Sep 29, 2022
Street Pharm
Posted by Allison van Diepen

[PDF] Read ✓ Street Pharm : by Allison van Diepen, Street Pharm, Allison van Diepen, Street Pharm If a brother wanna get ahead he gotta use every minute to better himself Everything I did made me better tougher stronger richer smarter or I didn t do it Take high school A waste of time Nobody there taught me what I needed to survive on the streets Ty Johnson knows survival Since inheriting his pop s business at sixteen Ty s developed smarts skil If a brother wanna get ahead [PDF] Read ✓ Street Pharm : by Allison van Diepen - Street Pharm, Street Pharm If a brother wanna get ahead he gotta use every minute to better himself Everything I did made me better tougher stronger richer smarter or I didn t do it Take high school A waste of time Nobody t

  • Title: Street Pharm
  • Author: Allison van Diepen
  • ISBN: 9781416911548
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Read ✓ Street Pharm : by Allison van Diepen, Street Pharm, Allison van Diepen, Street Pharm If a brother wanna get ahead he gotta use every minute to better himself Everything I did made me better tougher stronger richer smarter or I didn t do it Take high school A waste of time Nobody there taught me what I needed to survive on the streets Ty Johnson knows survival Since inheriting his pop s business at sixteen Ty s developed smarts skil If a brother wanna get ahead Pharm Rx Chemical Corporation Pharm.D Application Process Pharmacy University of Missouri Home Alpha Pharm Community Pharmacies State of Illinois Department of Financial Professional Regulation Prospective Pharm.D Students College of Pharmacy UGA Thematic analysis of qualitative research data Is it as easy as it UPDATE Teva Pharm expects to start paying U.S opioid Master of Pharmacy MPharm UCL School of Pharmacy UCL Target Moorpark Store, Moorpark, CA

[PDF] Read ✓ Street Pharm : by Allison van Diepen - Street Pharm, Street Pharm If a brother wanna get ahead he gotta use every minute to better himself Everything I did made me better tougher stronger richer smarter or I didn t do it Take high school A waste of time Nobody t

Rebecca McNutt

Ty is an intelligent kid, but one minute he s in school, and the next minute he s caught up in the illegal drug trade and all that it entails Does he have the sense to get out, or is he going to spend the rest of his life working the street pharm This book was excellent, there should be fiction out there like this for young adults Street Pharm is very well written and doesn t try to sugarcoat this unfortunately very real issue of teens getting into the drug dealing business.

Dylan Rossi

This book was absolutely amazing, In this book Ty Johnson, son of Kingpin drug dealer Orlando Johnson Ty is asked to run the business after Orlando gets thrown in jail Tyrone is constantly lying to his mom about going to high school, and ends up getting kicked out for his lack of attendance, Ty decides to go back to a school called Les Chancellor At Les Chancellor he meets a girl named Alyse, who intrigues Ty with her personality, and is weird because Ty usually doesn t go for any girl Ty has to [...]


This book was about a teenager stuck in the drug life, his father was in jail for selling drugs and left everything he had the buisness to his son Ty Ty lives with his mother bout dosent get along with her his best friend Sonny always has ty s back and always has ne clients to sell the drugs to Darkman is a character in the book who wants to ruin Ty s buisness by taking his clients or killing him Before darkman can even do anything to Ty, Ty strikes by planning darkmans arrest, he told one of da [...]


This book is a realistic fiction and I really enjoyed reading this book In the book it takes place in New York City The main character of the book is a young teenager name Tyrone Johnson but everybody knows him as Ty the local drug dealer Ty Johnson is basically taking over the family business his dad started which was drug dealing But Ty was smarter than his dad, instead of being all flashy with the cars the women and the clothes Ty saves his money an just keeps a normal look so that no one cou [...]

Alejandro Garay

Street Pharm by Allison Van Diepen was a good book that I would recommend to people who like action To begin, Street Pharm is about a kid named Ty Johnson taking over his dad s drug business It explains how he gets customers and how he sells around school and out of school Ty wants to finish school to make his mother proud, but it s hard for him to keep selling and going to school This book is really good because it has everything like peaceful, suspenseful, and romantic moments This is an examp [...]

