Dec 09, 2022
The Cracked Spine
Posted by Paige Shelton

Free Read The Cracked Spine - by Paige Shelton, The Cracked Spine, Paige Shelton, The Cracked Spine In need of a good adventure Delaney Nichols takes the leap and moves to Edinburgh Scotland to start a job at The Cracked Spine She doesn t know much about what she s gotten herself into other than that the work sounds exciting and that her new boss Edwin MacAlister has given her the opportunity of a lifetime Edwin has promised that she ll be working with a desk thIn need of Free Read The Cracked Spine - by Paige Shelton - The Cracked Spine, The Cracked Spine In need of a good adventure Delaney Nichols takes the leap and moves to Edinburgh Scotland to start a job at The Cracked Spine She doesn t know much about what she s gotten herself into other than

  • Title: The Cracked Spine
  • Author: Paige Shelton
  • ISBN: 9781250057488
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
Free Read The Cracked Spine - by Paige Shelton, The Cracked Spine, Paige Shelton, The Cracked Spine In need of a good adventure Delaney Nichols takes the leap and moves to Edinburgh Scotland to start a job at The Cracked Spine She doesn t know much about what she s gotten herself into other than that the work sounds exciting and that her new boss Edwin MacAlister has given her the opportunity of a lifetime Edwin has promised that she ll be working with a desk thIn need of

Free Read The Cracked Spine - by Paige Shelton - The Cracked Spine, The Cracked Spine In need of a good adventure Delaney Nichols takes the leap and moves to Edinburgh Scotland to start a job at The Cracked Spine She doesn t know much about what she s gotten herself into other than


I received this via First Reads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review A lovely cozy mystery that felt mismatched to me some of the motivations seemed odd off to me and I never felt like I got to know any of the characters very well We spend some time with them and I did love the idea of these people, but it felt like I was being kept at a distance.Delaney s motives for taking the job I understood but never bought completely, but who hasn t dreamed of running off so to speak to somewhere comp [...]


A mystery set in Edinburgh, a bucket list city for me, in a bookshop with a young American from Kansas as our sleuth What could go wrong For starters, it isn t easily lumped into the cozy mystery genre, in my opinion It has a cute token small dog every cozy mystery has some small animal involved , a batty older well meaning secondary woman, the benefactor characters for the main character, and its main character embarking on some sort of personal journey or quest All of which are pretty standard [...]

Susan Johnson

Delaney Nicholas takes a job at the Cracked Spine Bookshop in Edinburgh after losing her job at a museum in Wichita, Kansas She packs her bags and is on her way almost immediately She has no plans or information but just the possibility of an exciting adventure As with many cozy mysteries, believability often takes a back seat in the story The cab driver at the airport befriends her and rents her a small cottage that local residents would give their eyeteeth for Her fellow employees are eccentri [...]


Dollycas s ThoughtsI am in awe of Delaney Nichols She answers an unusual ad and within days is leaving Kansas behind and is off to Edinburgh, Scotland and The Cracked Spine The Cracked Spine is an humble book and rare manuscript shop Truly though it is an amazing place full of nooks, secret spaces, library ladders and books, so many wonderful books.Edwin MacAlister owns the place and the man responsible for hiring Delaney from Kansas in America He also employs young Hamlet, an aspiring actor wit [...]

Linda Langford at Chatting About Cozies

Are you ready to be swept into an adventure abroad that will invigorate your imagination Open this book and enter a far away land with Delaney Nichols as she moves from Kansas to Scotland taking a job at The Cracked Spine a rare book and manuscript shop located in Edinburgh.Welcomed by a friendly cab driver, Elias then by two shop employees, Hamlet and Rosie, who s always accompanied by her cute Yorkie, Hector Delaney s new life has begun She has a quirky talent that helps her when she s around [...]


I received a copy of The Cracked Spine from the publisher in exchange for an honest review It took me less than two days to finish reading it on my Kindle, and I ve reviewed it, in brief, on my blog I m hoping to make this review somewhat thorough for the crowd.This book bothered me for several reasons I m going to break this review down into sections to make it easier to read and engage with for anyone who s interested.Why does Delany hear voices Delaney the protagonist of the story hears the [...]


I was eager to read The Cracked Spine as it is the start of a new cozy series by Paige Shelton I enjoy the author s other series I imagine many readers have wondered what it would be like to start a new life in a new area doing a job that intrigues them In the Cracked Spine, we can go on an armchair adventure with Delaney without leaving home.After being downsized from her job in a Kansas museum, Delaney leaps at the opportunity of applying for a job at a book store in Edinburgh Scotland She is [...]


