Sep 25, 2022
Posted by Ellen Hopkins

☆ Tilt ↠ Ellen Hopkins, Tilt, Ellen Hopkins, Tilt Love good and bad forces three teens worlds to tilt in a riveting novel from New York Times bestselling author Ellen Hopkins Three teens three stories all interconnected through their parents family relationships As the adults pull away caught up in their own dilemmas the lives of the teens begin to tilt Mikayla almost eighteen is over the top in love with Dylan Love good and bad forces ☆ Tilt ↠ Ellen Hopkins - Tilt, Tilt Love good and bad forces three teens worlds to tilt in a riveting novel from New York Times bestselling author Ellen Hopkins Three teens three stories all interconnected through their parents family

  • Title: Tilt
  • Author: Ellen Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9781416983309
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
☆ Tilt ↠ Ellen Hopkins, Tilt, Ellen Hopkins, Tilt Love good and bad forces three teens worlds to tilt in a riveting novel from New York Times bestselling author Ellen Hopkins Three teens three stories all interconnected through their parents family relationships As the adults pull away caught up in their own dilemmas the lives of the teens begin to tilt Mikayla almost eighteen is over the top in love with Dylan Love good and bad forces

☆ Tilt ↠ Ellen Hopkins - Tilt, Tilt Love good and bad forces three teens worlds to tilt in a riveting novel from New York Times bestselling author Ellen Hopkins Three teens three stories all interconnected through their parents family

Lisbeth Avery Domus Libri

I am quite addicted to free prose novels, especially those by Ellen Hopkins The only one, out of her published free prose novels, I haven t read is TRIANGLES which is an adult novel I realized a long long time ago that they were all the same.The plot, the characters Hopkins keeps reusing them There s always this one gay stereotype, a teenage pregnancy stereotype, a young innocent girl stereotype, and a druggie stereotype At least three of them are always in her books Yet, I still read them And r [...]


After reading Crank by Ellen Hopkins and loving it , I was worried that Tilt, or any of her other books for that matter, wouldn t live up to my expectations I absolutely loved Crank, so I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least, to find out that I actually liked Tilt even than Crank I m a sucker for multiple narrators, so I loved reading from so many people s perspectives I think Tilt was very well written, and Ellen Hopkins continues to blow my mind with her beautiful, raw writing She is qu [...]


In order to completely enjoy Ellen Hopkins, the reader must read the books in the format they are written The words are profound and written in verse At the same time, the format provides layers to the stories It s of an art form than simply a novel or a book of poetry For instance, one of the peripheral characters is writing from his point of view and expresses many different thoughts and feelings, when read completely It makes complete sense and the voice stays in character At the same time, [...]


Hopkins is one of the better authors of verse novels, in my opinion I think she understands the strengths and the weaknesses of the medium better than most authors who try it A good verse novel can totally immerse you in the thoughts of a character, giving you ever temptation, self justification, and little white lie Hopkins is usually quite good at this, especially when she s dealing with provocative subjects Tilt is no exception here.But she s starting to move towards all multiple viewpoints, [...]


When I saw the cover tonight, I damn near exploded GOD ELLEN I LOVE YOU AND I CAN T WAIT FOR THIS ONE I m sure it will be just as good as the rest of your books.UPDATE I am now finished with the book, and I have to say it was one of her better books At first, I was unsure of whether I would like it, but it picked up quite steadily and became a very powerful book I enjoyed it a lot Way to go, Ellen another fantastic book.


You know why I like Ellen Hopkins s books Because she writes about real teenagers, who drink and do drugs and have sex and hate their parents and love their parents and bully people or are bullied by people and are COMPLETELY NORMAL AND REAL Not chaste beings who have inhabited the planet for 15 17 years without sullying themselves and wno are ever so surprised at the difficulties that come along their paths So in this book which is written in poetry just like her others , there are three main c [...]

April (Aprilius Maximus)

This was so different to anything I ve ever read before and I really enjoyed it The only thing that bothered me was that it felt like there were so many characters that I was always thinking, wait who s this again But the messages of HIV, sex, drugs, pregnancy, sexuality and family issues were dealt with so well and it was really refreshing to read something that dealt with these in such an open and honest way Brilliant I can t wait to read of her work.


