Dec 06, 2022
You're Welcome, Universe
Posted by Whitney Gardner

[PDF] Read ☆ You're Welcome, Universe : by Whitney Gardner, You're Welcome, Universe, Whitney Gardner, You re Welcome Universe When Julia finds a slur about her best friend scrawled across the back of the Kingston School for the Deaf she covers it up with a beautiful albeit illegal graffiti mural Her supposed best friend snitches the principal expels her and her two mothers set Julia up with a one way ticket to a mainstream school in the suburbs where she s treated like an outcast as the oWhen [PDF] Read ☆ You're Welcome, Universe : by Whitney Gardner - You're Welcome, Universe, You re Welcome Universe When Julia finds a slur about her best friend scrawled across the back of the Kingston School for the Deaf she covers it up with a beautiful albeit illegal graffiti mural Her supposed best friend sni

  • Title: You're Welcome, Universe
  • Author: Whitney Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780399551413
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
[PDF] Read ☆ You're Welcome, Universe : by Whitney Gardner, You're Welcome, Universe, Whitney Gardner, You re Welcome Universe When Julia finds a slur about her best friend scrawled across the back of the Kingston School for the Deaf she covers it up with a beautiful albeit illegal graffiti mural Her supposed best friend snitches the principal expels her and her two mothers set Julia up with a one way ticket to a mainstream school in the suburbs where she s treated like an outcast as the oWhen

[PDF] Read ☆ You're Welcome, Universe : by Whitney Gardner - You're Welcome, Universe, You re Welcome Universe When Julia finds a slur about her best friend scrawled across the back of the Kingston School for the Deaf she covers it up with a beautiful albeit illegal graffiti mural Her supposed best friend sni

Hailey (HaileyinBookland)

4.5 I received an ARC for review from Chapters Indigo as I am an Indigo employee but this in no way affects or influences my opinion This was such a beautiful story I loved how thoughtfully it portrayed Deaf culture and really how overall diverse it was A Deaf Indian MC with lesbian parents, like come on And the two moms thing wasn t even a plot point, in fact it was hardly brought up it sort of just was which was even better Also there was no romance, it was all about friendship YAY I will be d [...]

Emily May

I really struggled to finish this book At less than 300 pages it should have been a breeze, but it took me so long to push through.One problem, perhaps, is that I chose the wrong kind of story for me I like it when art is a subplot in a book used for expressing oneself or for escapism but I am often bored by books that focus almost entirely on art I have no personal interest in different types of paint and the techniques required to turn them into something beautiful I don t get anything out of [...]

Cait • A Page with a View

My little sister is deaf and we ve been waiting forever for an accurate portrayal of a deaf main character who gets to do with her story besides just be deaf This book was so incredibly well done Julia is a Deaf Indian teen with two moms who are also deaf She s really into graffiti street art but gets kicked out of her deaf school for trying to cover up a rude comment someone wrote about her friend who totally sold her out Julia keeps working at McDonalds to pay for her supplies, switches to a [...]


Silence is the loudest sound It s been a really long time since I ve read a book that has, chapter after chapter, taught me so much about a world I knew so little about Actually, make that two worlds.Julia is Deaf, and when her best friend rats her out for spraying graffiti in the school gym, she has to leave the Deaf school that she goes to and attend a Public school where no one knows how to communicate with her What follows is a frustrating and eye opening experience for Julia and me I learne [...]

Cait (Paper Fury)

I honestly thought I d adore this one, but it turned out to be Very Much Not For Me I really enjoyed reading about Deaf culture and that aspect of the book is like all the stars But I wasn t enamoured with the writing and Julia was truly mean, so That sm I feel like everyone else on adores it though so maybe this is just me who fell upside down in a paint tin OK so first up, Deaf culture I so enjoyed learning about it And this actually really reminded me of the TV show Switched at Birth which al [...]


The last YA book I read with illustrations inside was gorgeous little Everything, Everything, and that was almost two years ago, so I was surprised to find plenty of drawings to admire when I opened this new book.Sadly though, I do believe they weren t exactly necessary They don t add to the story, since the author uses space to describe them anyway It wouldn t have been hard to picture them, had they not been included Regardless, it s one of the things that make this book different from the oth [...]

Trina (Between Chapters)

I really, really liked this One of the best debuts I ve read this year.Representation includes a main character who is Indian American and Deaf, she has two mothers who are both also Deaf, and a side character who is fat What I liked There was very minimal romance The main character mentions a crush and there is one kissing scene, but romance was never really explored This was nice and refreshing There was a large focus on friendship and hobbies The hobby was street art, which I don t see in a l [...]