Delaney Nichols from Kansas in America packs up everything and moves to Edinburgh, Scotland when she loses her museum job due to budget cuts Delaney takes a job at a bookstore not just any bookstore but one with a desk that has seen kings and queens and paupers and princes The adventure is greater than any she s ever had unless you count adventures lost in the pages of books Delaney is a reader Not just any reader, a discerning reader who hears the voices of bookish people inside her head In Edi [...]

Lisa Ks Book Review

A rare tome you ll truly treasure THE CRACKED SPINE is one of the most delightful mysteries I ve read in 2015 I finished it on Dec 31, and I can t think of a better way to finish out the year I was immediately enad with the characters in this captivating tale Protagonist, Delaney Nichols is one of my new cozy heroes Along with her new family Edwin, Hamlet, Rosie, Tom, and , I can t remember tie better spent with fictional friends Author Paige Shelton has brought to her new series the same excell [...]

Vicky Marie

DNF at 50%Got halfway through before deciding not to continue I thought some things the premise, setting, mystery, secondary characters were fine My problem was Delaney and her infinite questions Boy does she ask SO MANY QUESTIONS Not just for info on the murder, but for everything It was like every conversation she had with someone was of an interrogation It was this characteristic that was the basis for solving Jenny s murder I prefer if the protagonist has an actual reason to take on investi [...]

Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

This was a little too serious to be a bonafide cozy mystery, and it was too slow moving The lead character has an interesting ability I would have liked the author to explore that I loved the view of modern day Edinburgh and the intriguing secondary characters Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine affairedecoeur.


From the cover, I was expecting a typical cozy mystery with an amateur sleuth chasing down the clues and eventually solving the crime What I got was an amateur sleuth finding pretty much only one clue, asking a few questions and miraculously solving the crime Nothing really flowed right I don t buy the motivation behind Delaney leaving the US for Scotland, the club Edwin is a part of seems like it should be a bigger part of the story but doesn t amount to much, Rosie witnessing an accident and t [...]


I received this book from the author, for a review As my friends know, don t ask me if you don t want the truth I was a little nervous, as this story takes place in Scotland I would love to visit Scotland, but I have had a bad experience in the past with a story that took place in another country That particular book, had the whole text in their language with an English accent By the third chapter, I had to put the book down and give up It was like an educational experience that failed rather t [...]

Hilary S

Delaney has upped sticks from Kansas after a phone interview and she has ended up in Edinburgh, on her arrival she is taken under the wing of the taxi driver and his wife which helps as the job is odd There are two other members of staff Rosie and her small dog Hector and Hamlet real name unknown as well as Edwin her boss, people seem to pick when they want to work during the day and if they want to go off and do something different like visit a museum or stage play and Delaney has no real idea [...]

Dawn Michelle

Oooooo, THIS is a going to be a good series SO many red herrings SO many interesting characters A charming pub owner who is devilishly handsome AND wear kilts Yes please AND it is a bookshop In Scotland Yes Freaking Please I really like Delaney as a MC she is fun and hilarious and has just enough small town in her to make you really like her Kansas is not somewhere I d pick to live and am grateful that isn t where my parent s decided we all should live though every time she talks about the Kansa [...]


The Cracked Spine is the first book in the Scottish Bookshop Mystery series.Paige Shelton has another wonderful series started with A Cracked Spine.Delaney Nichols has lost her job and she is open for an adventure at this time in her life When she spots an advertisement for a bookstore in Edinburgh, Scotland, she feels this is the answer to her dreams and she soon finds herself in Edinburgh Delany has the power to have books talk to her and knows she will fit in at the bookstore.Arriving in Edin [...]


A nice debut It also had a very serious feel for a cozy mystery I expected it to be a little lighter, kind of like Hamish Macbeth except with books I m not sure about the detective central character I just didn t feel her like other MCs in other cozies However, this was the first in the series and the mystery plot was decent, so I m willing to give book 2 a try.


I was a bit disappointed in this one It was a cozy mystery set in a bookshop in Scotland How was there any way this could go wrong Let me summarize.Delaney is that American She s pushy and inconsiderate and is not put off by making others uncomfortable Everyone in Scotland was too polite I just wanted someone, anyone, to tell her to mind her own flippin business Speaking of minding one s business, why did Delaney feel the need to solve this murder She d been in Scotland for about 24 hours when i [...]


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Minotaur and Netgalley All thoughts and opinions stated in this review are entirely my own A new series from a well established author, The Cracked Spine was a wonderful series debut filled with suspense, mystery, and laugh out loud moments.The entire premise of this story is entertaining getting fired ad then answering an add to go work in a bookstore halfway around the world That may sound crazy to some, but that s exact [...]


