Nov 27, 2022
The Never Hero
Posted by T. Ellery Hodges

↠ The Never Hero ✓ T. Ellery Hodges, The Never Hero, T. Ellery Hodges, The Never Hero Librarian Notes Alternate cover edition for ASIN B NK GLM At the gates between worldsIn a war outside of timeHe fights for us Reclusive college student Jonathan Tibbs wakes in a pool of blood not a scratch on him His life is about to undergo a massive shift A violent and merciless otherworldly enemy unleashes slaughter in the streets calling out in a languageLibrarian Notes Alter ↠ The Never Hero ✓ T. Ellery Hodges - The Never Hero, The Never Hero Librarian Notes Alternate cover edition for ASIN B NK GLM At the gates between worldsIn a war outside of timeHe fights for us Reclusive college student Jonathan Tibbs wakes in a pool of blood not a

  • Title: The Never Hero
  • Author: T. Ellery Hodges
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
↠ The Never Hero ✓ T. Ellery Hodges, The Never Hero, T. Ellery Hodges, The Never Hero Librarian Notes Alternate cover edition for ASIN B NK GLM At the gates between worldsIn a war outside of timeHe fights for us Reclusive college student Jonathan Tibbs wakes in a pool of blood not a scratch on him His life is about to undergo a massive shift A violent and merciless otherworldly enemy unleashes slaughter in the streets calling out in a languageLibrarian Notes Alter

↠ The Never Hero ✓ T. Ellery Hodges - The Never Hero, The Never Hero Librarian Notes Alternate cover edition for ASIN B NK GLM At the gates between worldsIn a war outside of timeHe fights for us Reclusive college student Jonathan Tibbs wakes in a pool of blood not a


Holyy Crap I can t explain how much I liked this book.Well, anyways, I got this in exchange for an honest review All I can say is This book was sooo epic I agree with some people that it started out slow and confusing but as the story unfolds, it gets even better This is one of the best books that I ve read this year and I can t wait to read the next book in the series.

TS Chan

3.5 stars.How would you feel if you were fated to shoulder the responsibility of saving mankind from violent inter dimensional creatures and yet have to remain anonymous to the point that no one even remembers it This is the origins story of Jonathan Tibbs, a reserved college student whose life was literally seized by the throat and changed permanently There isn t very much plot development in this debut except for the growth of Jonathan into a role that he did not volunteer for Being forced to [...]


I tend to dislike reviews, as they typically read like school book reports, or lengthy diatribes of spoilery doom However, the author gave me a copy in exchange for my honest opinion, so let s just get on with it, shall we My opinion Just, read it Now It s well paced, balanced, thoughtful, intelligent and funny Do you enjoy compelling characters This has got em covered Action Check Comedy Check Intrigue Government conspiracies Aliens Check A story you actual care about that satisfies, while stil [...]


The Never Hero was not something I would usually choose to read but I m very glad I did I read a lot and there is the most pleasant yet annoying affect that happens with a great book At random moments of the day, I ll catch myself thinking about the story and wondering what will happen as if I ve paused a movie This book is definitely among that category I connected well with the characters, was impressed by the unique storyline and genuinely enjoyed the style in which it was written.One of the [...]


College student, Jonathon Tibbs isn t given a choice, he is forced to fight a monster from an otherworldly dimension whenever the strange man in the fedora tells him to Why Because he is the only one that can.The Never Hero is akin to an origin story Jonathon has a unique power thrust upon him by an alien fighting an unseen war on Earth Jonathon has become a new recruit, a soldier to fight the monsters coming through an inter dimensional gate Jonathon s new found responsibility literally affects [...]


I got a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.I M SERIOUSLY SPEECHLESSTo be honest, this book was very confusing at first I didn t get it all for the first few chapters As the story developed along with the characters, everything seemed to make sense The twists were very well thought out I was quite impressed with how the author answered my unanswered questions throughout the story Another thing I didn t think this book would get me so hyped up about wanting to know what was going on in [...]

