Sep 29, 2022
Los enamoramientos
Posted by Javier Marías

[PDF] Los enamoramientos | by ☆ Javier Marías, Los enamoramientos, Javier Marías, Los enamoramientos La ltima vez que vi a Miguel Desvern o Deverne fue tambi n la ltima que lo vio su mujer Luisa lo cual no dej de ser extra o y quiz injusto ya que ella era eso su mujer y yo era en cambio una desconocida As comienza Los enamoramientos la nueva novela de Javier Mar as consagrado como uno de los mejores novelistas contempor neos Mar a Dolz la narradora y pro La ltima vez qu [PDF] Los enamoramientos | by ☆ Javier Marías - Los enamoramientos, Los enamoramientos La ltima vez que vi a Miguel Desvern o Deverne fue tambi n la ltima que lo vio su mujer Luisa lo cual no dej de ser extra o y quiz injusto ya que ella era eso su mujer y yo era en cambio una desc

  • Title: Los enamoramientos
  • Author: Javier Marías
  • ISBN: 9788420407135
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Los enamoramientos | by ☆ Javier Marías, Los enamoramientos, Javier Marías, Los enamoramientos La ltima vez que vi a Miguel Desvern o Deverne fue tambi n la ltima que lo vio su mujer Luisa lo cual no dej de ser extra o y quiz injusto ya que ella era eso su mujer y yo era en cambio una desconocida As comienza Los enamoramientos la nueva novela de Javier Mar as consagrado como uno de los mejores novelistas contempor neos Mar a Dolz la narradora y pro La ltima vez qu

[PDF] Los enamoramientos | by ☆ Javier Marías - Los enamoramientos, Los enamoramientos La ltima vez que vi a Miguel Desvern o Deverne fue tambi n la ltima que lo vio su mujer Luisa lo cual no dej de ser extra o y quiz injusto ya que ella era eso su mujer y yo era en cambio una desc

Jim Fonseca

A young woman 30 ish works in a publishing house in Madrid She has coffee every morning and for several years overhears conversations of a couple with their two young children who frequent the same caf They never interact but she thinks of them as the perfect couple She doesn t know it yet but they notice her too and call her the prudent young woman One day she sees in the newspaper that the married man was murdered by a crazy knife wielding homeless man Sometime later she sees the widow by hers [...]


A murderer, nothing .Truth is not always an easy thing to come by Any event that occurs reaches our ears and eyes from a vast assortment of new media, eyewitnesses, and other second hand accounts, each with their own unique perspectives and agendas that all encode the same message into infinitely variable packages of information We all become amateur detectives, sifting through the various accounts to decipher what we choose to believe, and thus creating our own unique perspectives of an event t [...]


I was moving this week, so I m farther away from this than I wanted to be when I wrote this, but I can assure you that the strongest of my impressions have lasted enough to give you the gist of why I was so disappointed in this.My major issue is, overall, that this is the sort of book that gives literary fiction a bad name This is exactly the sort of thing that is the basis for pretension puncturing parodies with melodramatic lighting and unnecessarily florid language that people point to when y [...]


The Infatuations , written by Spanish writer, Javier Marias, begins with a murder It s brilliantly and seductively written with mesmerizing passages on every page There was even a very powerful passage about a mother who clearly loves her children but just can t cope with them at the moment wishes she didn t have to as they weighed too much on her Her husband was dead with two small children this passage went on powerfully for pages I thought about my mother, when I, too, was 4 years old and her [...]


With a delicately eerie depth of intelligence and using a hypnotic style Javier Mar as weaves a skillful and deceiving story set in the heart of modern Madrid involving a murder, the reasons for, and the aftermath But for anyone hoping for a thrilling crime mystery you will end up disappointed, and I feel some negative reviews are not wholly the fault of the book itself, but rather people are to believe it s something along those lines when clearly it is not This is not a thriller, no where near [...]

Mike Puma

You could say that I wished them all the best in the world, as if they were characters in a novel or a film for whom one is rooting right from the start, knowing that something bad is going to happen to them, that at some point, things will go horribly wrong, otherwise there would be no novel or film They were the brief, modest spectacle that lifted my mood before I went to work at the publishing house to wrestle with my megalomaniac boss and his horrible authors.So is the sentiment expressed by [...]


It s quite shameful the way reality imposes no limits on itself.The questions about life and death are quite contrasting While we hardly ask about how someone is born, the news of someone s death is almost always followed by the question of How Apart from satiating our curiosity and mellow down the shock of the news, there is a sense of relief we try to find in the answers And to be honest, such news is not always unpleasant especially when the death is caused due to some natural causes in unnat [...]

Isabel Allende

Una novela literaria que requiere un lector atento Tiene suspenso, pero el argumento es lo de menos, lo que m s interesa es la filosof a del autor.

