Oct 05, 2022
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[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Ethereal : by Addison Moore, Ethereal, Addison Moore, Ethereal Sixteen year old Skyla Messenger is a dead girl walking When her newly remarried mother moves the family to Paragon Island to a house that is rud to be haunted Skyla finds refuge in Logan Oliver a boy who shares her unique ability to read minds Skyla discovers Logan holds the answers to the questions she s been looking for but Logan s reluctance to give her theSixteen year old Skyla [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Ethereal : by Addison Moore - Ethereal, Ethereal Sixteen year old Skyla Messenger is a dead girl walking When her newly remarried mother moves the family to Paragon Island to a house that is rud to be haunted Skyla finds refuge in Logan Oliver a

  • Title: Ethereal
  • Author: Addison Moore
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Ethereal : by Addison Moore, Ethereal, Addison Moore, Ethereal Sixteen year old Skyla Messenger is a dead girl walking When her newly remarried mother moves the family to Paragon Island to a house that is rud to be haunted Skyla finds refuge in Logan Oliver a boy who shares her unique ability to read minds Skyla discovers Logan holds the answers to the questions she s been looking for but Logan s reluctance to give her theSixteen year old Skyla

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Ethereal : by Addison Moore - Ethereal, Ethereal Sixteen year old Skyla Messenger is a dead girl walking When her newly remarried mother moves the family to Paragon Island to a house that is rud to be haunted Skyla finds refuge in Logan Oliver a


This book is awful The author uses extremely short chapters almost James Patterson short and the plot is choppy and confusing because of it The main character is boring and unlikeable She s described as perfect with long, flowing and of course, never frizzy blonde hair and perfect crystal blue eyes She moves to Paragon Island, into the house where a murdered girl Chloe lives The dead girl s best friend Brielle immediately runs over and becomes best friends with Skyla for some unknown reason She [...]


Am I the only one who thinks Skyla is a slut Even that, I could forgive, but she s shallow too She s a shallow slut In the beginning of the book, she already shows indecision about Gage awesome and Logan sucks view spoiler She spends the majority of the series jumping around between the two of them, changing them as often as a normal person changes underwear And they let her It s fairly ridiculous and inhumanly annoying DO NOT READ hide spoiler She is unbelievably stupid and ignorant By the time [...]

Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi

I have just one thing to say


Do not read this book One of the worst book I ve ever read and that s saying something because I ve read awful books but this tops those books The reason I dislike this book so much was because it was plot less all the book was about Skyla thinking two guys are hot and not knowing which one hotter and which one she wants to sleep with All the characters ever thought about or talked about was sex having sex or thinking about having it.I seriously don t even know why the author tried to add a para [...]

Rosie Moss

Ok so I am on the fifth book of this series and let me tell you granted by the other reviews yes the first book is a bit slow but stick with this series because the others are absolutely fantastic I can t believe people are complaining about this book I am really enjoying the series and I really don t want it to end The books are also fairly cheap and I think that the short chapters are good because when you finish one you instantly want to read another I understand for you angel lovers out ther [...]

Courtney Wells

Ethereal is a book that quickly establishes itself with vivid characters, snappy descriptions and pacing that holds the readers attention enough to keep turning pages The plot s supernatural aspects as well as mundane ones ensnared me so quickly I read half the book within two hours and finished it not long after Ethereal has an irreverent tone in both narration and dialogue that is entertaining to read while reaffirming Skyla s general disposition The tragedy and upheaval ingrained in her back [...]


This book was FREE for kindle on , and a colleague had recommended it to me based on the fact that I occasionally read YA fantasy romance Based on reading the book, I assume the reason they could offer it for such a reduced price is because it was written by a teenager and they didn t bother hiring an editor Disclaimer I have no idea if this is true this is merely based on the fact that the quality of writing in this book makes Stephanie Meyer look like William Shakespeare In addition to being a [...]


I think I m way too much of a cynic to read YA novels I just started to read Ethereal and I can tell it will have a bunch of cliches So far we have our heroine feeling an instant connection to a gorgeous, mysterious, rich guy She is a virgin and he used to be a player What s up with that Why do all heroines have to be virgins It s the 21st century and authors still keep sending the message that if a girl is not a virgin she is a slut Whatever Oh, and there is another gorgeous guy who probably li [...]


