Sep 25, 2022
The Tenth Circle
Posted by Jodi Picoult

Free Read The Tenth Circle - by Jodi Picoult, The Tenth Circle, Jodi Picoult, The Tenth Circle Fourteen year old Trixie Stone is in love for the first time She s also the light of her father Daniel s life a straight A student a pretty popular freshman in high school a girl who s always seen her father as a hero That is until her world is turned upside down with a single act of violence Suddenly everything Trixie has believed about her family and herselFourteen year old T Free Read The Tenth Circle - by Jodi Picoult - The Tenth Circle, The Tenth Circle Fourteen year old Trixie Stone is in love for the first time She s also the light of her father Daniel s life a straight A student a pretty popular freshman in high school a girl who s always seen h

  • Title: The Tenth Circle
  • Author: Jodi Picoult
  • ISBN: 9780743496711
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
Free Read The Tenth Circle - by Jodi Picoult, The Tenth Circle, Jodi Picoult, The Tenth Circle Fourteen year old Trixie Stone is in love for the first time She s also the light of her father Daniel s life a straight A student a pretty popular freshman in high school a girl who s always seen her father as a hero That is until her world is turned upside down with a single act of violence Suddenly everything Trixie has believed about her family and herselFourteen year old T

Free Read The Tenth Circle - by Jodi Picoult - The Tenth Circle, The Tenth Circle Fourteen year old Trixie Stone is in love for the first time She s also the light of her father Daniel s life a straight A student a pretty popular freshman in high school a girl who s always seen h


Jodi, Jodi, Jodi We need to talk I like you, I really really do I think you are a fun girl to fly with, and I like hanging out with you when no one else is around to make fun of me when they see us together But I feel as though our relationship is going the way of Beatrice Sparks I mean, we really hit it off with My Sister s Keeper And that first meeting was soooooo gooooood But this relationship has taken a serious nose dive 10th Circle, wha Are you on drugs Did you have a lobotomy Whatever it [...]


You can see this review and many others readrantrockandroll 2018 Jodi Picoult has been a favorite author of mine since I was in high school The very first book I read by her was Picture Perfect and I couldn t wait to read of her novels Very few of Jodi Picoult s stories haven t captured me in some way The Tenth Circle is probably one of the most poignant that I ve read As a parent, the book really made me question my morals and how far I d be willing to go to protect my own children May contain [...]

Nichole (DirrtyH)

So if one were to compare popular fiction with dining, you could probably say writers like Danielle Steele, John Grisham, Nora Roberts, etc are the McDonald s of writers I would probably equate Jodi Picoult with Applebee s Reading a Jodi Picoult novel is like casual dining You pretty much know what you re going to get, and you don t expect anything life altering But it s entertaining, it s atmospheric, and it certainly feels at least a bit upscale.This novel is about a family a mom, a dad, a da [...]

Saleh MoonWalker


Petra X

Although I had read quite a number of Jodi Picoult books, I was doubtful about this one because it included a lot of the material in comic strip format and I do not like comics or graphic novels at all I needn t have worried though, because the story reads just as well just sticking to the text In fact, especially after the tedious writing and despicable characters of Mercy, I was really surprised by some good storytelling and quite well rounded characterisations The research Picoult had put int [...]


This one really fascinated me I loved the aspect that brings to question does no really have to be said for it to be rape Then you had the whole messed up family aspect as an undertone Overall, the characters were mostly likeable but it is the debate of the themes of the book that really keep you grasping for the next page On to my next Jodi Picoult book in my marathon Harvesting the Heart


The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult is based on a fourteen year old girl, Trixie Stone, who is madly in love for the first time with an upper classman named Jason Underhill, who happens to be the star hockey player of the town and well known by everyone Sadly though, Jason doesn t love Trixie he merely only likes her Because of this fact, after he broke off their relationship, he was the only one to move on Trixie became depressed, desperate, and determined To relieve her emotional pain, she began [...]


We can t keep Jodi Picoult on the shelves in the bookstore where I work I picked this one up just to see what all the fuss is about and before I knew what was happening I was a hundred pages into it Picoult s great strength seems to lie in creating a suspenseful build up as the reader waits for Devastating Tragedy to descend on her characters Unfortunately, she doesn t seem to know what to do after that and covers up by adding one big dramatic plot twist after another It could have been saved if [...]

