Dec 05, 2022
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✓ Bloodrose ↠ Andrea Cremer, Bloodrose, Andrea Cremer, Bloodrose Calla has always welcomed war But now that the final battle is upon her there s at stake than fighting There s saving Ren even if it incurs Shay s wrath There s keeping Ansel safe even if he s been branded a traitor ✓ Bloodrose ↠ Andrea Cremer - Bloodrose, Bloodrose Calla has always welcomed war But now that the final battle is upon her there s at stake than fighting There s saving Ren even if it incurs Shay s wrath There s keeping Ansel safe even if he s been

  • Title: Bloodrose
  • Author: Andrea Cremer
  • ISBN: 9781907411380
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
✓ Bloodrose ↠ Andrea Cremer, Bloodrose, Andrea Cremer, Bloodrose Calla has always welcomed war But now that the final battle is upon her there s at stake than fighting There s saving Ren even if it incurs Shay s wrath There s keeping Ansel safe even if he s been branded a traitor

✓ Bloodrose ↠ Andrea Cremer - Bloodrose, Bloodrose Calla has always welcomed war But now that the final battle is upon her there s at stake than fighting There s saving Ren even if it incurs Shay s wrath There s keeping Ansel safe even if he s been


Thoughts before reading What I want demand to see in this book 1 More Ren We got a book dedicated to Shay, now I want one solely for Ren 2 No Shay He s not even worthy of the screen time he got in Wolfsbane, and it would be terribly inconsiderate of Cremer if she makes us tolerate him for one entire book 3 Calla growing up for once and making decisions for herself that don t immediately put everyone close to her in mortal danger 4 Emile dying an extremely painful and drawn out death, preferably [...]


jana thebookgoddess EDIT 10 7 12 If you want to feel loads better about this, read Nightshade 3.5 The Aftermath I think it s only available as an e book though BUT TRUST ME IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT THE ENDING AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, GIVE YOU HOPE WTF WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ENDING Argh I LOVE everything about this book Except for the ultimate ending I felt as if Cremer took the easy way out WTF full rant soon after I can actually think about this MAJOR SPOILERS ALSO, MAJOR RANT COMING NO [...]


Soooooo ANGRY Just want to scream and forget what I just read I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT BLOODROSE IS ONE OF THE WORST BOOKS EVER WITH AN ENDING THATIS WELL, CRAP.This once amazing series is now ruined It had so much potential I cannot believe what happened, and I LOVED this series, I gave both book 1 and 2 5 stars What I read, was shocking All i can say is I wish I never read the series and am devasted, as will most fans be I will always LOVE REN I cannot believe I waited this long for an en [...]


LOTS OF CURSING AND RANTING There is only one word to describe how I am feeling at this moment.P I S S E DI hate myself for finishing the series.WHAT A HORRIBLE ENDING UGH, I FEEL GUTTED.Anyone who is Team Ren or has any amount of love for him, should not bother with this book Your dreams, your hopes, will be smashed You will regret it Well, I certainly do view spoiler I can t stand Shay I really probably hate him than any character I have ever read about Why I don t think I can even explain wh [...]


Congratulations Andrea Cremer for taking one of my favorite series and turning the last book in the trilogy into The Biggest DissapointmentI ve read all year My review is NOT based on the winner of Calla s heart Im so pleased I didn t actually invest money on purchasing this bookSince I read an ARC of this I m thinking maybe this was Ms Cremer s idea of a joke and she s rewriting and editing as we speak Surely this can not be the finished copy Say it isn t so Andrea Cremer Love, my father said s [...]


I assume you would be reading this review because you know all about the series, since this is the third book so I will no longer summarize, etc, but I ll be DIRECT to the point Warning there are rants in this review lots of em and don t read on if you don t like rants HEARTBREAKING Totally, downright and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT DEPRESSING.I haven t, in my entire existence, ever read a book that I wanted to reap out into shreds for the unfairness of how the story went I gave it a TWO star rating ONL [...]

Steph Sinclair

Let s do a little pre reviewing If there is one thing that irritates me about this books blurb it s this sentence There s saving Ren, even if it incurs Shay s wrath What Are we still on this tip Cremer WTF Shay s wrath This is the issue I have with this series Cremer can run around screaming girl power all she wants, but I ll tell you what s really going on here Boarderline domestic abuse disguised as love in sheep s clothing Shay is an awful character and I m sorry if his immature sensibilities [...]