Triangles brilliantly displayed how adults don t necessarily have all the answers they appear to, and their children are front row witnesses to both their triumphs and failures in Tilt The story travels alongside the events of Triangles as seen through pregnant Mikayla Holly and Jace s daughter , gay view spoiler and newly only child hide spoiler Shane Marissa and Christian s son , and on the cusp of teenagedome Harley s Andrea s daughter stories and extends to the aftermath of Triangles, when t [...]

Kenley Bunch

I don t know This book kind of dissipointed me I still liked it a lot but it didn t measure up to what I was expecting I found all the different ties that Harley, Shane and Mikayla had to each other began to build up and become confusing, I really couldn t keep up with them after a while I felt like I really understood the characters well and everything because so much time was spent catching you up with their life and everything, but the ending felt rushed and was so open ended SPOILER ALERT Qu [...]


I really did love Ellen Hopkins earlier works, like Crank, Glass, and Impulse, but there are a few I didn t particularly like, and this was one of them alongside Fallout, Burned, and Identical The thing about these prose books is that the characters, realistic ness, and the situations drive them Scenery, detail, those things take a back burner as far as these stories are concerned Sadly, this story falls short on both plot and character development, which drags the whole thing downhill right fro [...]


Okay I ve been reading Ellen Hopkin s books for quite a while, and I do enjoy most of them I gotta say, that I think I enjoyed Triangles than Tilt It s gotten to a point to where these stereotypical story lines have been done by her before, and it s getting a little tiring My love for the prose hasn t changed though It just seems incredibly unrealistic, at least Harley s story did I absolutely hated her story I found it unrealistic in the sense that I find it hard to believe that a 17 year old [...]


Ican t get excited aboutthe kind of poetry Ellen Hopins writes Ididn tlike a single characterand not one of themhad a unique poetic voice likemaybe just one could havetried to rhyme instead of justhaving some overdramatic,arrogant word pattern likethisand I m so glad Idon t know Ellen personally so thatI don t have to politely pretend to like herbookwhen I really think it sthe literary equivalent of a paintingthat is supposedly modern art butis like something any posermight have made.

Maggie Moritz

3.5 stars I really enjoyed this book It didn t feel as dark as her other books but I really liked that I really liked reading about the three different characters.

Melissa See

Oh my GodShane and AlexEllen Hopkins, I love you.


Call me a sucker for tales of misery and the unexpected terror of relating to a character in pain There is such a depth to the characters The realness is punctuated with Hopkins use of real world details Hopkins has always been able to write about tough, home hitting topics and Tilt is no different There is a role for just about everyone to relate to in this book Whether you re young or young at heart, playing with lust or discovering love, dealing with loss or watching from your window This boo [...]

Victoria Tsonos

This is one of my favourite of EH books I have read to date I really enjoy when she writes from fewer POV s 3 is definitely enough, but if it is than that I don t feel as involved with the stories These 3 perspectives felt different than the other stories I have read I felt that they were way family oriented, which I really like because it felt like I was following multiple family s journey, instead of just the main characters It deals with intense issues, typical to EH writing style, but thes [...]


Since I am a teen librarian I already know what I am getting into when I pick up any book by Ellen Hopkins I found this book actually covered a multitude of issues which was quite an undertaking even for Hopkins but somehow she made it work I have to say this book I really really enjoyed The issues the characters are dealing with are all very real the only problem I had was that since the main characters are related or friends that how could all of this go wrong for so many interconnected people [...]

Courtney Lavallee

I love everything Ellen writes I can relate to all of her books in a way, but this book It moved me It changed me in a way I can t explain This book wasn t just her usual drugs, sex, teenage angst book This book opened up doors I never thought she d open Tilt startled me by how much little things change a person forever I felt as if I were all three main characters I felt the way Mikayla felt I loved the way Shane loved and I changed the way Harley changed Tilt is an amazing book and will foreve [...]


