Sep 29, 2022
Blood & Spirits
Posted by Dennis Sharpe

[PDF] Blood & Spirits | by ☆ Dennis Sharpe, Blood & Spirits, Dennis Sharpe, Blood Spirits Small town life can be hard for a dead girlFor Veronica Fischer the night to night life of a bloodsucking madam in Middle America is tough enough before she adopts Rachel Gregory an eight year old ghost After her house is set on fire and Rachel disappears all signs point to foul play When she finds herself with a hit out on her unlife and warrants for her arrest Small town life [PDF] Blood & Spirits | by ☆ Dennis Sharpe - Blood & Spirits, Blood Spirits Small town life can be hard for a dead girlFor Veronica Fischer the night to night life of a bloodsucking madam in Middle America is tough enough before she adopts Rachel Gregory an eight year old gh

  • Title: Blood & Spirits
  • Author: Dennis Sharpe
  • ISBN: 9781456325633
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Blood & Spirits | by ☆ Dennis Sharpe, Blood & Spirits, Dennis Sharpe, Blood Spirits Small town life can be hard for a dead girlFor Veronica Fischer the night to night life of a bloodsucking madam in Middle America is tough enough before she adopts Rachel Gregory an eight year old ghost After her house is set on fire and Rachel disappears all signs point to foul play When she finds herself with a hit out on her unlife and warrants for her arrest Small town life

[PDF] Blood & Spirits | by ☆ Dennis Sharpe - Blood & Spirits, Blood Spirits Small town life can be hard for a dead girlFor Veronica Fischer the night to night life of a bloodsucking madam in Middle America is tough enough before she adopts Rachel Gregory an eight year old gh

Sammie Spencer

I am blown away by how good this book was V, the main character, is a vampire and quite a powerful woman in many different ways However, there was a vulnerability about her that I haven t seen with many vamp books This one is about so much than vampires I love the family she has created and the loyalty that exists This book was a roller coaster ride one moment I was cringing in disgust, the next moment I was laughing out loud and then the next moment I was tearing up Several times while I was r [...]

Ashley - The Bookish Brunette

Um did you read that synopsis A vampire madam , ghosts, and gasp my fav ZOMBIES Sounds super awesome right Right from the get go, I freaking LOVED Veronica She s sharp, funny and has a totally killer attitude and she s a madam Is it crazy strange that I loved this little idiosyncrasy about her Maybe so.I HAVE to say that I am absolutely astonished that a man wrote this book, and I don t mean that in a bad way at all Sharpe made Veronica undeniably real I ve read awesome books written by men feat [...]

Tishia (Paperback Opinion)

First of all, I have to say I m surprised that a male author wrote this book from a woman s point of view, and did it well Veronica, the lead in this story, is a vampire who runs a brothel She is a strong, likeable character that gets herself into a lot of trouble She basically adopts an 8 year old ghost named Rachel, whom she becomes really close to When Rachel is taken, Veronica is determined to get to the bottom of it Veronica is desperate and willing to do anything for answers, which include [...]


I m a first time book reviewer I guess I should start by saying that I normally read urban fantasy and paranormal romance I heard about this book on listopia lists I bought this book from , based on the reviews I read here I got it and ended up staying awake until after three in the morning finishing it I was hooked from the first chapter It was easy to read, moved at a fast pace, had an exciting plot, and really believable characters I could sink into It s nice to read a tough vampire chick wit [...]

Jessica at Book Sake

I loved this book I m a sucker for any book with vampires except the sparkly kind , but this was exceptional Admittedly, it did take a few chapters to really catch my interest, but once it did, I couldn t put this book down The characters are very well written and surprisingly funny My favorite character has to be Veronica, a strong willed vampire madam with a sarcastic sense of humor how can she not be completely awesome, right Right Sharpe s writing is refreshing I was so astonished that a man [...]

Dark Faerie Tales

Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Down and dirty first person narrative that follows a madam vampire and her troubles.Opening Sentence I m told that it s an oddity that I still sleep.The Review In a market flooded with vampire stories, I was not expecting much from debut author, Dennis Sharpe I have never been so happy to be wrong Blood Spirits, the first book in The Coming Storm series, is as gritty as it is captivating I am also pleasantly surprised at how well a man portrays a r [...]

Jen O

I was completely amazed by Veronica A Vampire with real heart, soul, emotions, desires, and fears Not larger than life immortal kinds of things, but real down to earth things that almost any girl could relate to She wants to protect what s hers, and those she cares about, even if she wishes from time to time she didn t care so much.I can t wait to see where the second book in this series is going to lead V, but I hope we get to see of her relationship with Garrett I felt like there just wasn t [...]


