Dec 09, 2022
A Lush Reunion
Posted by Selena Laurence

A Lush Reunion Best Read || [Selena Laurence], A Lush Reunion, Selena Laurence, A Lush Reunion Ten years ago Lush bassist Colin Douglas met the love of his life Then she broke his heart Now in a small Texas town in the midst of the breakup of his band Colin has found Marsha and he has no idea what to do with her Marsha O Neill hasn t had it easy Since losing Colin nothing s gone right for this east Texas waitress except for Sean her six year old son She sTen years ago Lu A Lush Reunion Best Read || [Selena Laurence] - A Lush Reunion, A Lush Reunion Ten years ago Lush bassist Colin Douglas met the love of his life Then she broke his heart Now in a small Texas town in the midst of the breakup of his band Colin has found Marsha and he has no id

  • Title: A Lush Reunion
  • Author: Selena Laurence
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  • Page: 472
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Lush Reunion Best Read || [Selena Laurence], A Lush Reunion, Selena Laurence, A Lush Reunion Ten years ago Lush bassist Colin Douglas met the love of his life Then she broke his heart Now in a small Texas town in the midst of the breakup of his band Colin has found Marsha and he has no idea what to do with her Marsha O Neill hasn t had it easy Since losing Colin nothing s gone right for this east Texas waitress except for Sean her six year old son She sTen years ago Lu

A Lush Reunion Best Read || [Selena Laurence] - A Lush Reunion, A Lush Reunion Ten years ago Lush bassist Colin Douglas met the love of his life Then she broke his heart Now in a small Texas town in the midst of the breakup of his band Colin has found Marsha and he has no id

Geri Reads

I never expected Colin to have so much depth He s a revelation in this book I liked how it all came together at the end And kudos to Selena Laurence for writing about some touchy subjects This series have been really good overall and I m sad to see it end.Anyway, full review to come closer to the release dateARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Love and Lush, everyone Goodnight It s sad to see a series, I ve loved from the opening act, come to an end I ve been waiting with bated breath for Marsha and Colin s story, since seeing them together in For the Love of a Lush Their connection promised a great second chance romance and left me with a curiosity, I just couldn t shake What the heck happened between them Not even the members of the band, had a clue what went down.Colin and Marsha s story started off with a bang I was all in Giddy, [...]


5 Heartbreakingly Beautiful Second Chance Stars I cannot tell you how much I have loved this entire series to date and Colin s story was no exception I was graciously given an ARC by Author Selena Laurence and couldn t wait to dive in and get his story.I loved both characters, Colin, of course was a given, lol and Marsha, oh Marsha heart literally ached, I mean what she had gone through during the time they were apart was truly gut wrenching They together proved that they were the half of each o [...]

Connie Cockrell

I received this book as an ARC The final book in Best Selling author, Selena Laurence s Lush series, ties up the saga with a gigantic bow.This final story revolves around Colin, bass player for the band, Lush, and his long, lost high school sweetheart, Marsha The opening prologue sets the scene perfectly and introduces us to Marsha Lynn, Colin s lost love After that, the love, the hurt, and the pain ebb and flow in a way that Ms Laurence has mastered Sparks fly and tears flow in a fast paced boo [...]


This was a very emotional touching read with some touchy issues that the author writes in style I doubt you can read this and not have it touch you in some way Colin and Marsha have a past together that ended badly First love is never easy but when you come from a broken home as Marsha did with a bitter mother it makes it that much harder to believe that one person will stand by you.Marsha truly just wanted to make her mother love her doing everything she could to make her happy Sadly this just [...]

Jennifer Fannan

I received a copy in exchange for a honest review Selena does it again She managed to write a story of love, resentment, devastation, and the hard choices and turns it into a heart felt story, The emotions between the two main characters are felt throughout the story Colin and Marsha were once young and in love But sometimes life doesn t go the way it should and you have to make hard decision The results of those decisions you carry for the rest of your life After being separated for ten years t [...]