Rachel Reads Ravenously

3 stars This book started out strong and then midway through kind of fell off for me It s about a deaf teenager named Julia who likes spray paint art When there is a graffiti tag insulting her best friend she covers it up with her own art, and then gets expelled from her school for it Now she s in a new school with no friends, one that isn t for deaf students so she needs an interpreter Julia is having a hard time and doesn t fit in, and doesn t want to fit in.I think Whitney Gardner nailed the [...]

Anna Priemaza

I loved YOU RE WELCOME, UNIVERSE Deaf culture Graffiti artists Words and artwork combining to tell the story Intersectionality All of these things made me so so so excited to read this book, and they did not disappoint I wanted them to be awesome, and that s exactly what they were.What made the book even better than I hoped was the complexity of the characters The main character, Julia, doesn t always make good decisions She s not always nice I loved her to bits, but also sometimes wanted to sma [...]


Loved it This book has a complex and completely compelling central character, and I loved spending time in her world The artwork offers another fascinating layer to the story, almost as good as the lovingly detailed descriptions of the passion and preparation Julia puts into her work At its heart, a story about art and friendship that inspires.

Lizzy (Bent Bookworm)

This review first appeared on The Bent Bookworm This book made me happy Happy in the contented, yeeeeees this was good kind of way I don t read that many contemporaries usually find them trite and boring , so I don t think I m easy to please but this book I pretty much clutched it to myself and gave it a hug when I finished Also can I please have this quote on t shirt I m not easy Never have been.Julia is a tough cookie A tough cookie with an artist s heart and soul I love her so much, even thou [...]

Cale Dietrich

I loved this book It has great characters, phenomenal voice, and it gets MAJOR points from me for being so diverse and intersectional Basically, I had an absolute blast stepping into Julia s gritty and paint streaked world, and I m sure other YA fans will feel the same way.Speaking of, Julia is an absolute firecracker of a character she s bold, unapologetic and really likeable She s so witty and blunt and yeah, I think she s so great I m sure she ll be a new favorite character for many The art i [...]


I m not better than friends, I want better friends I want friends who are all in, all the time It can t just be all on your terms You have to care, care about than just yourself Unique Things About This Book The main character Julia, is deaf Also, she s a vandal There s this weird graffiti war going on You get to see the world in a deaf person s POV which was pretty awesome The illustrations ARE SO FREAKING COOL.I m not going to lie and say that I loved this book I liked it, yes, but not that m [...]

Breeana Shields

This book has so many cool elements the inclusion of the art drawn by the author herself is amazing It not only gives the story a ton of personality, but also adds a lot to the tension I found myself rushing forward as the main character described what she was painting, anxious to see it for myself on the next page And Julia is such a great heroine she s angry, and real, and has a killer voice Perhaps my favorite element of all was the very real and poignant way YOU RE WELCOME, UNIVERSE explored [...]


There is so much to love about Whitney Gardner s debut It s heartfelt full of anger and hurt, hope and beauty Set against the backdrop of a graffiti war, YOU RE WELCOME UNIVERSE challenges our assumptions about art, belonging, and friendship in new and interesting ways The characters are compelling, the art work is captivating, and the twists and turns make this an impossible book to put down.


Another STELLAR 2017 release Holding off on the review because of that 2017 release date, but REALLY CREATIVE Entirely different from any other YA contemporary I ve read And Gardner did her own artwork How dare she be this talented fist shake Thanks to Random House Knopf for the review copy

Bree Barton

Holy hell What a terrific book this is YOU RE WELCOME, UNIVERSE knocked my socks off Whitney has created so much than a book here she s created a book object The story is wonderful in and of itself Julia shimmers on the page Mee s tenderness breaks my heart YP s secret is delicious I want to punch Donovan in the fucking face but then the book also includes the author s own dazzling art, which bumps the whole thing up another ten notches And the sign language My god I don t have a background in [...]


An intimate and stunning debut There s so so so much I want to say, to rave, about this novel, but I won t It should be discovered and it sure as heck will be Put this on the top of your To Read list asap It is SO GOOD.

Alexandra Ott

I really loved YOU RE WELCOME, UNIVERSE It s a story about art and friendship and the ways that they can inspire each other I devoured it quickly because I just couldn t stop reading The characters are complicated and compelling Julia, the protagonist, is a Deaf graffiti artist with a killer voice She doesn t always make good decisions and isn t always nice, but she s fierce and bold and unapologetic, and I loved her passion for and commitment to her art Her friend YP is another standout charact [...]