I can t stand vampires I do not know how I got dragged into reading this book But it doesn t matter, I am flucking glad I did as Sharpe paints a hilarious, dark world that defies stereotype Who doesn t like Brothels Or Veronica, for that matter I have a nasty habit of faling in love with female characters and Veronica, that headstrong shedevil, is another notch on the imaginary bedpost for me It s kind of strange when you think about it that a man wrote this, so my love may be skewed but whateve [...]

Melanie Marsh

Blood and Spirits turned out to be a pleasant surprise I expected it to be entertaining, as I do any book I read, but I didn t necessarily expect it to blow me away But it totally did I love it when I get than I expected instead of less There are so many great things about this book that I m having trouble deciding where to start So I ll start at the beginning The cover of this book is totally bad ass I absolutely love it I know that we aren t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but whom are [...]


Basic review This is not the great american novel People will not be celebrating how it made humanity better as a whole What it is is a good ride into the world of a middle american madam with some peculiar habits and some strange friendsd stranger enemies Good book, will read it again Looking forward to the next one in the series scroll down for larger review Do your vampires sparkle Mine don t Blood Spirits does not contain anything that sparkles The world around the heroine is very much like [...]

Mireille Chester

A breath of fresh air That s what I thought when I finished the last sentence of this book Blood Spirits had all the great elements of strange vampires, ghosts, spirits, zombies, but all of them weren t completely typical, which I loved Add in some magic, and I m hooked for life.The story line was great I wanted to keep reading to see what the next twist was going to be It was funny, scary, and emotional The characters were fantastic V is great She s loyal, she s caring, and she s a vengeful bit [...]

Lenore Wolfe

Blood and SpiritsBlood and Spirits is about vampire who runs a house of 12 girls she takes care of, each who have their own individual powers and abilites She also watches over a little girl who was mudered, is now a ghost and has disappeared She has to deal with her hunger, a determination to find the little girl, and one heck of a mystery.This book reads like a detective novel, and I quite enjoyed it It s fast paced, with the heroine getting herself into one hairy situation after another I gav [...]


I m going to work damn hard to have no spoilers here.I enjoyed this book It is overall a strong start to what looks to be a very interesting series It took me a couple chapters to really get into the book, but then when the ball got rolling it REALLY moves fast I am enjoying the world so far, dark urban fantasy with a rich paranormal mythos that really feels fresh Not a lot of romance, but I m than ok with that I m much in it for the paranormal And as a horror fan the gore also fits in nicely, [...]

Kelli McCracken

What do you get when you mix a vampire madam, wicked spirits, and a zombie with a lust for power Blood Spirits Veronica, better known as V to those closest to her, is a vampire, but not your ordinary vampire This chick is tough as nails with a heart of gold for those she holds near and dear Did I mention she runs a brothel The storyline is through V s POV It spins a tale of a woman who is meeting with her vampire maker after years of being apart from him She s dreading the reconnection but only [...]

Christoph Fischer

Blood Spirits by Dennis Sharpe is the first in The Coming Storm series and was recommended to me by a friend I used to like True Blood but for some time now I have found the market for Vampire stories oversaturated and did not expect too much from the book.I was pleasantly surprised when from the first few pages the quality of style and content showed a confident and purpose driven manner of writing A short prologue introduced the background of the main character with great sensitivity, somethin [...]


I was warned that this book would be gritty and only one scene really was but it s entirely possible that this is because I ve been desensitized by violent video games and modern TV or I m just a heartless person but either way and I will be honest and say that it unsettled my stomach.The premise of the story is very good I won t give a summary that s what the product summary is for but it s an unconventional vampire book with a few ghosts, a legion of demons, a sort of zombie sorcerer thing and [...]


It s rare when two of the things you ve wished for come together in one book Not only am I thrilled that Dennis Sharpe has written a book of fiction but that he has written one that is so truly unique for this, my favorite, genre I have read all three of his poetry books and fell in love with his arresting style and have so hoped he would venture into fiction Blood Spirits possesses the same lyrical phrasing as his previous work but this time we are taken on a dark journey with Veronica Fischer [...]