Delaney Nichols answers an unusual job ad for a bookstore, The Cracked Spine, in Scotland They are looking for a bold adventurer for their bookshop that specializes in rare manuscripts and books Although that description does not fit Delaney, she does love bookstores After a long telephone conversation with the shop s owner, Edwin MacAlister, Delaney is immediately hired She packs her bags leaving her safe Kansas home and heading to another country to start a new life.The Cracked Spine is everyt [...]

Mystereity Reviews

Delaney Nichols, recently let go from her museum job in Wichita, Kansas, answers a newspaper ad for a job at a bookshop in Edinburgh, Scotland and is hired on the spot Soon after she arrives, her new boss s sister is murdered and a valuable, historic manuscript goes missing After setting aside my intense envy of Delaney for landing a dream job in a dream town no mean feat I settled into this book easily I loved the Scottish locale including the vernacular I read all sorts of Tartan Noir and hear [...]

Cathy Cole

Author Paige Shelton takes many a book lover s dream moving to the UK and working in a bookshop and weaves it into a first rate beginning of a new series Through Delaney, she does an excellent job of portraying an American s culture shock in the ancient city of Edinburgh driving on the wrong side of the road, the narrow streets, the incredibly old buildings everywhere, and the accents and friendliness of the Scottish people.But the cultural differences aren t the only reason to devour The Cracke [...]


Delaney Nichols, tired of her rather mundane life in Kansas, sees a job listing for a position in Edinburgh, Scotland and picks up her life to move across the world in The Cracked Spine by Paige Shelton Leaving her job as curator of a museum in Kansas, Delaney thinks she is just taking up a job at a rare book shop, but when she arrives, she discovers that The Cracked Spine is much than just a rare bookshop, but instead, her boss, Edwin MacAlister, collects highly valuable items besides books On [...]


I enjoyed this story alot and most of the characters were delightful and well drawn The descriptions of Edinburgh Scotland were very detailed and makes me want to visit I do not care for the way some authors insist on writing with an accent it makes it very hard to read It would be alright in the audiobook to speak with a Scottish accent though Some parts of the book were so repetitive that I felt like pulling out my hair, I got very tired of hearing that Delaney was from Kansas in America These [...]


First book in the Scottish Bookshop Mystery series A good start.Delaney Nichols, from Kansas, takes a new job in Edinburgh, Scotland, working in a rare collectible bookshop She finds her new coworkers to be quite an unusual group and is quickly pulled into the mystery surrounding the death of her bosses sister I liked the character development, the start of a love interest, and the setting I saw several reviews that found the Scottish dialog to be distracting, but I found that once I got accusto [...]

Linda Smatzny

This is the first book in a new series The main character is Delaney Nichols who after losing her job decides to have an adventure She accepts a job offer in Edinburgh, Scotland She is from Kansas and this is her first adventure The bookstore is called the Cracked Spine and she is warmly welcomed by everyone including the owner Delaney attends an auction with her boss but shortly learns that the sister of her boss has been murdered and something very valuable is missing Delaney wants to help so [...]

Renee Wood

I really wanted to like this book, and I did.a little The cover and the little information I was given led me to believe this was a story set in or at least centered around a bookstore It wasn t Oh, there was a book, and a store, but nothing really happened there I found this the case with many of the ideas in The Cracked Spine, great in concept but poor in execution I don t know why the main character Delaney decided to move to Scotland, and why, once there, she voluntarily became involved with [...]


I picked this book up on a whim after seeing it on the new paperbacks rack at my local bookstore.I found it a pretty interesting read as I met Delaney Nichols Leaping into adventure by taking a job at a Scottish bookshop after a lifetime living in Kansas, Delaney finds herself in her new home and taken in by the supporting characters as one of their own.Unfortunately, learning the ins and outs of her job and finding her way in her new surroundings takes a back seat when her new boss s sister is [...]

Mackey St

I m normally not a fan of cozy mysteries but The Cracked Spine was quite niceGood characters, not too saccharine sweet, a plausible storyline than most I enjoyed it.


I listened to this on audiobook It was fun to listen to the narrator doing Scottish accents.As with most cozy mysteries, suspension of disbelief plays a factor I struggled a bit with this So many things were a bit too convenient the befriending of the her taxi driver which leads to her finding some prime real estate to live in the catching the eye of a handsome local for the touch of romance to the story etc Also, her motivation to get to the bottom of things was hard to believe as well.Still, h [...]

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