Jul 02, 2022
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[PDF] Player | by ☆ JoannaBlake, Player, JoannaBlake, Player JOCK SPORT MEATHEAD PLAYER I hate them all Especially this one He s rude he s crude and he thinks he is God s gift to women James Fitzpatrick might have started out on the wrong side of the tracks but his skills on the football field have brought him fame and glory Now he s forgotten where he came from Hell he s even forgotten me the snot nosed brat from next doJOCK SPORT MEATHEAD [PDF] Player | by ☆ JoannaBlake - Player, Player JOCK SPORT MEATHEAD PLAYER I hate them all Especially this one He s rude he s crude and he thinks he is God s gift to women James Fitzpatrick might have started out on the wrong side of the tracks

  • Title: Player
  • Author: JoannaBlake
  • ISBN: 9781515041375
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Player | by ☆ JoannaBlake, Player, JoannaBlake, Player JOCK SPORT MEATHEAD PLAYER I hate them all Especially this one He s rude he s crude and he thinks he is God s gift to women James Fitzpatrick might have started out on the wrong side of the tracks but his skills on the football field have brought him fame and glory Now he s forgotten where he came from Hell he s even forgotten me the snot nosed brat from next doJOCK SPORT MEATHEAD

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[PDF] Player | by ☆ JoannaBlake - Player, Player JOCK SPORT MEATHEAD PLAYER I hate them all Especially this one He s rude he s crude and he thinks he is God s gift to women James Fitzpatrick might have started out on the wrong side of the tracks


3,5 stars I quite liked this one It was short, I ve read in one day, which is a huge success for me being a slow reader So I d recommend it if you want to read something light in between longer books But anyway, there is Nadine, a girl who is struggling to make ends meet, shuffling between two jobs to get her education and there is also James, golden quarterback, big shot college football player He is dining at the place she works and hits on her, she turns him down and we all know how those hot [...]


1 Not Enough Alcohol In The World To Make Me Read Another Joanna Blake Novel lone star This was bad So bad I wanted to hurt myself So bad I had to continue reading, because at some point, it was so bad it was actually pretty good in a fucked up way, because hey, Blake cannot be for real If one of my GF friends will enlighten me in the comments and tell me this is a parody, a satire, I d quickly change this review to a five star one and crown Joanna Blake as the new queen of comedy The Marx broth [...]

~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews

Really loved this one as it was just what I needed Yes he was a player before Nadine but even he felt bad about that when it counted To see this guy fall so hard and completely change was awesome So cute, funny, sexy and hot Loved it.


3.5 starsThis was a surprisingly enjoyable read For a short NA book, it had a good story and the MC s had some development I liked both James and Nadine James was admirably devoted, especially for such a manwhore There was a bit of drama but it was quickly resolved None of it involved OW Very low angst Safety Gang safe


I wanted to like this story I really, really did I love an underdog story I love a jock loves the non sorority girl story And, if I could ve ignored the first 80% of the book, I would have loved the we make it big HEA Sadly, though, the writer lost me with insufferable characters set up in a too good to be true world long before she let these characters play nice and get a HEA I d Like To Tell The Author The Story Of Alpha Male Mountain There s a gigantic crack that separates the top of alpha ma [...]


This was a light, quick, and easy story Not a lot of drama, mild angst, and lots of steamy scenes.


All I could think of when reading this SoManyNCAAViolations.


I wasn t sure what I was getting myself into in the first few pages but I m glad I stuck it out and continued I ended up really enjoying this book Once I got past James previous behavior in the beginning, I absolutely loved him He was a great heroat OTT possessive alpha I love I really liked how he went after Nadine and never, ever wavered He just would not let her go He was awesome Nadine s past broke my heart She did grate on my nerves a wee bit with her insecurities and self doubt But, I coul [...]


2.5 stars Well this was a really quick read Their relationship moved too too fast for me to get invested enough in them, and some phrases like her sweet little box and her sugary walls started to grate on my nerves lol But anyway, the hero was smitten with her that it was kinda cute, if you need a filler light read, then this book is for you The book is safe, no OW OM to speak of The hero was an ex manwhore but at the beginning he says he feels dirty afterwards and he s sick of them By the end o [...]


This is one of those books that you re just left thinking What the Hell did i just read And not in a good way


I just lost respect for the heroine Nadine when she was disgusted by James s drawer full of condoms and lube AFTER they had sex the first time What Like she didn t know he was a player BEFORE they had sex She was such a level headed survivor I just didn t buy her losing her head when she decided to have sex with James She needed to take ownership of her sexuality like she took control of the other parts of her life.And then Nadine lost her head again when she had sex with James WITHOUT A CONDOM [...]

Anne OK

A sports related romance football and I couldn t resist the 99 cent sale price But it just didn t work for me I stayed with it through to the end though Too little storyline that wasn t built to last and too much insta sex without real meaning It did end with a nicely done happily ever after.


3.5 4 starsNot a bad read The writing is not 5 stars, but it was a nice story with nice characters The hero was pushy about having sex which I would have found annoying since he had no idea what was really going, but it fit his personality and he never did anything out of malice It was a decent read I liked it.


3 1 2 starsI can t lie when I first started reading this book I didn t know it was NA I used to love NA but the older I get the less I read it but the writing and the beginning of the story really pulled me in so I kept reading Liked this one I liked the storyline and the characters, it was a fast fun read I will say I had some frustrating moments with the heroine Liked her but she was a little too weepy at times for me and with everything she went through I don t blame her but she says several [...]