Arnold Lleander

This teenage boy Ty Johnson has taken over the family business His dad was the kingpin of drug dealing in brooklyn but then he was sent to jail because his dad was caught Ever since his dad went to jail Ty johnson was head of the family business ever since His real name is Tyrone Johnson but they just call him Ty for short He had a good life making deals getting a lot of money from their customers He had a lot of rules like get the money first then give the drugs, make sure they are not a snitch [...]

Andrae Mcconnell

Allison van Diepen takes a very refreshing approach to telling the story of a young black man involved in the world of drug dealing Ty Johnson, the main character, is only seventeen years old when he takes over his father s drug empire What I really liked about Ty isthat he he is not just some brainless thug he is a businessman He is extremely disciplined and he takes his business very seriously He is extremely smart, but his gifts are being misused I appreciate the way that van Diepen construct [...]


I chosed this book because it sounds and looks interesting This book is actually realistic fiction The setting of the book is in brooklyn new york The main character is Ty johnson Ty johnson took over his dads drug business after he went to jai He started at the age of 14 and worked his way up until he took control of his dads business He was doing good so far, but darkman was trying to get revenge on Ty from something his dad did a long time ago to darkman The main conflict of the story was for [...]


I am a teacher who works in a group home for last chance high schoolers A student of mine who had read Takedown asked me to get this book I read reviews and thought it would be A ight but still I wanted to read it first It turns out to be the perfect book for this young man The protagonist is a drug dealer but he lives by a code He really is a good guy Smart, too but with a who needs school attitude He goes to clubs and restaurants and drinks a little He even tries a martini which he thinks is t [...]


I choosed to read this book because i read the 1st book and then i really liked the first book so i thought that street pharm would be a really interesting one just like the 1st book called snitch and it sounded like a good book and i decided to read the second one and they were both really good books the one i am read was really good because it is about a kid his name is Tj and he takes his dad s job beacuse his dad is in jail he got caught selling drugs so now the dad left Ty in charge of the [...]


StreetPharm was an excellent book of mystery, thriller, and action Allison Van Diepen is a terrific author the book was not a hard read but the story was so good Tyrone Johnson or Ty started out as a senior in high school but was also a leader of a one of the biggest drug dealing business around his area He inherited it from his father who is serving prison time for dealing To Ty business is booming than ever and his isn t letting anything distract him from business He wants to make his father [...]

Lizz Herrera

The book Street Pharm, is fiction and is about a boy named Ty Johnson who is 17 years old, who is in a business that involves drugs, partying, and gangs Ty is only a drug dealer in the business which is a pretty hard job because it s hard on who he trust so he doesn t get thrown in jail like his father During the book Ty goes to school and finds himself having feelings for a girl his age who has a three year old son Now in the business you re not suppose to have a girlfriend or anything, you can [...]


This book had a lot of good qualities and I think definitely interests young adults, especially those living in the city and who are either directly or indirectly affected by drugs in their community It was enlightening to read a book from the drug dealer s or hustler s point of view, especially a drug hustler who is also a teenager in high school Some of the best moments were when the main character, Ty, is realizing while in school he gets to act like his age and gets a break from running the [...]

Allison KM

Street Pharm, by Allison van Diepen, is relatively different from anything you d call a novel The story is about a young hustler from Brookland When his dad went to jail a few years ago, he took over as kingpin for the family business The family business you ask Ty Johnson, the main character, likes to call it YDDA Young Drug Dealers of America He s the main man of a huge branch of drug dealers employees to users customers The book gives you a great insight on what real street life is like, with [...]


Street pharm by Allison van diepen, The dialogue was good and descriptiveMain characters Ty hot shot,drug dealer,caring,buisness man,liar Sonny Ty s bestfried,sweet, loyal Monfrey doesnt know his worth,dirty,easy to talk intoAlyse Ty s lover,smart,educated,teen momlanguage used was slang Plot It started off w a hot shot drug dealer who was only in highschool running his fathers drug dealing buisness lying to his mom not going to school pretending to work as an excuse for all his money In the mid [...]

Jadyn Zimmer

I found this book while I was roaming through a bunch of books and decided that I would read it.This story mainly takes place in the ghetto and at Les also it took place at Alsye house Ty faced a lot of external conflict by keeping his dads business in tact He faced internal conflict by having to lie to his girl Alsye CharacterizationTy started of being very Static by not changing his ways but through out the book he became dynamic by ending his dads business Ty was very strong in what he did h [...]