Sarah Watts

WHY do I read these books They are poorly written REALLY poorly written Past the point of believability and, importantly, enjoyability The characters are completely one dimensional and interchangable I could have sworn I read this book befored then I remembered I very nearly had when I read Nineteen Minutes , and they do nothing but spew these incredibly cliched lines about love and loss and watching your children grow up, or some bullshit Maybe it wouldn t be bullshit if a I actually believed [...]


So I think I m missing something in Jodi Picoult s writing This is the third book I ve ready by her Pact, Sister s Keeper and I must say that I ve felt the same way about all three I don t really like the characters I find it hard to feel sympathetic or compassionate towards anyone in the stories Not that this is a requirement, but I think liking someone or feeling sympathy or empathy for them, makes for good reading I will give Picoult credit in that she keeps me hanging on I haven t not finish [...]

Dora Santos Marques

A minha opini o em v deo youtu RlF_N7E6mpIMais uma grande, grande hist ria da Jodi Picoult.Prendeu me do inicio ao fim A nica parte de que gostei menos, foi a do Alasca resto, adorei tudo


Women s fiction and chick lit are not my cup of tea, they are not interesting to me, but no reason why such books shouldn t be given the same consideration as any other genre I try to avoid genre snobbery though sometimes it bubbles up with regard to YA fiction and Paranormal Romances and considering my own tastes range from the highbrow to the very lowbrow, I am not one to cast stones.Or if I am going to cast stones, I want to know what I am throwing them at I mean, a lot of people think Jane A [...]


I m always up for a good psychological thriller, and Picoult certainly knows how to pick her topics Memory regression, teen mass murder sprees, suicide pacts you name it, and she s right there Though this book approaches the topic from an oblique angle, The Tenth Circle is, at its core, a story about family and the strength of those familial bonds By tracing what happens to the Stone family after their daughter, Trixie, claims she has been raped by her ex boyfriend, we investigate what love can [...]


Sorprendida, as me he quedado Porque la novela se inicia de una manera y de pronto da un giro y parece que hablamos de otra cosa, aunque todo queda perfectamente ensamblado al final.Me gusta mucho c mo construye sus protagonistas, las emociones a su alrededor y que se arriesgue a tocar temas delicados.Quiz la protagonista debiera ser Trixie, pero para m la estrella es su padre, Daniel Me ha fascinado el personaje.No quiero contar nada m s, porque creo que hay que leerla con los menores datos pos [...]


Honestly i hated this one I hated the whole family who were the main characters I hated them from the first time they appeared until the end of the book A lot of the stuff that happened didn t make much sense to me, like how did the father just know that his daughter would run off to alaska anyway, that s just my opinion but, i hated it.


I borrowed The Tenth Circle from a friend, and I wanted to like it Really, I did And despite the fact that the plot had way too much going on, it might have been okay But the protaginist Trixie ruined even that for me spoilers ahead As a fourteen year old girl the same age as Trixie I think I m being fair in saying she was one of the most unrealistic characters i ve ever read In fact, all the teenagers in the book seemed unrealistic I ve never heard of anybody playing rainbow or daisy chain or w [...]

Rose Ann

First, the storyline is not what I thought it was going to be I thought it was going to be about the rape case judicially , and the family making it through that.Second, I found this a tough topic, being that I have a daughter entering 9th grade The first 2 3 of this book, I couldnt put down.I thought for sure that Jason commited suicide It made sense that he would commmit suicide, being that she tested positive for the drug Then I wonderedw what How can the story continue he s dead That s when [...]


While this book may not be one of Jodi Picoult s best novels, it is nonetheless a very enthralling read The novel gives you both the point of view from the victim and the accused It really keeps you guessing as to exactly who is telling the truth The tale has many completely unexpected twists in the plot that will keep you captivated Empathetic characters, with a gripping plot, full of twists and turns, that will keep you guessing right up until the end Fours stars

Original Doll (Lea Martinuš)

Obiteljska tragedija koja e okirati roditelje Mogu e je da udo nije ne to to se dogodi, ve ne to to se ne dogodi Veliki sam fan Jodi Picoult jo od itanja njene knjige uvarica sestre svoje prema kojoj je snimljen istoimeni film Autorica pi e divne knjige s naglaskom na realisti noj fikciji, obiteljskoj drami te tragi nim situacijama s kojima se ljudi ne rijetko susre u Ponekad nam se elje ostvare A ponekad je to najgore to nam se mo e dogoditi Trixie je etrnaestogodi njakinja koju ostavlja de ko [...]

