Nov 27, 2022
Siren's Call
Posted by Debbie Herbert

[PDF] Siren's Call | by ☆ Debbie Herbert, Siren's Call, Debbie Herbert, Siren s Call She was irresistible to every man except one Lily Borsage is the ultimate siren gorgeous aloof and irresistible to all the men in Bayou La Siryna All of them that is until Nashoba Bowman comes back to town The Native American kid whose innocent first kiss Lily remembers fondly is now all grown up hot as an Alabama summer and immune to Lily s charms What self respecShe was irresist [PDF] Siren's Call | by ☆ Debbie Herbert - Siren's Call, Siren s Call She was irresistible to every man except one Lily Borsage is the ultimate siren gorgeous aloof and irresistible to all the men in Bayou La Siryna All of them that is until Nashoba Bowman comes back

  • Title: Siren's Call
  • Author: Debbie Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780373009473
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Siren's Call | by ☆ Debbie Herbert, Siren's Call, Debbie Herbert, Siren s Call She was irresistible to every man except one Lily Borsage is the ultimate siren gorgeous aloof and irresistible to all the men in Bayou La Siryna All of them that is until Nashoba Bowman comes back to town The Native American kid whose innocent first kiss Lily remembers fondly is now all grown up hot as an Alabama summer and immune to Lily s charms What self respecShe was irresist

[PDF] Siren's Call | by ☆ Debbie Herbert - Siren's Call, Siren s Call She was irresistible to every man except one Lily Borsage is the ultimate siren gorgeous aloof and irresistible to all the men in Bayou La Siryna All of them that is until Nashoba Bowman comes back

Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff)

njkinnysblog 2015 05 sHaving read and loved Debbie s previous books, I was very excited when she told me about her latest Mermaid romance, Siren s Call which is the story of Lily Bosarge I jumped at the chance to review it and am so glad that I did The cover is beautiful and intriguing and the blurb further takes our interest forward and will surely make a reader take notice of the book.I had already read the stories of the other two Bosarge sisters, Shelly and Jet in Siren s Secret and Siren s [...]

Devika Fernando

I love all kinds of mythological creatures, and mermaids are especially fascinating There is something about their life underwater that intrigues me to no end and spurred me to write my WIP, the paranormal romance novel In Deep Water So I was overjoyed to take part in the ARC Review Tour for Siren s Call by Debbie Herbert.The cover is simply gorgeous as are her other covers , and the story is just that too, gorgeous.At the heart of the plot is the beautiful Lily with her tempting voice that make [...]


Debbie Herbert has done it again, bringing her readers the magic of attraction and romance tinged with danger and the unknown Love this book Just like the others in this series, this novel is filled with things that will make you swoon most especially the male lead Of the three books I have read in this series, this one is my favourite It was nice to get updates on the lives of previously featured characters, and I really felt like the author tied everything together in this novel Debbie Herbert [...]

Inderpreet Uppal

This paranormal novel SirensCall has everything for a book lover like me with a dash of extra thrown in Not only was the story very solid but the characters of Sam and Opal too were so well etched even though they were not the main lead in the book Lily and Sam had good help and support from all corners to make a perfect love story The supernatural element was so well scripted in the story line that I want to read the stories of the other two sisters as well The story line is a typical romance b [...]


This is my favorite in the Dark Seas trilogy The Choctaw legends and details are fascinating Nash has his own unique abilities that bring a whole new aspect to this paranormal world The sea was a given, but now we have an attachment and insight into the animals on land Love I loved seeing Lily, who has so much confidence seemingly, truly find herself I get so used to reading about people finding their confidence but it s also true that those who have it in spades in so many ways also struggle to [...]

Rachel- Goodbye Borders

This was Lily s story She has an enchanting voice and is beautiful Therefore, all women in town hate her All of the men want her Oh please In the previous couple of books, I felt she came across as cold and a little bit shallow I wasn t looking forward to her story, but wanted to finish the trilogy.I had a hard time getting into this one Disappointing considering I liked 1 and 2 Learn early on who is targeting Lily That was another disappointment Really Nash was interesting and his ability More [...]


For the final book in the Dark Seas miniseries, Debbie Herbert lets her imagination rise to new heights as one original situation after another takes place The world where mermaids live amongst humans is brought to life in realistic ways, and I repeatedly felt as though these mythical creatures just had to be true Each of the books in the miniseries has been very innovative, and this story grabbed my attention from the start and never let go until the satisfying conclusion SIREN S CALL is enchan [...]