I m reading the book Street Pharm by Allison Van Diepen Seventeen year old Tyrone Johnson lived a rough life with a father in jail and a very moody mother His father had a family buisness, when he got locked up he passed it down to Ty Ty and his mom live in Manhattan, NY When Ty was ready to handle the buisness, he started fast and easily Was ready for anything that came his way and wouldnt stop for nothing Now as a big time drug dealer just like his father he develops enemies and lots of drama [...]


This book was a page turner I thought that this was a very interesting book, and that Allison van Diepen is a very talented author This story covers some of the problems that come with being hustlers on the streets This book also has many lessons people can use in their everyday life even though they aren t drug dealers This book also has some romantic love issues as well Many people think that drug dealers are the problem when really it s the drugs itself There people dead because of drugs the [...]


I chose to read this book because the main character has to solve problems and to get past the bumps in life The genre is realistic fiction I chose to read this book because it looked like it had to do with people solving problems that come up in their life The setting takes place in New York The main character Ty is a local drug dealer taking after his father s old business A description of the main character is smart with his money, smart with his drug dealing, and smart with the people he han [...]


This book is about a kid named Ty Jhonson he is a dealer in the streets with his best friend Sonny Ty has worked for his dad seens his dad went to jail Ty starts having problems when another dealer comes to town by the named Darkman he trys to take over Ty terretory by sending guys to kill Ty in a driveby, but they fail, but gets injuries like his abonden so he has to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks Ty hires a man to Kill Darkman for revenge, but he tells the man not kill him no caus [...]


I read this book because I like reading books about drug dealer because there always alot of action in them The book a read was a realistic fiction The boook took place in the city.The main character was tyrone jonhson but people call him ty for short.Ty gits into a problem with a rival dealer that his dad had to go throw when ty dad use to be a dealer.Ty dad use to be a big dealer untill be got locked up.So Ty dad gave him the buisnis.Ty dad want him to hire a hitman to take out the dealer but [...]

Vanessa Dyne

I thought this book was average, but I would definitely recommend it to my reluctant male readers teens It is a quick, easy read from the point of view of a young, black male who has followed in his drug dealing father s footsteps He is intelligent, charismatic and kind hearted despite his profession I think this could really resonate with a certain reader It paints a brief, yet realistic picture if this particular world.

Kim Bryan

This book is absolutely amazingIt s so well written, and as you readyou feel as if you re right there with himfeeling everything he s going through andall the stress he s dealing with.I highly recommend this book

Zak Fibish

its about this kid his name is ty and he is a dope dealer and gang banger that got kicked out of school and now is going to some alterative school and he met this girl and she wants to date him and he dont want to becuse he never dates he says its mainley about him dealing and his home boys

Jannette Herrera

this book is hard to put down, that s how good it is


Amazingly received by alternate education students who don t fit the traditional model of a novel.



Robert Ready

Ty Johnson, who has a very big role after taking over his father s business The big shot on the other side of town isn t too happy knowing Ty had potential Even though Ty was dealing he meet this girl, Alse he didn t tell her he selled until one night.Competition and mystery love can be a quite an interesting book Ty wasn t the best in school, but was very street smart He went to this very secured high school where he met a girl with terriable priorities Ty didn t care he was young, he s been ey [...]


Street Pharm is about a teenage boy named Ty Johnson who is 17 years old Ty had to take over his dad s drug business because he got lock up in jail, he really has no interest in school because he has the all the survival skills for the street Ty likes the drug world and the easy money that comes with it, He begins to realize there might be choices he has to make he meets Alyse Alyse is a young single mother from Ty s school, Neither she or Ty s mom know what he does, and they both want him to st [...]

Elliott Kogutkiewicz

Street pharm is a book about a teenager named Ty Johnson whose father had just went to jail, and he is taking over is drug operation Ty gets kicked out of school, and gets sent to an alternative school, in which he eventually finds the girl of his dreams named Alyse He didn t know much about til they hung out She turned out to have a child already Ty Johnson goes through minor setbacks, with his Empire, people try to take his customers I liked the book, because I have Prior knowledge from real [...]

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