Saleh MoonWalker

Onvan Los enamoramientos Nevisande Javier Mar _as ISBN 8420407135 ISBN13 9788420407135 Dar 401 Safhe Saal e Chap 2011


God, I love reading A good novel one of the greatest pleasures that we get in this life, and fuck you everyone who helped me forget that, and God bless you Javier Mar as for making me remember.Okay, so I just invoked the Lord s name twice in one small paragraph, which must mean I m a bit worked up I don t know if I can convey how much I enjoyed this book, but beyond that, what a profound relief it was for me to enjoy it so much, now.I m coming up on the closing end of an MFA program While in sum [...]

Ian "Marvin" Graye

A Gender of Her OwnMarias first person narrator is a woman, Maria with neither his accent, his s nor his balls.It s tempting to read this novel, preoccupied by the search for evidence that this is a foolish narrative device e.g the fear that we might find sentences like a gust of cold air made my nipples hard, which, rest assured, doesn t appear within However, such a quest would really only deprive the reader of the pleasure of the text.It s true that the novel reads very much like Marias other [...]


I had such high hopes for this The reviews have been glowing Everyone seemed to be talking about it And I ve been trying to read translations At first the premise and subject matter seemed promising and the first few extended conversations were quite interesting.But then Blah blah blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah The talking and talking and talking and then thinking internal talking and talking and talking Please I m drowning in the middle of sentences that are paragraphs long And para [...]

Paquita Maria Sanchez

I love reading novels that form vigorously divided yes no camps among my favorite reviewers It immediately intrigues me when I see frenzied entreaties to read something coupled with impassioned panning, especially when these differences of opinion aren t easily equated to simple individual stylistic tastes, like the oft seen tendency of some post modern writers to indulge in long winded tangents over emotional minutia disrupts the flow of the narrative for me to an insurmountable extent or Hemin [...]


Withdrawn from South Dublin Libraries Clondalkin BranchTranslated by Margaret Jull CostaDescription The Infatuations is a metaphysical murder mystery and a stunningly original literary achievement by Javier Mar as, the internationally acclaimed author of A Heart So White and Your Face Tomorrow.Every day, Mar a Dolz stops for breakfast at the same caf And every day she enjoys watching a handsome couple who follow the same routine Then one day they aren t there, and she feels obscurely bereft.It i [...]

Scribble Orca

I know I know you are looking at those stars and saying Tja Typical But let me plead clemency by claiming somewhere between three and four and to be highly recommended by such reviews as this, forthcoming from the Marias Man of the Moment this, a discerning and appreciative reflection andthis undoubtedly scholarly and analytical appraisal.If even half of what is printed in the name of publishing were of the quality of Marias prose, laments about the dearth of decent reading material would reduce [...]


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You guys oh no I accidentally abandoned this book I mean, it wasn t actually an accident I just came to the unignorable conclusion after 90ish pages that opening this book had become like being in one of those dreams where every part of your body is SO HEAVY that you can t even wiggle a single toe Every time I thought about picking this up, suddenly I was rearranging the condiments in my fridge or mindlessly scrolling through Instagrams I d already looked at like four times And I can t even real [...]

Stephen P

They sat here before The Chambers Awash in the overheated humidity, pomade, the dense artificial freshening scent Moments before, an objection had been raised out there.So, Sam, whatwhat can you give me Gruesome over here objected to my objection.You know he s right Ned You can t object to an objection If I were to allow that then one of you would object to that and the objections would go on until we could no see them I m still not sure what your case is Sam He rolled out his arms beneath the [...]


Javier Mar as tiene un estilo muy particular Tengo la suerte de conectar perfectamente con l, y la lectura de sus obras se me hace rapid sima e interesante Conozco a gente que nunca ha podido acabar un libro suyo Como siempre, al hilo de una historia, Mar as aprovecha para la reflexi n y analiza aspectos cotidianos de la vida que me hacen decir constantemente eso ya lo hab a pensado yo Sus reflexiones, su l gica, se parecen tanto a la m a, que me parece estar escuchando mi propio pensamiento.La [...]

Ana Carvalheira

uma narrativa bel ssima que nos absorve e nos evola que parte de uma tem tica, para muitos inabord vel que, quando surge como assunto de conversa entre um grupo, torna se para essas pessoas tema dilacerante, evit vel, onde sempre haver algu m que dir mudemos de assunto , porque todos os temas da condi o humana podem e devem ser discutidos, analisados, criticados ou sintetizados nas suas defini es mais banais, menos aquele que, talvez de t o certo, de t o presente, de t o inexor vel, de t o inevi [...]


Mar as chooses a female character, Maria, to narrate this European style psychological thriller with a slow reveal that turns on a dime in the final chapters Maria works in a publishing company and every day on her break from work she sees an intriguing couple, married, having coffee together They look so happy and in love that Maria finds herself looking forward to seeing them in the coffee shop Sometimes she overhears scraps of conversation and pieces together a life for them without them taki [...]