Kristin Ravelle

Okwa Nahollo The white people of the sea if you swam near their home, they d grab you by the ankles and pull you under If you stayed underwater with them than three days, you could never return to land This is my favourite bit of Choctaw lore from Siren s Call Debbie Herbert uses fascinating southern Alabama bayou legends and shamanism as an evocative framework for her last installment in the Siren s series about mermaids This is my first mermaid book and I m impressed with how the author blend [...]


In Siren s Call we meet Lily Borsage, a siren Lily is gorgeous and every man she meets is immediately attracted to her Everything about Lily draws men in And although Lily definitely likes being beautiful, being a siren isn t easy All woman hate her, and all the men think she s playing with them What they don t know is that all that Lily want s is to find true love But this isn t easy when every guy you meet doesn t seem interested in you, but only in your body and your voice And that s not the [...]

Léatitia Brière

From my blog I got the ARC of Siren s Call in exchange of an honest review I loved reading Siren s Call a lot I have a few things to tell you about this marvellous read but before, I m 1 000% sure that this is a MUST READ If you like Paranormal Romance, you will want to read Siren s Call First, Siren s Call is beautifully written, a real page turner that won t leave your mind, in case you have to put it aside because life happens I was quickly and deeply immersed in Bayou La Siryna There were so [...]


Although this is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone While I wasn t able to read the first two books yet , I still enjoyed reading Lily and Nash s story.I liked that they were childhood friends but they separated when Nash had family trouble Lily is a full siren and because of her allure as a Siren, people misjudged or exaggerated her love life In a sense, some of it were her fault but she acknowledged that Lily might have barriers but she is loyal to her family even if her mother [...]


DisclaimerI was provided with an advance copy of this book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.About the BookRight from the beginning I felt drowned in the wonderful narrative of by Debbie Herbert The startup of the story and initial chapters were so intriguing that the book was almost unputdownable for me However, in the middle part, I felt the story dragging involving the unnecessary events and narrations But the effect of story dragging very soon vanished as the story proceeded towar [...]

Charline Ratcliff

Siren s Call, by Debbie Herbert, appropriately enough is being released on June 1st, 2015 I say appropriately because this book does, after all, feature a mermaid as its leading female character and since summer is almost upon us, Siren s Call will makes for a fitting beach or pool read.Siren s Call is also the conclusion to Herbert s Dark Seas series, but never fear this title can still be read as a stand alone novel Per Herbert s letter to the reader prior to the beginning of this tale , Siren [...]

Cecilia Dominic

Disclaimer I received an advance copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.From the first two books in this series, we know that Lily Bosarge is beautiful and has a strange power over any man she encounters There s also some question as to how deadly she is Herbert starts the book showing us Lily s vulnerabilities, which immediately drew me in and made her sympathetic When I opened the book to take a peek, I didn t mean for it to jump to the top of my TBR pile, but it di [...]

wendy Shelton(obsessedbybooks)

ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review This was a first for me in this whole series to read about mermaids, but I was shock at how well I enjoyed it.Lilly is beautiful and has a strange power over the men she meets this story was amazing Nash and Lilly had a unique relationship I liked the suspens, love, action that the story provided it s really well written as well hate to see the end of the series.


This was a lovely story I liked Lily the siren She grows in the story and learns what love is, and how it means sacrifice and keeping others secrets Nash is wonderful though dim I mean, he resists and resists the evidence before his eyes and really bugged me with his insistence that he didn t want to follow his destiny Loved the grandfather.

Harlequin Books

Herbert s descriptions are quite colorful, and her depiction of Nash s reticence over forming a relationship and Lilly s feelings over her treatment by townspeople are spot on, as is her portrayal of the stalker s craziness RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.Miniseries Dark Seas


That.Cover.WowI never expected this trilogy When I read Siren s Secret I was beyond excited Mermaids have always been my fave mythological creatures When I met Jet and Lily I wondered if they would get their own books and so they did.This one follows up after Siren s Treasure A recap It was never revealed if Lily killed Perry or if it was an accident Moreover the author mentioned that all would be revealed in Lily s book I was intrigued by the inter racial coupling Not that I have anything again [...]

Joseph McGarry

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for this review.Siren s Call is the 3rd installment of the Dark Seas trilogy, focusing on the Borsage sisters, Shelly, Jet, and Lily, who live in Alabama Book 1, Siren s Secret, focused on Shelly, book 2, Siren s Treasure, focused on Jet, and book 3 focuses on Lily To update everyone, Shelly married Tillman, the sheriff Jet married Landry, a former FBI agent, and is pregnant The Bosarge sisters are all mermaids, a secret known only [...]