Mary Mooney

A Lush Reunion is a perfect ending to the Lush series Colin Douglas is the bass player for the worldwide popular band Lush He is not the most recognized but he loves being in the band When the band split up, he goes to Hawaii to think things through and learns he doesn t need to stay high, he needs to take responsibility of his actions after all these years When he visits Walsh and Mike in Texas, he runs into his past A past the broke his heart and he hasn t recovered for 10 years Marsha O Neil [...]

Christi Lofton

I love the Lush guys This book brings us very close to Colin and what he has gone through for the last several years His love for Marsha was all consuming and it really told us a lot about this guy Marsha had secrets of her own that we discover along the way Between the two of them, finding that balance of trust became a very hard thing to do The growth of both of these characters throughout the book was amazing With Marsha s son, Sean, in the mix, it made for one very sweet emotional story.In a [...]


4.5 Stars for Colin and Marsha Both these character surprised me and I fell in love with them wholeheartedly I had been trying to guess what their story was since first glimpses of Marsha and Colin in previous books in the series While some of my guesses were correct, most of the book surprised me This is a second chance romance book Colin and Marsha had a rough past My heart broke for both of their situations Maybe it was fate that made their paths cross again, but hat didn t make it an easy ro [...]


Mrs Stallworth has had every member of the Lush Band pass through her house.well Joss didn t actually live there he visited.but it always seemed love follows who passes through her house But can Colin Douglas find true love again with a girl from his past that just so happens to live in the same town When Colin sees Marsha O Neill he realizes that he feels deep down inside that he still loves herbut with there tragic past can they both get past the hurt and the anger they both have for each othe [...]

Judy C

I was given an advance copy in exchange for an honest review by the author To Be honest this is the first book in the series I ve read but I m so caught up in it that I have to read the other books to see how this all came to be It is an amazing story It was a well written emotional roller coaster about giving second chances Colin and Marsha didn t have it easy when they ended their teenage love affair They both felt jaded and never got over the hurt and betrayal they felt from what each other d [...]


ARC received from author I m so sad that this is the last book in this series Selena writes the best rock gods The Lush boys are delicious This is Colin and Marsha s story Although they were high school sweethearts, they have not seen or been in touch in 10 years Once their paths cross again, they both have issues to work through to find the love that never left their hearts You feel so many emotions while reading their story As they learn to get over the past hurt and the trust they lost, they [...]

Kelley Schmidt

This was my first book by Ms Laurence and the fourth book in the Lush series With that being the case, I didn t feel I was missing anything by not having read the others This book works very well as a stand alone However, now I want to go back and read the others as wells once this one was so captivating.This is an emotionally touching story with many different issues being presented The characters are all very likable and well written I really like the change of perspective with each chapter an [...]


Ah, those incredibly sexy, stubborn and oh so frustrating Lush boys We finally get Colin s story and how he knows Marsha, the waitress from the Bronco Their connection was obvious in Lowdown and Lush which had me dying to know what was really going on I never expected the depth of love, pain and anger that would be revealed I loved peeling back Colin s layers and finding out there is so much to him than the constant state of being stoned Marsha is an amazing woman that pulled herself up from de [...]


I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.This was my fist book by Selena Laurence and happens to be the fourth book in the Lush series.There was enough background information thrown your way that you don t have to read the series completely in order, to enjoy this book Although if this book is any indication the rest of the series will be fantastic and I ll be reading them as soon as I get a chance I found this to be a very emotional and at times heartbreaking story for [...]


Colin was always the one in the series who was sweet but kind of out of it He smoked pot a lot so he was just mello This book has him reaching and working longer smoking pot but working the ranch in a small town in Texas where fate places his high school sweet heart She s dirt poor and has a young son but she s very humble Colin has to come to terms with their past but once the Lush members settle their future, Sean is set to make it work Very special series that I won t ever forget The poverty, [...]

Amber Tinsley

Don t tell the others, but Colin and Marsha are my favorite This is the second chance book of all second chances I could not make myself put this one down It s filled with hard real life issues and it s handled with style and grace It s been ten very long years since Colin and Marsha have seen each other Once high school sweethearts that ended in a heart breaking situation, they are now thrown together and are avoiding each other like the plague They must find forgiveness and compassion for the [...]


