Jun 28, 2022
Crossing The Line
Posted by Aisha M. Taylor

[PDF] Read ↠ Crossing The Line : by Aisha M. Taylor, Crossing The Line, Aisha M. Taylor, Crossing The Line She Just Found Love In The Last Place She Ever Would Have Expected Shawna is a strong well educated woman who has worked hard for what she has but true love has eluded her for a long time When her friend Mikki convinces Shawna to keep looking she eventually meets Virgil a drop dead gorgeous rock star He s incredibly smart caring and capable of lovemaking that puts She Just [PDF] Read ↠ Crossing The Line : by Aisha M. Taylor - Crossing The Line, Crossing The Line She Just Found Love In The Last Place She Ever Would Have Expected Shawna is a strong well educated woman who has worked hard for what she has but true love has eluded her for a long time When her f

  • Title: Crossing The Line
  • Author: Aisha M. Taylor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Read ↠ Crossing The Line : by Aisha M. Taylor, Crossing The Line, Aisha M. Taylor, Crossing The Line She Just Found Love In The Last Place She Ever Would Have Expected Shawna is a strong well educated woman who has worked hard for what she has but true love has eluded her for a long time When her friend Mikki convinces Shawna to keep looking she eventually meets Virgil a drop dead gorgeous rock star He s incredibly smart caring and capable of lovemaking that puts She Just

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[PDF] Read ↠ Crossing The Line : by Aisha M. Taylor - Crossing The Line, Crossing The Line She Just Found Love In The Last Place She Ever Would Have Expected Shawna is a strong well educated woman who has worked hard for what she has but true love has eluded her for a long time When her f

Rosie J.

Since starting on my Romance eBook journey, I ve discovered among others genres that I like stories about Rock Stars so I was excited to read this story The writing at times was very strange, almost like it was written by two different people I didn t like Shawna s friend Mikki because she tried to sabotage the relationship between Virgil Shawna at almost every turn It s part of the reason I knew right away plus the shaving of Shawna s legs that she was a closet lesbian no judgment, just an obse [...]

~*~Princess Nhya~*~

Okay How this book ever averaged an overall 4 star rating, is beyond me Yes, it has some hot factor But those moments in between all the madness just isn t enough to make up for this Many things, especially in the beginning, were choppy rushed Soon as things start to find their stride a bit with the story, other things come into play, MANY other things, that derail it.I ll admit, I love Virgil He was fleshed out well Even the surrounding plots people involved had sparks of life interest No doubt [...]

Stacy Anita Edwards

Really goodLove this authors style of writing The only issue I had with Shawna, was how she gave up her own life but realized that she needed to get back in school and back to work And I didn t like how she was so concerned about how Virgil wasn t sharing personal things about himself,but she didn t have the courage to show Virgil her black side She felt like he wouldn t understand her love of RB and Hip Hop and speaking in slang and other things that was very much apart of who she was I think t [...]


Crazy Story What a crazy story His parents was crazy and his ex was crazy Shawna bestie Mikki was secretly in love with her SMH Virgil had his issues and to me it seem like he was holding onto Shawna as his savior But hey, to each is own I wonder will Mikki and Rob get their own story

M.J. Friday

This is the story of Virgil and Shawna,a true testament that opposites attract and can find love even when the odds are against you Shawna,the daughter of a Baptist preacher, is a graduate student working on being a Pharmacist and has little to no time for a social life Her best friend Mikki, often drags her to events she host as her guest, it is at one of these events that she see a that will open a new chapter in her life Virgil, a goth musician, is the son of a prominent family and has not ha [...]

Donna Shuler

Loved It Wonderfully sexy, engaging dialogue, characters that hold your interest Storyline that had a realistic twist with a Hero that really had to fight an unusual demon and actually lose the fight but have a heroine that s portrayed smart enough to recognize faults and forgive them Normally this forgiveness would only come after great trial and anguish on both parties part normally after a great period of time had passed This situation was handled I felt much realistically, although maybe I [...]

evette w

Just Straight AwesomeThis was one remarkable story of young love dealing with young adults.I love the fact the story is not so much centered on Virgil and Shawna being an interracial couple,being young and in love.This story had quite a few undercurrents that could ve taken a dark turn but the writer skates around the subjects.Also it was refreshing to see the mother of the heroine telling her to pump your brakes and look at the big picture.It was nice to let Janet get what she deserves.Also the [...]

Noreen Joseph

I sure did enjoy this little gem This is my first time reading this author This the story of Shawana and Virgil Shawana is the church girl while Virgil is the privilege kid with demons nipping at his heals These two on paper was not a match because they were so different in many ways Shawana became Virgil anchor and light in darkness I love how this author kept the story moving and engaging There was never a dull moment with these two There was some colorful characters in the story Mikki her bes [...]

Lynda Garcia

Delightfully pleasedIt started off slowly it up with crescendowith hot erotic sex between the Christian girl and the goth rocker eclectic mix of weird friends, Baptist minister father and sweet church wife for Shawnad Virgil screwed up parents,including a mother always high or drunkwith an insane amount of moneyIt s charmingly entertainingShawn and Virgil had obstacles standing in their waybut made it work out in the endingd it s funny and fresh Try it and you ll be pleasantly surprised.