Carly Anderson

This story belongs on the big screen This is a very unique spin on a hero s tale, and the unexpected angle was a refreshing change from the latest sci fi action literature I highly recommend for those interested in getting lost in well written action, challenging their psyche with moral dilemmas, and indulging in a modest amount of romance I really do hope this gets made into a movie, but first I need to get my hands on the sequels


I was kindly gifted The Never Hero in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this novel It s original so much so that I couldn t really compare it to anything else , the characters are fun and very likeable especially Jonathan s roommates Collin and Hayden and the plot kept me interested and engaged The book is incredibly well written, than I originally thought it would be Hodges style, use of words and the way he incorporated movies, comics and even religion into the story made the rea [...]


I got a chance to read a pre release version of this story I am so glad I did The prologue is all it took for me to fall in love It grips you from the start and I was turning pages as fast as I could read.The main character, Jonathan is relatable and down to earth Most superheros are very black and white, but this story has a lot of grey The struggle and the sacrifice to save not just himself but mankind leaves you wanting to jump through the pages and hug Jonathan.The supporting characters are [...]


I am so surprised at how much I love this book I decided to check this out after reading the little blurb about it I d never read any comic type stories, or comics for that matter, and I thought maybe now was the time Holy cow, now was the perfect time It s been not even a full 5 minutes since I finished this book, and I am here typing up this review That s how much I loved this The way Mr Hodges draws comparisons between heroes in comics, heroes in movies, and the type of people many of us wish [...]

Cate Hogan

The Never Hero is a book that will refuse to let you go the deeper you enter Jonathon s world, the you come to care for him, and just when you re at the edge of your seat with concern, then come the revelations They re big, but beautifully set up, and the action based premise is in fact a framework for posing much deeper questions about honour, duty and the identity of modern masculinity Needless to say I truly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who loves heroic stories that leave a r [...]


I loved this book from beginning to end In fact I couldn t put it down I found the characters to be well thought out and portrayed Their emotions and relationships in the story are great The story line was original and well written I found the integration of both comics and religion to be amusing and thought provoking I especially liked the comic book spin on that aspect There were some great quotes in there and I can t help but appreciate the integration of all of the classic movie and book ref [...]


Full Disclosure I was given a free copy of this audio book by the author I wasn t sure what to expect though the description looked promising I really enjoyed the depth of this novel, the layers and even at the end there were twists in the plot I didn t see coming and I usually see them I always appreciate well done plot twists without foreshadowing.The book starts out with a fight between some kind of an alien creature and a human man falling down an elevator shaft But after the prologue the bo [...]

D.L. Denham

First time author T Ellery Hodges enters the scifi genre with both barrels blazing His debut novel The Never Hero is an unexpected thrill ride through both time and space as our protagonist Jonathan fights an alien force hell bent on destroying humankind From the back cover At the gates between worldsIn a war outside of timeHe fights for usFirst, I have to admit I read this novel after a previous binge on the Doom and Alien Aliens series In many ways Jonathan Tibbs reminded me of a contemporary [...]

Nathan Coops

Complex and thought provoking take on the modern day superhero With The Never Hero, T Ellery Hodges gives us a story that is part action adventure but equal parts analysis on modern manhood, our culture of hero worship, and what drives us to become than what we are Those looking for a Marvel movie plot are not going to find it here This story does not shy away from the unpleasant realities of what it would mean to live a dual identity This book spends a lot of downtime between action scenes but [...]


The Never Hero, written by T Ellery Hodges, is the first in a series of science fiction fantasy stories aimed at young adults, and other readers who enjoy stories such as these The cover and blurb about it being a top choice book caught my eye, as well as a well written summary So I thought I d give it a try.I found myself immersed in a book that was well developed, and balanced in both action and self discovery Our never hero is attacked by an unknown force, and things heat up from there I like [...]


Great read It had a refreshingly unique plot, relatable cast, and finished very strong leaving plenty open for the sequels im normally a fantasy reader and i mix SciFi in occasionally and I found this book to be a nice change of pace There is nothing standard about the story I was impressed with the originality of the plot and a hero dilemma I ve never come across Its written in a way that makes the main cbaracter and his supporting cast mush real and relatable than your average novel I waa im [...]

jeremiah jackson

BrilliantI found this book entrancing beyond expectation The story was a web being weaved, not yet knowing it s own design until the final word Hodges insight into the human psyche under the portrayed circumstance was surprisingly thorough, and his presentation of the protagonists moral dilemma and how it was overcome was beautiful in its own, dark, way I must admit that there were than a few sections which where especially long winded, but over all I would consider it a great success and will [...]