First of all I want to say, anyone who has been in an abusive relationship probably might want to skip this book Parts of it can be triggering the review might be triggering It contains men trying to control women through speech and gestures, as well as objectification It also has implied rape and dehumanization Also on top of all this a huge topping of abelism The men in this book like to violate a woman s bodily automomy on multiple levels and it s shown as being sexy and romantic It s dangero [...]


I have really enjoyed the wonders of technology that make things available to us today I love the fact that I can access great stories that have not been published through the traditional route through I try to take a few chances on these books because I know it will help those writing and because on several occasions I have found a really good book Ethereal falls into this category.Skyla is a fun lead character She reminds me a little of a younger Merit from the Chicagoland vampire series She i [...]

Kate (Van Rejects)

Once upon a time, I found this in the kindle store for free and I thought to myself, A free kindle book about angels Sure, why not And the truth is the sad truth might I add was that I actually read the book description and everything and I thought that it couldn t be all that bad And since it was free it was a win win situation See, that s how I felt before I read this crap fest Now that I have actually read it at least I can say that I didn t waste any money since it was free But it was litera [...]


Look up the word horrid and the cove of this book is next to it, as in DO NOT READ IT It s useless, stupid, idiotic, screwed up and a waste of time I will not be reading any books in this seriesRSTBeing a fan of all things angel I can certifiably say that this book does not represent anything angel what so ever The characters are poor, the story line is horrible, the chapters are too short and make almost no sense, and the writing in general is all wrong Absolutely everything is wrong with this [...]

Amy Nielsen

This has got to be one of the worst books I have ever read I finished merely so I could have all the ammunition for this review Here goesI find this entire book to be ridiculously superficial Not a single character, event or location was described or developed effectively And if there were descriptions, they were of the most stupid things such as the fog What is this author s fixation with fog How many times do we have to read about the way in which fog can envelope a person, wrap a person, abso [...]


I ve said it before, and I ll say it again I am just too cynical and jaded to read YA It s just not my style and even when written really well Twilight I just find things irk me too much So I should have been prepared, but I did not realize I was reading a YA book when I started Ethereal, so I am going to assume that the issue I with me not the book.I think the plot was original, and really good but the story and character development was a bit off It just didn t seem genuine to me, and the stor [...]

Veronica Morfi

Didn t see that comingStarting this book I thought I would love it or at least like it for that matter, but unfortunatelly that wasn t the case I did not like this book and it s mostly because of the characters Skyla is the new girl in town She moves in the house of a dead girl Chloe and soon takes over her life Chloe s best friend soon becomes Skyla s same with Chloe s boyfriend But Skyla has a secret of course she does , she can hear people thoughts And once she realizes that Logan, her new is [...]

Amber J.

If Angels like the Celestra and Levatio really walk the Earth we are in good hands just wanted to share my review I am IN LOVE with this book.I love that this book is unapologetically spiritual it deals with God, Angels, divine inspiration and intervention, the ethereal realm, and the dichotomy between good and evil in ALL of us, without being preachy or evangelical I even liked that JC was never mentioned lol.This is the FIRST time I ve ever connected to the female protagonist in a YA novel The [...]


I found this book to be acquired taste The content is really love it or hate it, and I LOVEEEED it This was sooooooo good.I personally am a sucker fairy and angel books, but this was kind of an interesting twist on angels The book is about Skyla messenger, who s father and her can both read minds, and when her father dies her mom remarries and they move to paragon island off of washington from L.A On paragon island, she learns that she is a Celestra, or a very high rank of angel that have foreve [...]

Courtney Cole

I loved this book Ms Moore brings an entirely new and fresh voice to the angel genre and I liked this ever so much better than Fallen or Hush,Hush Her main character, Skyla is witty and smart She doesn t fall into the weak, whiny MC category that we have seen so much of lately The storyline is unique, the dialogue is funny I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good paranormal read


BOOK LOVE I didn t know what to expect from this book, but I m so glad I took a chance on it because it paid off in a big way Not only was the plot interesting, but the writing was beautiful I hope the author plans on putting out the next in the series really soon because she left me wanting Excellent read I highly recommend.