Annabelle Marie Veronica

FINAL RATING 2.80 STARS CATCHALLI really wanted to love this book It hurts me that I couldn t love this book I tried very hard, I really did I honestly really tried to love this book And after what I ve heard, I was sure I would But in the end, it wasn t for me I liked it well enough, but I don t love it And I can t I just can t This book made me cry for probably about an hour, and not necessarily happy tears I can t give this book the rating I want toE HEROINECALLA TORI liked Calla in Nightshad [...]

Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner

BEFORE READING Team Ren all the way If Calla ends up with Shay I will be so disappointed AFTER READING WARNING some swearing aheadI think I hate this book than Twilight series And this is the worst way to get out of a love triangle view spoiler I mean,really,why did you,Andrea Cramer,decided it was the best for Ren to die This is the Finnick crap all over again Ren just got reunited with his half sister after he found out that Emile is not his father but then suddenly Emile the Bastard kills hi [...]

Annie Brewer

I can t believe it I have waited a long time for this book and the day finally came and now.well SHIT I wish it NEVER came and I NEVER wasted my money OMG I loved the first 2 books They were amazing, eventhough like I said before in my other reviews that I hated Calla Yea, well THAT NEVER changed OMG, Andrea WHAT WERE YOU THINKING Seriously, you are an amazing writer but this book totally RUINED the entire series for me THANK YOU VERY MUCH for breaking my heart into pieces I had cried enough ove [...]


Why i think Calla and Ren should be together In the first book, at the end when Calla and Shay were about to leave and Ren found out he didnt stop them he actually let her go even tho he knew she was going off with Shay He did it for her knowing that he was going to be in trouble i think thats true loveAnd Shay he gets mad when she brings up Ren he doesnt even like the fact she is helping Ren but he has no problem knowing that calla gets in trouble helping him that is not true love

Nikita Shankar

Alright, I literally just opened a account so I could write this review for Bloodrose.Why you ask Because this book completely BLEW ME and I needed to rant and raveWaitt that, this is only a RANT First off, be warnedis contains spoilers as I see no other way to put across my thoughts and feeling without referring to the book After all, this is a rant, an outlet to get out my jacked up feelings.All I can say isWTF was going on in the ending RENIER LAROCHE DIES Like just falls there with his neck [...]

Lisa Desrochers

BLOODROSE is amazing no fantabulous I got it.mic Hmm There s not a word to describe how good this book is Trust me, you want to read it Now And feel free to hate me p


HOLLI S REVIEW Do you still want Ren I listened to my own heartbeat for a minute before answering Yes That s one hot mess, Cal Ansel smiled at me.I milked this book for a week before I finally ripped off the Band Aid and finished it up Needless to say, I am one hot mess myself and I have a million things going on inside this brain of mine that I want to discuss Unfortunately there is just not enough room, time, or patience on my part to hit them all, so bear with me, please Going into this book, [...]


Are You Fucking Kidding Me.That ending The last few chapters Oh my God My heart It s broken Ren Oh, my poor Ren I can t even.I cannot believe that happened How could an author be THAT cruel I seriously can t fathom how brokenhearted I am When I read that part, I couldn t stop crying Holy shit Thanks for breaking my heart and stomping on the pieces, Cremer No really, thank you See what you do to me I can t even write a decent review.Justlet me go wallow in my tears a ditch I was not expecting thi [...]

is mee... kissa

no just no un fairere was one part in this book that pretty much destroyed all meaning of this story to me view spoiler killing Ren totally gutted me hide spoiler , but apart from that, i was pretty much bored throughout this book notice how long it took me to read it i think that is a record for me right there i realised that i was only really paying attention to scenes with Ren in it, and there were a lot less than i thought there would be, so that s a down side aside from that though, Cremer [...]


read the excerpt and I HAVE FAITH IN CALLA RENI wish it was possible to kill fictional characters Shay would be dead in a heartbeat.Update January 2012I m sorry, but I will not be reading Wolfsbane or Bloodrose I told myself I would stomach Wolfsbane as soon as Bloodrose came out and Ren and Calla got together I heard about the ending of Bloodrose, and, well let s just say Andrea Cremer really fucked up She lost my purchase of the last two books SO that s that It s almost as if, once Cremer chan [...]