Crystal Melloh

Lily Borsage is a siren A mermaid of the deep with a voice that leads men to heartbreak Lily is the object of the men s attention in Bayou La Siryna and the talk of every woman Male attention has never been an issue for Lily When she runs into Nashoba Bowman, a long time childhood friend, Lily is puzzled why Nash ignores her siren wiles But Nash is not without secrets of his own After traveling the world as a renowned nature photographer, Nash is back in Bayou La Siryna on a job and to visit his [...]

Swathi Shenoy

I read the review of this book on and it instantly piqued my interest I just HAD to read it So happy that I could be a part of this tour Characters Meet Lily Borsage, the beautiful Mermaid, whose Siren s voice makes every man lose his heart to her But Lily isn t just beautiful as they say, she is beauty with brain Talented but insecure and the one in search of true love among human men that is Lily for starters Meet Nash the irresistible man whom every woman fancy Mysterious, powerful, confident [...]

Leila Anani

This is the third of Debbie Herbert s mermaid series following the last of the three mermaids Lily Lily is a siren who drives men wild with her song Despite her beauty and wealth she s actually very lonely, women despise her and brand her a slut and everywhere she turns she can t escape male attention Only one man seems immune, her childhood friend, Native American Nashoba Bowman, a nature photographer who returns home on a shoot.This is my favourite of the mermaid books to date I love the fact [...]


I received a digital ARC of this book from the author via NjKinny Tours and Promotions in exchange for my honest and unbiased review Thanks for the copy All are my own opinion and is not compensated by any individual, organization, or company This might contain minor spoilers.Siren s Call is a mermaid themed fantasy novel As far as I can remember, this is my first mermaid centered story, so I urge myself not to expect anything because expecting might ruin my reading experience I love fantasy sto [...]


This is the final book in the Dark Seas Trilogy and I need to apologize for a small error In my previous reviews on For Siren s Secret and Siren s Treasure I called this book Siren s Song I blame it on lack of sleep and wanting to get the review up quickly Sorry Lily Bosarge is a true Siren She is the darling of the Mer people and beloved by her family In the human world she s never been turned down and can get any man she sets her eyes voice on While it sounds amazing, it s actually a pretty lo [...]


Lily is the beautiful mermaid with a siren s voice which men are unable to resist This has somewhat ruined her reputation in Bayou La Syrina She appears to take it all in her strides even though she can t find the one thing she craves Love Nash, a Choctaw Native American is a professional photographer who has an afinity with animals He is Lily s long lost childhood friend and is on an assignment in this small town When they bump into each other, he appears to be immuned to Lily s voice to her su [...]

Niki Driscoll

Lily Borsage is not just a mermaid, she is a siren Gifted with not just beauty but a voice that mesmerizes Putting on her Mona Lisa face, She hides her romantic heart, softer side and longing for someone to see through her glamor and love her for herself Nash grew up hearing the Choctaw legends from his Shaman grandfather The spirits have given him the gift of conversing with nature which has helped him in his photographic career Returning to the bayou was to be for a visit only, he had no inten [...]

Lilac Reviews

I hadn t read a book with mermaids before Merfolk is how they are referred to This novel had Choctaw Indian lore also There was an excellent mix of romance, suspense and lore to this book This was three in a series You don t have to have read the earlier books to be able to enjoy this one One and two evidently told the story of how Lily Borsage s sisters Shelly and Jet met their loves Lily, being a siren, has never been lacking for male attention When Nashoba Bowman returns to town, she is surpr [...]

Alana Woods

A Harlequin Nocturne novel She was irresistible to every man but one Great start, yes Does it continue to be as good Yes, it does.A fantasy love story that hooked me to the extent I finished it in two sittings And I don t view myself as a fantasy fan, so this one must have been good.Set in the small southern town of Bayou La Siryna, this is the story of Lily Borsage, a woman used to having men fall at her feet and women envying and resenting her because of it It s also the story of Nash Bowman, [...]


This is the third story of the Dark Seas Series and its Lily s story Jet is still my favorite and Lily was always in the background for me I loved her cousin Shelly and as I said, Jet was always my favorite and still is But I have to say, Lily really grew on me this book When Lily runs into her childhood friend Nash, her world gets turned upside down All of a sudden she starts receiving threats from an unknown person She assumes because most the women in Bayou La Siryna hate her it has to be one [...]


This was the final installment of the Dark Seas Trilogy and I m devastated to see the story end I want to know about the lives of Shelly, Jet, and Lily, what happens to them and the BILs and how raising children changes them Do the BILs manage to keep their position as the town s Sheriff and Deputy Does their mother aunt finally accept the lives they have chosen Nash and Lily s story though riddled with suspense was a beautiful combination of intrigue, heritage, and discovery I loved watching N [...]

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