Dennis Sharpe s first novel, Blood and Spirits, completely wowed me Blood and Spirits is the first book in the coming series of dark, urban vampire stories and promises a wild unfolding storm.In this book we are introduced to Veronica Fischer a madam, a vampire, and a friend of spirits, who has to endure the sick, disturbing, and disgusting whims of a flesh rotting, self aware zombie.Sharpe s story takes some unexpected turns Some will make you gasp, some will make you laugh, and some may make y [...]


I picked this book up for the author, despite the fact that it was listed as horror The tags said it was dark urban fantasy, and I m just starting to get into that recently I ve found that after a while it becomes difficult to find books in the genre that are original in any way, but I thought the horror angle might make for a good twist I expected it to be average at best, even though I like other works by the author, but it wasn t The world, the characters, the creatures, and even the take on [...]

Garrett Quaid

The coming storm trilogy, in book one, looks to be the perfect storm It has vampires, spirits of all varieties, emotion, depth, and richly unique visual elements.Blood Spirits takes us on a whirlwind ride through Veronica, or V s , life as a small town, Middle American madam who happens to be a Bloodsucker.The Vampire Paranormal genre is approached from a direction I ve not seen a lot of in the modern urban fantasy releases The flavor was as refreshing, as the characters were vivid The pace was [...]


I m always hesitant to review vampire novels The genre seems done to death But Blood and Spirits by Dennis Sharpe is a worthy entry in the field No sparkly vampires here The blood suckers are true creatures of the night, drifting through a moral swamp of prostitution and the restless undead.A taut mystery lies at the core of the story, as the vampire heroine, Veronica, struggles to understand the net that s tightening around her, and the reader comes along for the ride The book is soaked in thre [...]

Brianna Workman

So this book kinda had a True Blood kind of flavor, but I liked the characters better Veronica was like Sookie meets Pam, but a lot like it was written by Patricia Briggs and Jim Butcher.It had some of the best of a lot of works out there with a completely new take on Vampires It didn t have a lot of whiny characters, and the world was really dark and kind of awesome.I loved it I want Frank


I loved Veronica, I wanted so badly to help Rachel and Lucy, and I want to go out for drinks with Frank This book was written by a man, but don t let that fool you Veronica s story is uniquely feminine.Book two needs to be on my Kindle now.

Tasha S

So I must say that this normally isn t my genre but I loved this book It was fast paced but not too fast where you get confused and want to give up all together, which I loved I can t wait for book 2 and can t wait to see the film Congrats Dennis

Jennifer Y

I really enjoyed this book and I can t wait to read from Mr Sharpe full review to be posted at thebooknympho later today.

Scarlett Sharpe

There is currently a barrage of books dealing with the supernatural and paranormal and very few of them are really worth the read Blood Spirits was a pleasant surprise that rose out of the drivel of most books in its genre and left me wanting I was actually upset when I finished the story that the second book was not yet out, but I have it on good authority it will be out before year end Blood Spirits delicately blends together so many things that can easily become cliche and overdone in a way [...]

S.J. Pierce

The Good The heroine Oh, how I love a kick butt heroine One that s in charge of her own life, that doesn t play the victim or spends page after page whining about her circumstances and how she s powerless to change them And believe me, V would have every reason to whine or play victim, but she doesn t She puts on a killer outfit, makes sure someone can manage her business while she s gone, and goes out and tries to figure things out on her own Well, with the help of her ex cop turned right hand [...]

S. Policar

What can I say about this book that people who has had the pleasure of reading it haven t already said This story is just as amazing as the trailer it has for it if not so The narration and characters are vibrant and almost instantly come alive while the story s read.Veronica has been through so much crap her entire life, and even after she meets Jules and he turns her, one would think her troubles would all be over Not exactly If anything in the times Jules turned her and then seemingly abando [...]

Naturalbri (Bri Wignall)

I really enjoyed reading this book I loved the combination of paranormal characters, especially the mix of zombies and vampires, my favourite What you don t expect is that Veronica is a madam, who sells herself to whet you appetite and calm her needs I found the blend of the life and the lifestyle given to her by Jules an interesting one Though it is now a slightly popular combination, this book was one of the first to blend them seamlessly, especially when it was first published Veronica was a [...]


Cute story leaves it open for another book to continue the path of destruction The book is about a Vampire Veronica who runs a brothel She loves these girls, and looks after them all She has taught them that they only do what they want to do, and nothing These girls are very high class She comes across this little spirit girl, Rachelle, she s about 8 and Veronica really grows attach to her spirit One day Veronica is out and about and everything starts to fall apart Rachelle is kidnapped, her ho [...]

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Blood & Spirits