BASICSLove triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler YES hide spoiler Any Descriptive Sex w OW OM Ex view spoiler No hide spoiler Would I read by this author or in this series Maybe, but not for now Rating 3 starsReviewThis one has definitely insta love from H s point of view but h wasn t far behind It is a short sweet love story and the best parts for me are the ones that involve the cat I don t know if it just me or what, but I feel those sce [...]

Deserie williams

This was a short enjoyable read I liked this than I thought.I love how James was obessed with her from the beginning and went after what he wanted Nadine annoyed me a little at times with the running away but I m glad it was resolved quick The ending was how I like my HEA but I really wanted his reaction Of course it s never enough for me DSafety Well in beginning he is in a strip club but doesn t do anything he is thinking about how it use to be fun but now he is disgusted with himself waking [...]


Oh, I loved this one This author writes fabulous heroes They are super obsessive, possessive, and protective I loved that the H constantly lusts for the h Many times we see the passion in the relationship fizzle out once the couple has had sex Not with this H, he wanted the h all the time Let me tell you the sex scenes were scorching


James Fitzpatrick knows his talent has opened up his world, growing up in poverty is not a life he wants to live again Football player, he knows his time is coming before he hits the big league He can have any girl he wants, they throw themselves on him and he accepts all the have to offer but nothing serious will come from any of them Then he sees the waitress at the rib joint, he wants her, she acts like she can t stand him.Nadine can t believe the ego of James, they grew up next door to one a [...]

Lucy Edwards

After reading BRO by this author and not liking it one bit,I decided to give this a go just I case it was any better really wasn t.But first I just want to say that this story had so much potential, it just wasn t given a chance to It was all too forced and rushed that it became instantly unrealistic I hated the way the author tried to make the lead guy sound like a hot, womanising stud He just came off as a bit of a douche to me.One minute the lead female hated his guts and the next she was kno [...]

Paige Turner

Perfect Player is everything you look for in a Romance novel Two childhood friends who reconnecting with each other again as young adults James falls hard for Nadine and knows he can t live without her Nadine has struggled most of her life just trying to survive so she is a bit reluctant to accept his help I liked the way both characters were written James was bossy but not jerky and Nadine was headstrong and dependant but sweet at the same time It contained every romance book cliche but the aut [...]

Ashi- A hopeless romantic girl :D

pretty clich book possessive alpha hero sweet , at times feisty determined poor barely meeting the needs heroine lust at first sight hero being the care taker hero keeps chasing the heroine step father trying to rape her yeah believe me i love clich like this so, what i can say about the book is that the book sure had the potential but it was nothing special and it kinda feel like a mess to me.


Read this last night I love it It doesn t matter to me if the hero was a manwhore, what matters is that he became loyal to the heroine once he met her or once he decided to pursue her And that s what happened here in the book And it was a light read I enjoyed reading this book and will read Her other books too.

Samantha Larkin

The second half was better than the first, however I ve still only given it 3 stars because it felt rushed It was readable, add the fact that it only pee d me off a few times but it s a solid story.I doubt it ll be in my re read list though.




I just love this author s booksey are the perfect sexy, funny and down to earth type of romantic read that always make me feel happy.James is that handsome lady killer jock who has a bright future in the big leagues and all the women falling at his feet and into his bed Nadine is the object of his affectiona hard working student who is waiting tables and trying to make ends meet, but failing miserably These two have a history, having grown up as next door neighbors, until the day Nadine ran away [...]


2.5 starsPlot C I didn t really care for the plot It was kind of cliche, and wasn t done as well as I would ve liked I didn t connect with the characters And all the running from feelings was annoying It seemed like some teenager s dream There were some continuity issues Like James mentioning FSU in reference to Miami though I believe it s in Tallahassee and then later saying University of Miami Also, things like being given a car, apartment, cash, etcems like it s against the NCAA rules, but I [...]

K.L. Donn

Joanna is one of those authors that gets better with time Her stories are always amazing but her writing has taken on a whole new level with PLAYER I thoroughly enjoy the fact that her men get hit by the bug as soon as they see their girls, It s actually one of the reasons I m always going back for and can reread her books many times.James and Nadine have a past, but James was oblivious to it until she puts him in his place I love this girls attitude she thinks he ll be turned off and boy is sh [...]

Submit & Devour

A broken heroine, plenty of steamy scenes, and an alpha male that refuses to take no for an answer all make for a good, fun read.James Fitz Fitzpatrick is an up and coming football star who can have anyone he wants and as set his sites on Nadine.Nadine, has not time relationship, really she has no time for anyone as she spends every moment working and going to school so she does not end up like her mother She shuns guys away because of a bit of a difficult past Between James cockiness and Nadine [...]

Chianti Summers

Given a copy for an honest review Joanna Blake always finds a way to make you fall in love with her characters James Fitzy is a star player and Nadine Deanie is a girl that is a survivor with a lot of determination Nadine left a life behind but she never forgot the boy next door James worked at making a clear future for himself even with the supporters he still needed to work What he didn t expect was the girl from his childhood to come in and tackle his world These two were a perfect match for [...]


2.75 STARS Don t let the rating fool you, because I did like this book The story had vast potential There were a few reasons this book just missed the mark for me First, the heroine was not only immature, but also had tremendously low self esteem Her always wondering if James was there for her was annoying James showed this in so many ways Secondly, the story was under developed Everything was a rush, and not enough time developing the past present storyline Thirdly, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT I don [...]

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