I so love this series Colin has lived the last ten years of his life as the bassist of the rock band Lush But he is only half a man The love of his life broke his heart and he has never forgiven her for her betrayal He has also never stopped loving her.Marsha has done what she had to do for the last ten years Knowing the only man she ll ever love will never forgive her, she moved on as best she could and trouble is all she got But with Colin back in town, how can she be around him and not fall u [...]

Bette Hansen

An absolutely amazing story that brings the band full circle An emotionally charged second chance story that kept me reading page after satisfying page I love each of the Lush band mates but Colin has always peaked my interest and had me wondering why he lived his life the way he did This book answers all those questions and left me loving Colin all the While this is the fourth book in the Lush series, there is enough background included to allow you to read it standalone although reading the e [...]

Linda Rimer-Como

Another great addition to the Lush series as Colin searches for love The storyline and characters are remarkable and the story tugs at your heart When trust is broken, can it be found again for a second chance at happiness I found this to be a page turner I couldn t put down Loved it A fantastic read Received copy for honest review.


Another great book in this series about the final member of the band Lush We find out a lot of back history on Colin and how Marsha fits into it all Let s just say there are a lot of demons that need slayingAnd then throw in the rest of the band mates and a major decision about everyone s future is made Good or bad You ll have to read to find out.


If you ve read the previous books in the Lush series and enjoyed them then you ll probably like A Lush Reunion Although not my favorite of the series it was still a good read I was frustrated by the heroine but she comes around and I loved their HEA.


I loved Colin and Marsha s story because Colin has left his rockstar lifestyle behind in an effort to better himself and to help his struggling band mates find a way forward after the tumultuous aftermath of their spectacular fall from grace Mike and Walsh are struggling with family issues and sobriety and in an effort to make peace with his past, Colin renews his relationship with the love of his life, his high school girlfriend, Marsha While she struggles to survive as a single mother in pover [...]

Chanda Norman

The final Lust series book was the perfect way to wrap up this on going series Colin the bass player has a second chance with Marsha his high school sweet heart Their romance will tug at your heart strings so have your tissues ready This book can be read as a standalone but the series is excellent so do yourself a favor and read the rest if you haven t already done so.

Coralee Corrigan

Loved it


Absolutely loved this one I have been anxiously waiting to read Colin s story, and A Lush Reunion was totally worth the wait When Colin joins Walsh and Mike in Texas, he has no clue that this trip will change his life He sees Marsha his high school sweetheart and the girl who broke his heart Their history is the reason Colin has made some of the bad decisions he has in his life He did everything to numb the pain, but nothing has ever taken it away As the two tiptoe around each other, it becomes [...]

Tiffany Willams

If only I could figure out how to make it go away How to make her go away But I know it s no use She s so far inside of me that I ll never be free It s karma s way of sticking it to us Both her and me It s our punishment We can never have each other, but we can never be rid of each other either First off, I must say, hearing that Selena was writing another Lush book and the title was A Lush Reunion had me all EXCITED After the ending of the previous book, I was left wanting so much Boy, did I g [...]

Rach Lawrence

I was provided an ARC of A Lush Reunion in exchange for an honest review I am not compensated for my honest opinion After the breakup of his band, Lush, Colin Douglas doesn t know what to do with himself All he knows is that he s done with smoking weed after using it to keep himself in a haze for the past ten years When he runs into his high school love, Marsha, he realizes his love for her never died Now he has a purpose in life to win Marsha back.Marsha O Neill has had a rough life, made even [...]


A Lush Reunion is everything I love about second chance love stories When Colin and Marsha reunite, 10 years after a heart breaking end to their romance, neither can deny the feelings they still have for one another Would they overcome past hurts, and finally learn to trust in their love I sped through the pages, anxious to see them achieve their happily ever after So many things made this book one of my favorite reads of 2015 Selena Laurence s writing is superb I love how the setting, character [...]


Colin s story, in the Lush series, is here and it is such an amazing story of having a second chance at love Colin plays bass for a band called Lush He stays stoned from morning til night, rocks it on stage and parties with the groupies But when the band breaks up, Colin is left to try and figure out what his future holds For the first time in years, he no longer has any desire to get high and when he goes to a small town in Texas to visit his friends and runs into his high school sweetheart, he [...]

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