I received a free copy from the author for an honest review This is the first audio book I have ever read and well I am not sure if I want to repeat the process or not I think I like reading better than listening to a book Maybe for the next one I will be better prepared I am not able to decide.But personal preferences aside, the audio quality was good and the story was narrated at a good pace and with good diction so I could understand it perfectly Remember that I am not an English speaking per [...]


A much complex story than I was thinking I was very pleased and, honestly, surprised by the nuances, especially the emotional and psychological twists and turns I even admitted to my wife that this book had really grabbed my interest I finished the entire second half in one reading On his blog, the author discusses how he was guided in part by mind bender films such as Vanilla Sky and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and I can see that, though I actually enjoyed The Never Hero because Ho [...]


I loved this book The plot is unusual, and interesting, but it was the craftsmanship in the writing, the realness of the characters and subtleties of their relationships that made it so enjoyable Couple that with the struggle of personal discovery and growth of the main character and I was way hooked Jonathan Tibbs is a reserved, unassuming college student who seems both ultra normal and someone you likely would never notice His housemates and their relationships are interesting, but far from ex [...]


I was always hesitant to give this book a go since it didn t sound like it would be the kind of story I enjoy And my gut feeling turned out to be right It just took itself WAY too seriously considering how silly the premise was There were way too many flaws in general actually, from stilted and unnatural dialogue to unsatisfying explanations for the various sci fi elements Nothing really worked on a technical level and I can t actually think of a single redeeming factor This review actually star [...]


The Never Hero by T Ellery Hodges It s that very formula The Quest writ large This was never about good and evil is the phrase which prefaces the book The dedication reads Dedicated to all who wondered where their Mr Miyagi was while life was beating them down Mr Miyagi is the fictional karate master who advised The Karate Kid in times of trouble, prized for his philosophy as much as, if not than, his martial arts skills Finding The Never Hero was pure serendipity made possible by the cyber wor [...]


Thought ProvokingFor a short novel that I expected to be fairly simplistic this grew into a thought provoking moral dilemma Good, evil, hero and villain archetypes that used contemporary almost current movie and graphic novel characters as vehicles for the stories The only weakness that tweaked my suspension of disbelief was the impossible martial arts progress I let my own background interfere That is why I don t typically write reviews Good for Hodges Keep up the good work M Billings


Basically one long Rocky montage with a lot of fun dissection of the meaning of being a hero along the way little info dump heavy at the end


3.25 stars This one was weird There was a strange reproductive detail in the enemy monsters There was an odd plot point about a Jesus comic book It kind of worksbut not really.

Fanney Magna

Okay this book This goddamn book is so good I don t even know how to start this review I usually don t write reviews but for this book I just had to The writing is so refreshingly good and there are so many interesting quotes that I will probably use in an essay one day The main character has many conversations with his roommates, one of whom is a literary theory nerd and movie comic book enthusiast which results in truly magnificent insights into hero stories as a genre The nerd in me was thril [...]

Kristin Ravelle

The Never Hero is something of a departure for me, but I wanted to read and review a book out of my usual genres My thanks to Janeal Sarah Author Services, and the author, for providing me a reading copy, and a cover.Jonathan Tibbs, is just a regular college student until one evening he has an unexpected encounter with a strange, blonde man that is going to change his life forever, seemingly against his own will The following events are how Jonathan processes and copes with biological changes fo [...]

Jancee Wright

The Story Jonathan is your typical college student he goes to class, holds down a part time job at a local hardware store, and listens to his housemates argue over movies But one evening when he s home alone, he s attacked by a blond stranger, injected with a syringe, and left in a puddle of his own blood Weeks later, his chest lights up literally , he gains super strength, and he is sent to fight a monster rampaging through downtown Seattle After the battle, he begins to put the pieces together [...]


ABR s original The Never Hero The Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs Book 1 audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Jonathan Tibbs is a normal university student, living in a house with his three friends That is until the day he wakes up to find himself in a pool of his own blood and no idea why thus changing his future forever Tibbs is destined to become the earth s savior from alien challengers The aliens are coming to his city Tibbs knows he is not up to the task of bein [...]

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