WowEllen Hopkins has done it again Oh my god, so good.Shane and Alex are my two favorite characters, and honestly, Shane s a lot like me in many ways Harley was idiotic, but she s only 14, so it makes sense she s naive Miki was very brave, but had her flaws as well This story is so reald I can relate to a lot of it It s a must read, especially for the messages it tell Ellen, I love you.

Cecily Kyle

I am a huge Ellen Hopkins fan I love everything she does and I have never read pretty much everything I can get my hands on by her so this moment is a little bittersweet for me I love her writing style and the heavy hitting subjects she tackles This book was no exception The multiple character POV and the beautiful style of writing in verse are my favorite Great read and I hope she keeps on writing


Once again Ellen, another fantastic book.


Honestly, I didn t find this book that entertaining or interesting I wouldn t really recommend it It was a fast easy read though.


While I have heard of Ellen Hopkins novel CRANK, this was the first of her books I read I was surprised by the poetry format and feared that there would be no narrative I was wrong The stories of three teens flow seamlessly from poem to poem Each character has their own sections narrated in first person The poetry format helps to convey the alienating and overwhelming emotions the teens feel My favorite poems were the black pages where the reader gets a small poem told from the point of view of [...]

Janie Johnson

Tilt by Ellen Hopkins is a companion novel to her adult novel, Triangles that I read back in 2014 I did enjoy this book quite a lot and again it is a very thought provoking, emotional and engaging read.In this novel we read about Harley, Shane, and Mikayla, who are the children of the characters in Triangles This is their stories and how they perceived their lives, and the ups and downs of every day living as they deal with teen pregnancy, adoption, HIV, chronic illness, and loss Also we as the [...]


I will start off this review by saying that I did not read Triangles by Ellen Hopkins This book, Tilt is her adult novel Triangles from the teenagers perspectives accourding to Hopkins authors note at the end of the book I kind of wish she had put that sooner I thought it was going to be the same characters but a whole new chapter in their life I still plan on reading Triangles because I did enjoy Tilt I thought that some characters were amazing I loved Mikayla and Harley but I could have done w [...]


HELLO I am back Finally I know what you re thinking I suck You re right Thank you Ellen Hopkins for dragging me out of my weird book funk Tilt is the type of novel that is such an important read for young adults high schoolers teens tweens anyone who is between the ages of 12 19 Hopkins portrays teenagers so accurately and honestly, without making them sound like giant, hormonal, bumbling idiots Instead of agreeing with the masses and making us I say us, because I myself am a wee 16 year old gir [...]

Cheryl Anne

3.5 5 Stars If you ve never read a book by Ellen Hopkins, she writes about hard to discuss digest topics, which is why I love her books so much She s never afraid to tell a story and Tilt was no exception While I did really enjoy this book, it wasn t my favorite of hers, but I can t exactly put my finger on why It may be because I wasn t a fan of 1 of the 3 main characters or it could have been that she has set the bar so high with all of her other books Either way, I m still really glad I picke [...]


Every word an author writes causes ripples, like tossing a stone into a pond And you don t know where they ll go, or who they ll touch, or when they might come back to you I think everything you do is kind of like that, too Brutally, heartbreakingly realistic Perhaps that s why I had a bit of a hard time reading it It contains brutal truths about humans and life that I think a lot of us would prefer to not think about or even acknowledge its existence It was a little hard to grasp the way it is [...]


This book had a pretty good story line, and I really enjoyed how it switched characters every chapter to keep you hooked and to add dimension to the story The ending wasn t too bad, although it was very predictable Some parts in it took me by surprise but overall I didn t get the wow factor, although it wasn t a horrible book I love the writing style, and I ve read Ellen Hopkins before, all her books are written in poetry I enjoyed that most in this book the writing style.

Stephanie (Reading is Better With Cupcakes)

Oh Ellen Hopkins, the things you can do with your wordsI am glad that I read the companion book Triangles before I read this one This one goes out a bit further than that one It was so nice to see where things kept going for the ladies even though it was through the eyes of the teens.I was able to connect with the characters I felt the emotions I didn t really want it to ever end.

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