Hakan T

a da spanyol yazar Javier Marias tan okudu um ilk kitap oldu bu roman Derin, felsefi bir a k ve cinayet roman Asl nda bu tan m da kitab n tam hakk n vermiyor M thi bir tempoda ba l yor, okuyan i ine ekiyor ve daha sonra farkl katmanlar i inde ya am n ve l m n anlam , lenin ard nda kalanlar n ya am tercihleri, duygusal ili kilerdeki e itsizlikler, i lenen su lar n nas l has ralt edilebildi i veya hakl g sterilebildi i gibi kavramlar zerine d nd r yor arp c da bir finali var Bazen ger ekleri fazla [...]


E er bir l sevdi imiz bir ki i geri d necek olursa tavr m z ne olur Onsuz hayata belki de tekrar ba lam ken, onsuzlu a al m ken, onun l m nden t r maddi durumumuz belki de hat r say l r derecede iyile mi ken, kendimize onsuz bir hayat kurmu ken Sevinir miyiz, a r r m y z, sevin ten havalara m u ar z yoksa t m dengemiz bozulur mu Tabii ki roman sadece bundan ibaret de il Javier Marias ger ekten ok g l bir yazar Ve d necek bile olsa l ler geri d nmekle iyi etmez Hakikat zaten asla d zenli bir ey d [...]


L attesa nutre e potenzia il desiderioPer prima cosa un dubbio, credibile l io narrante E credibile come donna Ero condizionato dal sapere che non lo fosse e che in realt si trattasse di Javier Mar as Non ho avuto modo di pensarci a lungo perch sono stato sedotto Mi sono trovato immerso nella narrazione, irretito come era avvenuto con Domani nella battaglia pensa a me Mar as abile nel descrivere l articolarsi dei pensieri, il flusso di coscienza, almeno quanto lo Steinbeck nel descrivere la natu [...]


o un 4,5.Es el primer libro de Javier Mar as que leo, pero no ser el ltimo Su forma de escribir, o m s bien de reflexionar, me ha conquistado Desde luego, es un libro denso, lento y profundo, para leer con tranquilidad No es una novela de hechos ni siquiera s si es verdaderamente una novela si no de pensamientos, de largas reflexiones Su t tulo induce a pensar que es un libro sobre el amor, y lo es, pero tambi n lo es, incluso en mayor medida, sobre la muerte, la p rdida, el luto La primera part [...]

Laura لاورا

Niente come appare stata una lettura faticosa per me, tanto che, almeno in un primo momento, pensavo di attribuire a questo libro soltanto tre stelle lento, in pi punti noioso, tremendamente e forse, in vari capitoli, inutilmente prolisso.Poi, all improvviso, pi o meno a met , la narrazione si ripresa anche abbastanza bene, devo riconoscere e le pagine hanno iniziato a scivolare una dopo l altra, incalzate dalla mia curiosa ingordigia di leggere come sarebbe andata a finire la vicenda che coinvo [...]


Snervata Non so se si pu dire in italiano, ma lo stato d animo che provo alla conclusione della lettura di questo romanzo.Mi vien da dire, un icona del pensiero pipponico.Allora non che non gli riconosca un indubbio pregio, ma dipende poi molto dal temperamento di chi legge Non ci puoi mettere cinquanta pagine per passare, in un dialogo tra due persone, da una battuta alla battuta successiva, riempiendo lo spazio di riflessioni e congetture, e s va beh, a volte anche di pensieri profondi.Che val [...]


In the year 1955, the year that I was born, another man died The dead man was named Jos Ortega y Gasset For those who knew him, Gasset was a writer of essays, a man of fashion often sporting a cigarette holder in his left hand To ward of the Iberian sun he was often seen wearing a white straw hat sitting a touch high on his close cropped hair, as if the hat had been bought one size too small His was the smile of a man who had seen too much glittering eyes that had observed his country oscillate [...]


Questo il periodo dei libri a fagiolo quelli che fanno tanto male ma anche tanto bene Ennesimo caso.Perch Mar as pu fare tanto male ma anche tanto bene.Provatelo anche voiE siate ancora pi consapevoli della potenza degli innamoramenti


Os Enamoramentos foram o meu primeiro Javier Mar as E n o podia ter come ado melhor pois o sentimento que me arrancou a sua leitura foi o de um enamoramento sem reservas O que me fascinou desde logo, foi o facto de o autor dar mostras de conhecer t o bem os meandros da alma feminina com esta potente narradora, a Maria Dolz, a minha favorita E tamb m me convenceram as refer ncias excelentes literatura francesa do S c XIX, com Dumas e Balzac, que revisitei com agrado.Venham mais livros deste autor [...]

  • [PDF] Los enamoramientos | by ☆ Javier Marías
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Los enamoramientos