]


4.5 starsIs this Sandra Brown s best novel ever Quite possibly Is this my favourite Sandra Brown Most probably.Is Lee Coburn my favourite Sandra Brown hero Indubitably Lee Coburn is a dangerous man Accused of killing seven people, he s on the run When Honor Gillette s four year old daughter Emily spies a man outside their house, Honor cautiously investigates Coburn has not turned up at her place by accident She has something he wants, something valuable her late husband hid But Honor knows nothi [...]


4.5 stars.Just as good the second time around Had totally forgotten the bad guy I cannot wait for her new book, due out in August My original review You know who this is All hell s broke loose I liked this one a lotBrooding, tough, heroWidow with young daughterSuspenseMysterySex although not a lot of that His entire aspect was menacing, starting with his chilling eyes and the pronounced bone structure of his face He was tall and lean, but the skin on his arms was stretched over muscles that look [...]

◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆

3.5 STARSI really enjoyed this suspense novel with a touch of romance, especially the second half The first half was a bit too slow for me The characterization is strong and the writing is great The hero is just my type hot, brooding and stoic The heroine is strong and likeable I didn t guess who the villain was but I was a little disappointed with the Bookkeeper s identity I found it a bit unbelievable Also, the ending felt a bit too rushed Although I did love the epilogue, it still left me uns [...]


4.5 starsI haven t met a Sandra Brown book I didn t love knock on wood She s so skilled at weaving stories full of intrigue, suspense and one unexpected twist after another It s never clear to me who can be trusted Never Meanwhile, there s tension galore and an unlikely romance that always seems to culminate in the perfect moment between the characters Amidst all the chaos of uncovering the truth, it s pure genius that she manages to pull it off every single time.Honor is making cupcakes with he [...]


4.5 Stars I knew after finished my first Sandra Brown book that I was hooked This is my fifth book in just a little over a month and I am yet to be disappointed I know no one is perfect and I am sure I will come upon a SB book that I m just not going to like, but for now I am enjoying the ride.Lethal was another fantastic read For me there was a bit of a different feel to it compared to the other books I have read It was a good difference The synopsis really covers everything you need to know be [...]

Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

This book was so good I loved Coburn What a man You can tell I was a happy reader by the number of exclamation points I ve used thus far Honor was a good heroine too Very intense and awesome suspense Very close to five stars Rating 4.5 stars Reviewed in the September issue of Affaire de Coeur magazine affairedecoeur.Dangerous Hero Rating 5 5Sexy as all get out hero rating 5 5Grumpy is sexy rating 5 5 Hero Lickability rating 5 5Would I volunteer to be a stand in for this heroine Yes Overall asses [...]


Written May 9, 20154.4 Stars Simply GREAT once again Yay The very best narration too Ohh, I love to listen to these suspence stories by Sandra Brown Lethal is one of her most read and reviewed suspense romances here on GR It was time for the audiobook narrated by one of my favorite voices, Mr Victor Slezak StunnedI ve used every possible free minute to audiobook listening these two last days These SB books are a joy in good exciting entertainment every time I sniffles and sobs, but what a unexpe [...]

Amy (Foxy)

Dirty cops Mystery Suspense I listened to this one and thought the narrator did a great job I wouldn t say LETHAL is a romance book but it does have a sprinkling of romance towards the end of the book If you decide to read this one keep in mind this is about suspense than it is about romance Leathal takes place over 2 days and has 4 couples that play a bigger part in the overall story The main couple is Coburn andHonor Honor possibly holds the key to Coburn figuring out who the bad guys are The [...]


This was a great book to come across A really gripping story with a sprinkling of romance thrown in as well the first of this genre that I ve encountered Also the first Sandra Brown novel I have read Very enjoyable reading, I was engaged from the outset and I did not want to put it down Coburn is our most attractive protagonist, with a hard edge that I liked, that is eventually broken by Honor, a capable woman who is stronger than she realises as she fights to save her daughter and deceased poli [...]