Ann Lively

Warning, spoiliy oilies.Whoever likes this book really, REALLY needs to take a second look at it So I got it for free via Kindle, and at first I was like, Whoo A free book But then I did something akin to this number ohgodwhy This book is just a horrible mess of why s and what s and how the holy hell did that even happen The author certainly didn t think about logic or grammar there were than a few mistakes repeated over and over again and it drove me to the point of insanity So our story begin [...]

Amy Jones

Do angels walk the Earth They do on Paragon Island For two years Skyla Messenger has believed she lost her father to a horrible car accident Now she s not so sure.Her mother has remarried to a man Skyla is not all that crazy about She and her sister and new step siblings are being uprooted and relocated from sunny LA, California to dreary Paragon Island Skyla finds she doesn t mind the constant rain and fog of the island, it better reflects her mood since her father died.When she arrives at her [...]

Beth (the one who is)

spoilers There was so many things wrong with this book I m sorry, I am not going to be nice about this review I am sorry to the author because she added me as a friendbut I am not going to stop myself over this I NEED to vent I can tolerate a LOT of crap in my day But honestly this was one of the worst YA books , I ve EVER read I m not saying, I could do much better But NO I can t help it It was almost like, the author decided to sit herself down and watch all the teen movies She picked and choo [...]


This book had so much potential, could have bee soooo much .But it wasn t Worth the 71p but it seemed the book was empty, or the characters had no emotion, she was making out with two cousins and it didnt really seem to be an issue, time travelling and getting chased and kidnapped which seemed to be solved by a kiss Really A kiss the reader can t really savour because its he placed his lips on mine All i can say is this must be some mind shattering kiss Then theres the fact that she s full bloo [...]


I bought this book and read the first page and put my kindle down for a few days Story there s this girl moving into a house and on the first page is a dramatic announcement that the previous girl living in the house was murdered Sorry Addison but I had to roll my eyes A day or two later when I DID read past the first few pages, my real life outside of Skyla, Logan and Gage became completely suspended I stayed up all night reading through the first 3 books Addison Moore s has a great talent for [...]

Jessica Varney

I LOVE this book series Don t get me wrong I am an avid reader, not simply someone who picks the easy reads , nor am I one of those Twilight junkies who simply crave a little romantic and paranormal drama from a story No, I like to be able to connect with the story and the characters I have read a great deal into this series, and I do admit the story becomes sluggish and boring after a few seven books But up until then, I was constantly hooked I got through a book or two a day, and simply couldn [...]

Rachel Harris

Ethereal was a fun read I downloaded the sample chapter with the expectation of checking out a new author s work and adding it to my growing TBR Pile, and was hooked immediately I quickly bought it and pretty much devoured it in one big gulp.A few grammatical typos aside all things I was than willing to look past to focus on the hot boys this was a well written story The angel plot is tweaked to make it her own, and has lots of added twists and turns that I didn t expect The mystery surrounding [...]

Shawna LeAnn

Just so you all know, this review is not going to be very long Because, I loved this book so much, I immediately bought book number two right after I finished this one Because Addison Moore left me with such a cliff hanger I could not not buy book number two after that In fact, I finished book number two before I even wrote this.From twists and turns to amazingly swoon worthy boys and relationships this book has it all I did not know what was going to happen next from page to page, and I was jus [...]


A brilliant novel with a love angle because love triangles are impossible the math that will have you hooked I think the only criticism I have is that I think the whole two hot angel guys thing was a little bit potent than the plot line Not that I m complaining But I think the focus could have been a little bit on the angel side of stuff But overall it was good and I m Team Gage D


Okay First off I, I admit, have never done a review before mostly because I can t be bothered, and I usually stick to perusing Goodread lists and the likes, but also because I generally don t read books so bad I feel the need to warn people against them until this.Secondly I didn t actually finish this book, and, as such, this should be considered of a rant than a review Consider ye warned I, sadly, have become resignedly expectant to hating the heroins in the YA UF I ve been reading lately, bu [...]

Jessie(Ageless Pages Reviews)

This was a very fun book to read Angels Nephilim seem to be on a new wave of literary popularity, and Ethereal does not disappoint I was intrigued beginning from the first paragraph As soon as Skyla begins to tell her tale, I was hooked The prose flows very nicely, and naturally The book certainly feels like the story of a teenage girl, rather than how an adult would assume a teenage would write or speak Also, added bonus, real humor we had this whole East Side West Side thing So I was expecting [...]

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