Rosalyn Eves

Whitney Gardner is an insanely talented new writer, and I adored You re Welcome, Universe This contemporary YA novel feels fresh and different, and much of that is courtesy of Julia the vividly drawn main character, who has just been kicked out of her elite Deaf school for graffiti in a good cause and exiled to a regular school in the suburbs, where she struggles to fit in What I loved most about the book aside from the spectacular artwork, which Gardner did herself , was the slowly unfolding fr [...]

Once Upon a Twilight

You re Welcome, Universe is Whitney Gardner debut novel and it is phenomenal, extremely phenomenal.You re Welcome, Universe is about a Deaf girl who was kicked out of her former school for drawing over something that hurt her friend and is then sent to another school where she finds herself in a graffiti war with someone that I did not see coming Also I cannot get over the fact that art was featured in You re Welcome, Universe every single piece was amazing and I couldn t stop staring at the det [...]

Jilly Gagnon

This book was absolutely MAGICAL.Gardner did such an amazing job of immersing you in the many different, unique worlds Julia belongs to, especially those of graff artists and Deaf culture, two realms I ll admit I knew little to nothing about coming in.I now feel.iated That s how real Julia feels, how true and honest her perspective The voice is so strong it s hard to believe she won t jump off the page and tag a sign on your street.And she s such an amazing, flawed character Her frustrations res [...]

Cori Reed

This book was really fun Learning about Deaf culture was very interesting, and our protagonist Julia was a complex and interesting person, not just Deaf Add in all the information about street art and the fact that this story isn t a romance and it was a wonderful read The writing was pretty simple, but it was an addictive and I devoured in a couple hours I would definitely recommend this book as I think everyone can gain something from it.

Katie Nelson

I received an early copy of this novel, and was so lucky to discover it Julia is an artist She s smart, daring, and a fiercely loyal friend But when she gets expelled from her deaf school for covering up a slur about her best friend with an amazing but illegal piece of graffiti, she is thrown into a mainstream school in the suburbs Though Julia swears she doesn t need friends, she gets dragged into a graffiti war and has to decide just how far she is willing to take it.I loved seeing the world t [...]

Silvana [The Book Voyagers]

I decided to start You re Welcome, Universe because author Laura Silverman was tweeting about it and she was actually reading it It made me excited, that s what I m saying I couldn t help but pick it up and read the first chapter, and boy, did it leave me wanting .You re Welcome, Universe is the story of a girl and her art It has this killer graphics and drawings in the book, Whitney is so talented in every way I CAN T BELIEVE IT S HER DEBUT NOVEL I cannot wait to see them in the finish copy of [...]

Joanne O'Sullivan

Banksy is my god Not to give too many spoilers, but this statement by You re Welcome Universe s main character Julia tells you a lot about her she lives to tag And it s gotten her into trouble She s also deaf, and again without too many spoilers forced into a mainstream school Mystery, tension and an exploration of friendship follow in this fast paced and amazingly illustrated book

Merphy Napier

3.75With this being a 2017 release, I ll be doing a video review on my channel so I ll keep it concise here.I loved living in Deaf culture and and learning about Graffiti I thought the environment of this book alone deserved five stars.There were plenty of elements that really brought the rating down for me though, the writing pacing was odd and left me rereading things at times, there were lots of stereotypes used that didn t go beyond their borders, and a few other small things Overall, if yo [...]

Elise (TheBookishActress)

3.5 stars You re Welcome, Universe is one of the better contemporary books I ve read, focusing around a Deaf street artist who gets in an art war with a mystery person WHAT MAKES THIS BOOK STAND OUT AMONG YA CONTEMPORARY Julia is an exciting, dynamic character who is far from perfect she can be downright mean at times, although she s still good to her friends and family She draws you in with her snappy, sarcastic narration The book puts a good emphasis on friendship This doesn t have romance, ju [...]


I really like a book that teaches me something new I love a book that teaches me something without hitting me over the head with it This debut novel immerses the reader in the Deaf community while exploring love, friendship and family Oh, and graffiti art I m completely fascinated by this and now I m looking at trains and walls in a new way When Julia is expelled from her private school for vandalism protecting a friend she is plunged into the hearing world without much preparation Despite her w [...]

Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)

This was a bit of a lit down for me I LOVED that we get to see a Deaf main character who s a woman of color Julia s Indian American I loved the inclusion of street art culture and the artwork that s included in the novel I loved seeing Julia s experiences as a Deaf person and her love for Dead culture Unfortunately, I didn t like much else about Julia I actually found her to be pretty unlikable and I didn t relate to her her throughout the story None of the other character were particularly comp [...]

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