What Really I stayed up all night to read this book, and now I am mad I missed my sleep What a waste I hate when I am in love with a series just to have it end all wrong My girl ended up with the WRONG person The ending was horrible This book would have been a 5 star for me but it went all wrong never would I have guessed that ending I feel disappointed, let down, and I can t lie.y I m sad to say but I can t recommend this book.One thing I am so mad at how much money I spent on this book I got [...]

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews:::

Ok Here goes2starsa, 2 feckin stars Never would have saw this shit coming but I should known since my girl Miss Vain gave it a 1 If I say too much it will spoil the surprise so Ill just wing it.As others have saidis has nothing to do with Calla s choice I would given this book a 4 maybe a 5 if certain events did not come to pass I would say, but you ll just have to read this train wreck to understand The ending I got it, knew it had to be done now that Iv thought about it but other things, not s [...]

Sarah macferrin



Before reading the book Read the first chapter img2 2.timeinc ew static p I have hope For Ren and Calla You re not getting out of this, he growled, pulling me against him I m not letting you go Not again I know, I said, not resisting when he kissed me, wondering just how deep a hole I was digging myself into But I was afraid that saying anything to counter Ren s hopes would make him change his mind about coming with me I couldn t let that happen Good I felt him smile through the kiss GOOD REN Fi [...]


To all readers reading this book And that endingTHAT ENDING


You failed Andrea Epically What total bullshit ending was that At 84% when It happened I stopped caring like I knew I would I didn t want to know any and kept reading for these characters Ansel, Bryn, Mason, Nev, Connor, Adne, Ethan and Stephen No one else This isn t my full review but it s part of it I don t know if I ll even rate it to be honest FAIL


Just finished this book and WOW.Some thoughts about the book, spoilers might be present.1 Calla going back and forth was a major drag.2 This is book 3, I could handle her not knowing who to choose in book 1 but still going on in book 3 i MEAN CMON3 Them getting turned back to wolfs was pretty good, shay getting turned was pretty nonsense though imo, having him stay human so calla could swim in self loathing would have made me give this book 1 star Still that ending was harsh imagine loosing you [...]


People will either love or hate BLOODROSE I am dead serious I mean love as in smiling the entire time through the book and stuck with your eyes to the pages And hate as in throwing the book across the room in a fit of rage Calla really made me a bit mad in Nightshade, and in Wolfsbane she became better Don t even mention BLOODROSE I am enraged at this woman right now I m sorry, but I m not really a huge Calla fan right now Calla is a strong female alpha and all, but when it comes to relationship [...]

Duchess Nicole

Wow, what a way to end a seriesd not necessarily in a good way Cremer has never showed a marked attachment to her characters But she goes way out there with some things that happen in this bookI think if anyone reads this series, the way it will be remembered will always be defined by what happens during the last two chapters of this book.Did I like the ending No Especially the epilogue It was just so out of left field that it didn t feel like it was part of this story I believe if you re going [...]

Sandra (LadyGrey Reads)

Guardians were made from the beasts that rule their souls, forced to share a human body so they would be servants to the Keepers.Actual rating 3.5 5 starsCompared to the first novel in this series, I felt like this was a bit messy It s still an easy read the way Andrea Cremer writes makes the language flow easily and you read 50 pages in an hour if you give yourself the time but the messy story, mainly the romance part, made me put it on hold several times I m just not a fan of a love triangle l [...]


Shay My Gun I am coming for you.

Stephanie (Bookfever. ♥)

What The Fuck

Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)

On the first pages, I thought wow, this book is going to have the promise of greatness To start it off, Calla view spoiler is getting all hot and heavy with Ren I mean who wouldn t like that But then I thought, boy Calla sure is a ho Hadn t she just slept with Shay like two seconds ago But whatever, it was Ren right hide spoiler But even as only a few pages past by, I knew what was to come to pass view spoiler Calla was in Shay s bed quicker than you can say REN Just only after wrapping her legs [...]

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