♡Karlyn P♡

loved it Listened to this one on audio This one is suspense then romance, but what romance was there was quite believable This is a story where you can t tell who is the good guy and who is the bad guy, and it makes you second guess every thing said and done Kept me riveted When it was over I wanted to scream, One chapter, PLEASE


First of all thank you Blacky for this awesome recommendation Second, this is what I saw every time Lee Coburn made an appearance in Lethal which is all the damn time And in the end, read this


5 OH MY Stars YES Good stuff, really good stuff I did not see that coming Wow what an ending I thought I had it all figured it out, but Sandra Brown played me for a fool, and I d assume the role again if I could read books that mess with my mind like this one did This book ticked off so many of my RS need to have boxes The perfect RS couple Lee Coburn, a lethal , protective, swoon worthy hero with a sensitive side Honor Gillette, a strong willed, smart, fearless heroine Plenty of sexual tension [...]


Another addition to my best heroes ever list I really want to hunt Sandra Brown down right now and make her write the scene that should have come at the end, but I can live with the way she left it since I have no other choice So much happened to this couple, and I was so in love with their story, I just felt like he could ve at least glimpsed them before the book ended Maybe it s better the way it turned out in my brain, though, cause that was very sappy and emotional.Excellent plot, excellent [...]


update 1.99 sale price on 02 14 2017In the category of lethal, dark, and dangerous character, Lee is one of my most favourite heroes in books.Honor is not a TSTL kinda heroine Romance I feel the ending confirmed the authenticity in their romance It is real The villains are multi layered.Plot Dynamic Suspenseful.TBH, the identity of Bookkeeper wasn t credible to be a mastermind behind the horrific mass crimes Lee But I m not a hearts and flowers guy I m not even an all night guy I don t hold hand [...]

Rachel Reads Ravenously

DNF at 28% I would just respectfully like to say that this book isn t for me Nothing wrong with the book or writing, this genre plot just isn t my thing Just a case of


5 Coburn Stars Wow I fucking LOVED this book There s your reviewlolol I think Tori said it best Kidnapper I should be so lucky You re damn right, girl This is a great book for when you need a break from the strictly romance reads and want something on the suspenseful side I d been recommended to check this author out by probably a dozen people, and had also been told that this specific book was the best one to begin with because, even though it is mainly a suspense novelwhen the romance does co [...]

Duchess Nicole

I listened to the audio of this and the narrator did a fantastic jobI was glad it was a guyis book focused less on the romantic and on the suspense, but Sandra Brown is my favorite author to write those types of stories.Initially, I felt this book started out a bit too melodramatic Some of the craziness that happens during the first forty percent ends up feeling somewhat unnecessary When certain aspects come to light, I had a bit of an eyeroll moment However, without giving away too much, I wil [...]


4 STARSThis is definitely one of my favorite SB books I ve read so far The only reason it s not getting 5 stars is for two things 1 The huge reveal of a very prominent and ruthless character was very unbelievable I was completely stupefied and never for one second guessed who it was, but at the same time it was riddled with improbabilities I had to suspend reality to believe it 2 THE ENDING I really, really wish it ended better I can finish a story from its conclusion and rightfully fill in the [...]

Christina ~ Brunette Reader

4,5 StarsMy very first Sandra Brown s, this turned out to be one of the best Romantic Suspense books I ve read recently A hidden evidence from the past that could help uncover ruthless drug and human traffickers, a mysterious villain pulling the strings from the shadows, a couple on the run, a gripping plotline and just the right amount of edge made for a compelling and engrossing story, with a strikingly good balance between action and character development And while the budding romance often t [...]


It feels like its being ages since I have been invested in a story, its characters and its final outcome as much as I did when reading Lethal by Sandra Brown And it has been quite sometime since I picked up a Sandra Brown, who always manages to keep the reader glued to the pages, whether it be because of the strong elemental connection she manages to make with the reader or because of the suspense element in her later novels that always manages to entice the reader to put everything else on hold [...]

Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)

Loved it No thorough review this just few pointers What sells this book A mostly no touch but still amazingly hot h H chemistry Good tight suspense and story A mysterious nutcase villain whose identity is tantalizingly within reach.But then you have plenty of such average to okay romantic thrillers about.Then what The Hero, no doubt about it A cold, lethal, barely human killing machine who has immense patience for a trying little bundle He s every romance reader s dream hero A soft inner self hi [...]


REVIEW OF EBOOK NOVEMBER 2011Despite some niggles that s for KateMc p , I m giving SB s latest thriller 5 stars because it kept me up reading till 5am and I don t often finish a book in one sitting.I agree with the other reviewers about the identity of the Bookkeeper It was implausible for that person to have masterminded that huge operation without anyone discovering or even suspecting the Bookkeeper s identity But I m still not taking away a star I also hate kids in my books, especially my Rom [...]

Alex is The Romance Fox

I love Sandra Brown s books and whilst this is not my favourite of hers, I still enjoyed it a lot Lethal has all the elements I like in romance suspense.engaging characters, a fast paced plot that keeps you guessing until the end.Wow.d here I had this idea that small towns were filled with nice peoplet in the town where Honor Gillette and her daughter live and where Coburn is accused of mass murder Every one seems to have a secretayals,murders, deceptions.we have it all here.Twists and turns abo [...]


B r with Linda, Luli and Nefise When you feel the safest, you ll be the most vulnerable Lee CoburnFrom the moment Lee Coburn literally springs up on the scene and up until the very end, this was an action packed plot twists galore exciting read.Coburn, a man accused of killing seven warehouse workers in cold blood, forcefully enters an isolated home of Honor Gillette, a widow of a police officer, shattering her peaceful existence What starts out as something of a hostage situation evolves into a [...]


3.5 stars, but 5 stars for the hero Plot contortions aside, I enjoyed this suspenseful story, especially getting into the hero s POV My kind of guy, Lee Coburn Bold, cold, sexy, cynical, and fatalistic, this lethal former Marine is blindsided by emerging tenderness, hope, insecurity, and jealousy the scene with the football Kudos to Brown for this textured portrayal of character I especially enjoyed his taken aback ness with little Emily, who demands a bedtime kiss from the adored invader in her [...]


This was another one of Sandra Brown s really good ones Lethal starts off with a bang and just keeps going and going Honor is a widow with a four year old daughter, Emily One afternoon, Emily tells Honor she saw a man outside in their yard When Honor investigates she finds herself and Emily held captive Coburn, a man accused of a mass killing at a local warehouse, has taken Honor and her daughter hostage For some reason, Coburn believes Honor s deceased husband, Eddie, had some valuable informat [...]


I read this book in one dayd it s not a short book It s difficult to put into words how awesome this book truly is The suspense is off the charts, however, it s Lee Coburn who really makes this book something special.Dangerous heroes are just my thing I used to apologize for this, but now I just revel in it For me, the dangerous the better, and Coburn pushes all my right buttons He is a deeply undercover agent trying to expose a drug weapons human trafficking ring It s a tangled web that eventu [...]


Wecome to a lovely, peaceful Tambour view spoiler hide spoiler Sandra Brown books are always a treat I love how she writes, I love her characters And here we have a really seemingly unredeemable one Coburn starts like a true thug he threatens, he s violent, he s a criminal, a kidnapper No, he s not a nice, kind kidnapper that follows the rules But as the story progresses he s a complete turnover.I was amazed how very believable Ms Brown made that transaction Honor was the opposite, she s a meek [...]


Narrated by Victor SlezakSandra Brown specializes in the wronged, seemingly villainous hero who strikes fear and loathing in the hearts of everyone but that one special woman, and she sure has a knack for torturously testing his heroism until justice prevails In Lethal, deep undercover FBI agent c mon, you didn t really believe he was a mass murderer Lee Coburn is about to discover the identity of a particularly nasty criminal mastermind known as The Bookkeeper when all hell breaks loose Coburn [...]

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