Good ReadFirst time reading a book by this Author it was a good read, the shocker for me to find out her best friend was in love with her and no one picked that up but Rob I hope this is not the last of this story because it was so many unanswered questions I would love to see a relationship between Rob and Mikki and the success of the band.


3.5 stars.This was a weird book You can figure out what s going on with the best friend from the beginning it s pretty obvious How Shawna never figured it out I have no idea Alex Virgil whatever you want to call him, he was lucky Shawna s mother was on his side because what she said was the DUMBEST excuse everever

Shirley C. Temple

Talking to the book I really had a ball with this book Some people talk to the tv show or the movie they are watching I talked to the book It was just as though I was right there I truly enjoyed this book I can t wait for Ms Taylor s next book.


Great bookI did not expect this type of story line Opposites do attract This was nice love story The characters were great I figured out Mikki early on Overall a well balanced story.


it was a lot going on for this young couple, but they was able to keep standing through all the mess and their pass.


Good readI like the book but felt that the ending was missing something Maybe I was expecting Drama All in all not bad.


Crossed Over Crossing the Line was a very enjoyable read The troubled rocker and the good church girl made for an interesting story This, combined with the colorful ancillary characters Miki, Rob, evil Janet has me going straight to Crossing the Line 2


Shockingly I actually liked the book I will be honest I didn t expect too This books has a lot of moving parts and things I loved and things I actually hated The part that ticked my nerves was how quickly the relationship progressed I mean it was seriously like Dinner, movies eating out all at the same damn time I was like WOW um did you guys even exchange last names I am also a stickler for details sometimes and I promise I did not hear one time where it was mentioned that a condom was used not [...]


Mixed emotionsThis wasn t a typical love story I really like that Most modern day romance novels are like Cinderella with some erotic scenes woven throughout My only issue is that I had a hard time liking the main character She started out saying that she didn t make good choices in men and I don t really see where that changed Okme spoilersShe had sex in a church I get that she felt agnostic but she should understand that is still a sacred place to many It is almost the equivalent of some stran [...]


Crossing The Line, is a book the defines that a person can find love in the most unexpected places and with the person they didn t know they were looking for, it kind of reminds me of the movie Something New Shawna was not looking for love, she found it just the same with Virgil, a gothic rockstar This story was not without its obstacles for Shawna and Virgil Shawna s first boyfriend Derrick tired to make his presence felt and known to Shawna and Virgil s toxic ex Janet was making waves, not to [...]

Christine Duncan

Interesting take on a BWWM story lineI choose this rating because this was an interesting take on a BWWM story line What I liked is how Virgil pursued Shawna and her response to his lifestyle What I didn t like is how she forgave him for all his indiscretions while they were in a relationship Don t get me wrong everyone s tolerance level is different I m just saying he would have had to do some in depth groveling before considering unconditional forgiveness Maybe it was the hot intimate aspect o [...]

Genevieve Woods

I made it to 41 percentI m writing my first novel and it s easier said than done I have 53 test readers some close friends and family and their friends and family Their feedback has been honest, heartbreaking,but character building for me and the book I have been rewriting to make sure I do not receive a 1 review once published With that being said I suggest the author allows readers to sample and her next book n ok t just for gram a r but for flow of the storyline The premise was good but the e [...]


I m giving this book 2 stars due to the fact that it didn t hold my interest at first so it took me 7 months to read it I m glad I came back to the book because I enjoyed the last half of it The relationship progressed very quickly and the only reason I could see was that they had great sex I guess for some people that s reason enough Once they moved in together that s when the history, families and past relationships come into play and they have to work hard at the relationship Virgil grows as [...]


There was entirely to much stuff going on in this book The storyline didn t flow making it one of the weirdest books It had glimmers of hope but they were shattered with sub plots that made no sense I seriously worry that those who rated this book so highly were only concerned about the sex described which I skimmed over since the storyline was so weak.


OppositionFrom this story, opposites definitely attract It goes to show that you never know where or to whom your heart will lead you to Glad they worked through their problems for a chance at endless love.

TaEboni McGill

Great bookThe book started off good an ended wellI love the fact that Shawna was strong an wasn t gone to give up on Virgil I like that her best friend was crazy about an she didn t even know it


Aisha Taylor for the win This is an excellent read The writing is captivating, the story complex and believable, the characters full meaty One word needed Here it is MORE.

Bev Simon

What can I say, I liked the story of opposites attractBut I can t shake the feeling that there was something missing Nevertheless, I liked it All i would say is I needed , the concept story was good just needed detail.


nice read ,ending could have been better there was alot story to tell.hope the second book starts off where this one ends

Mary M. McClendon

Mixed Emotions This one is a great love story, but to me, Shawna seems out of place She is not the one you would expect to fall for a goth rocker Good storyline No Sweat

Opal Lewis

Excellent readExcellent read I really enjoyed the storyline Wished there was a part two to this book Looking forward to reading from this Mrs Taylor

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Crossing The Line