Cris Díaz

Lidia me pic con esta lectura cuando no sab a muy bien qu leer y la verdad es que ha acertado de pleno.El libro, dentro de que est escrito para enganchar con las cosas que eso conlleva , est bien montado y bien narrado, algo que no siempre sucede.Un comienzo que te mete poco a poco por lo que he le do por ah , para algunos demasiado poco a poco , para mi lo adecuado Y despu s un desarrollo que me ha gustado y llamado la atenci n Lo mejor Daniel, el padre de la protagonista Un hombre real y compl [...]


I recently read The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult On the surface the Stone family seems normal and perfect, but as the story continues their relationship falls apart Daniel works at home as a comic book artist to be a stay at home dad for Trixie, while his wife Laura is a full time college professor Daniel and Laura seem to put their daughter Trixie before everything else in life until the one time she actually needs her parents they aren t by her side like she needs them to be When the worst hap [...]


This book is pure popcorn the sort of thing you read not for the writing or the social impact, but because the story is like a soap opera you can t quite quit Granted, I thought her vignettes about family life were compelling and well written, and touched upon the feelings a family unit generates and her descriptions of the father daughter, mother daughter, mother father dynamic were really nice but the over all book wasn t really literature A good weekend read The interspersion of comic book pa [...]

Beth Anne

joy is my new book supplier, so i m not so slowly working my way through her jodi picoult collection far this was my favorite of the three picoult books i ve read firstly, i really liked the comic book theme and the references to Dante s Inferno throughout the book starting every chapter with a snippit of the Daniel s comic book was a great way to move the story along, through his eyes and mindough i have to admit, i figured out the ending about half way through the novelpicoult s books are a bi [...]


I wasn t overly fond of this book, and am surpised at all of the raving reviews I am wondering if I missed something along the way I found that she overworked Dante s Inferno and the little bits of graphic novel merely restated what the reader already knew I know that the author was trying to show how the lines could bnlur on the typically black and white issue of rape, but i felt that she was biased towards Trixie In the end we find out that Trixie did nothing to stop Jason, and that from his [...]

Larry Bassett

When you read the Acknowledgements at the front of the book, you know The Tenth Circle covers a lot of territory rape, teenagers, Dante, comic book superheroes, Alaska Don t say she didn t say to you right off, This was a massive undertaking No kidding, Jodi She doesn t do easy topics.Who has ever had a boyfriend who played hockey I mean, I grew up near Detroit so I knew about Gordy Howe, the star But there was no hockey as a high school sport The story is in Maine so things are evidently differ [...]


There s a surprise at the end of this book that I wish I had known about before I started reading The Tenth Circle is a metaphorical journey through Dante s Inferno, told through the eyes of a small Maine family whose hidden demons haunt every aspect of their seemingly peaceful existence Woven throughout the novel are a series of dramatic illustrations that pay homage to the family s patriarch, comic book artist Daniel Stone, and add a unique twist to this gripping story Trixie Stone is an imagi [...]


First, what I like about The Tenth Circle Like the only other Jodi Picoult book I ve read My Sister s Keeper , I think the author does a really good job of picking interesting subject matter, and presents it in a compelling way As the mother of both a son and two daughters, I found the subject of this particular book to be thought provoking Was the 14 year old protagonist raped, or not Picoult does an outstanding job of showing the flaws of her characters, and I think it s the highest compliment [...]

Diane Chamberlain

Not my favorite of Picoult s books, although I admire her attempt to try something different by the inclusion of the comic which I skipped over Sorry As a writer myself, I m well aware that not every book can be five star worthy, and it certainly won t stop me from reading of Picoult s work.


Della Picoult avevo apprezzato Le case degli altri Questo, invece mi apparso prevedibile, poco interessante, con personaggi bidimensionali e per i quali non ho sentito nessun feeling Il finale in Alaska artificioso e sbrodolato Sono intransigente, lo so, ma non posso tacervi la mia irritazione quando trovo cose del genere giubbotto North Face, coltello X Acto, cereali Life, lavatrice Ken, tazza Dixie, trucco Sephora, confezione di Pixi Stix, latte di cocco Thai, ecc Ci sono anche i preservativi [...]

Sarah Swann

Really good Jodi always takes a tough topic, in this case it is rape, a case of he said she said, and turns it to keep you guessing of what is actually happening The whole time, twists and turns kept me second guessing everything The only thing I didn t enjoy was a section about Alaska It was strange and didn t make much sense to the story That s why I knocked off a star But I always enjoy Jodi and this was no different

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