Nov 27, 2022
Waiting for Callback
Posted by Perdita Cargill Honor Cargill

Waiting for Callback Best Read || [Perdita Cargill Honor Cargill], Waiting for Callback, Perdita Cargill Honor Cargill, Waiting for Callback Geek Girl meets Fame meets New Girl in this brilliantly funny new series When Elektra is discovered by an acting agent she imagines Oscar glory can t be far away but instead lurches from one cringe worthy moment to the next Just how many times can you be rejected for the part of Dead Girl Number Three without losing hope And who knew that actors were actually supposeGeek Gir Waiting for Callback Best Read || [Perdita Cargill Honor Cargill] - Waiting for Callback, Waiting for Callback Geek Girl meets Fame meets New Girl in this brilliantly funny new series When Elektra is discovered by an acting agent she imagines Oscar glory can t be far away but instead lurches from one cringe

  • Title: Waiting for Callback
  • Author: Perdita Cargill Honor Cargill
  • ISBN: 9781471144837
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
Waiting for Callback Best Read || [Perdita Cargill Honor Cargill], Waiting for Callback, Perdita Cargill Honor Cargill, Waiting for Callback Geek Girl meets Fame meets New Girl in this brilliantly funny new series When Elektra is discovered by an acting agent she imagines Oscar glory can t be far away but instead lurches from one cringe worthy moment to the next Just how many times can you be rejected for the part of Dead Girl Number Three without losing hope And who knew that actors were actually supposeGeek Gir

Waiting for Callback Best Read || [Perdita Cargill Honor Cargill] - Waiting for Callback, Waiting for Callback Geek Girl meets Fame meets New Girl in this brilliantly funny new series When Elektra is discovered by an acting agent she imagines Oscar glory can t be far away but instead lurches from one cringe


When I first started reading this book I thought This is NOT reading material for a 63 year old who doesn t read fiction But this YA novel was immensely readable, and wonderfully escapist I haven t read an escapist novel for years and it was a pleasure just to sit down and enjoy the ride I had it as a bedtime read Often I am very disappointed with my bedtime reads My criteria for them is they have to be light and enjoyable, but often they prove to be just badly written dross But this book was a [...]

Maddie (Heart Full Of Books)

Waiting for Callback is the perfect book if you re looking for a protagonist that will work hard and chase their dreams, while also having parents that are constantly in the picture Parental involvement, hurray I loved how hands on the book felt, with all the emails being exchanged about auditions, actually going to the auditions and waiting with Elektra to see if she got the roles For someone that knows nothing about acting, it was fascinating to read about the process that felt so authentic It [...]

Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess

YA Shot Readalong April 20165 Words Acting, school friendship, family, pressure.My first thoughts upon finishing this book When s the next one out Because I need it now.This book was so refreshingly funny I ve lost count of the amount of times I laughed out loud or snorted tea out of my nose painful or read passages out to my other half This book is hilarious.But it s than just funny Waiting for Callback tackles some pretty serious issues like friendship and bullying and first love and self est [...]

Jasmine (SparksSky122)

This was a fun read I really had fun with this one It reminded me of Geek Girl in a way which was fun but it was based about a lot of waiting and drama Yay I loved the way it was written It was nice and I enjoyed Elektra s narrating I generally enjoyed the story and want to read 2 asap It was a nice, light read and overall I enjoyed this ButI do feel like it was slightly predictable view spoiler Like I knew she d get the part It was obvious but I wish it wasn t hide spoiler I liked the character [...]

Sarah Alexander

Well, this book just totally cured my February blues WAITING FOR CALLBACK by dynamic mother daughter duo Perdita and Honor Cargill is hilarious, and wonderfully fresh The main character Elektra is juggling school life and exams with huge career ambitions that just can t wait A recipe for disaster Or will Elektra get that call The novel provides a fantastic insight into the unglamorous side of acting and chasing dreams, and I love the way that excitement and hope continuously bubble away despite [...]

Harriet Reuter Hapgood

Just like rom coms don t get their dues the Oscars are all over Leo DiCaprio getting eaten by a bear or whatever, but snogging and lols just don t pick up the statuettes funny YA often gets overlooked or seen as lightweight, just because it s a dream to read But making a comedy plot, stuffed full of jokes from one liners to cringe worthy scenarios, seem easy is actually HARD, so I hope WAITING FOR CALLBACK gets the awards nods it deserves.This is a chocolate cake of a book, a good sugary and ric [...]


Another one of the books that I was really looking forward to reading, and my oh my, did I love it a lot Quite a few people who know me know that I love books about acting, about theatre, about reality shows, about actors I am always on the lookout for a new book about this topic, and when I heard about this book its topic I was delighted This one is about acting, yes, but it features a topic I haven t really spotted much in books I read so far, the whole waiting, the trying out for roles, the h [...]

Bella (Cheezyfeet Books)

Originally posted atCheezyfeet Books.So I started reading Waiting For Callback in the midst of my first bout of university exams I had been MEGA stressed about these and could never escape the scary thoughts of what the stress was doing to my body and especially how it was affecting my mental health, and I needed to do something to distract myself, literally for my own sanity and well being One night when I couldn t sleep I picked up Waiting For Callback and it was exactly what I needed Somethin [...]

Tuba Sayed

There is always that girl, the one with her iPhone camera on That girl who ll record your most embarrassing moments and upload it on Facebook It ll take, like, seven seconds for her to finish the task There is always that best friend whose focus becomes her new bourgeoning relationship That best friend who decides to sit for lunch with her love interest, in case they missed some pivotal details of each other s lives in the short amount of time.There is always that extremely charismatic guy whom [...]


Debut novel Waiting for Callback is what I needed I read at the end of last year because I couldn t wait and although it seem like a very young book, I find that some really don t work and some are actually pretty brilliant and I believe that WFC is in the later category for me.Elektra James, she isn t no superhero but she is pretty unique character for this YA novel It first begins as Elektra I m dressed as a spider, waiting to go on stage to impersonate a carrot That line really says it all Af [...]


Whether it s the inspired pairing of a mother and daughter author team, or simply the authors great perceptive insight, Waiting for Callback auditions brilliantly for the part of freshest new voice in young teen fiction.It tells the story of fifteen year old Elektra, as she struggles to fulfil her dream of becoming an actor, at the same time as she juggles with the everyday dramas a teen faces, from a row with a best friend, schoolwork, a crush on a boy, to frustrating parents and an eccentric g [...]


Waiting for Callback is uplifting, addictive and refreshing You can t stop yourself from falling in love with the main characters, and desperately flicking from one chapter to the next to see what is happening in Electra s story Once 15 year old Electra is discovered by an acting agent, she finally thinks her Hollywood stardom is about to be achieved Little did she know, acting is much difficult than she ever would have thought She has to juggle things such as playing the part of Dead Girl 2, r [...]

Rosalyn Eves

I got to interview mother daughter writing team Perdita and Honor Cargill about their debut, WAITING FOR CALLBACK, for the Swanky Seventeens MG and YA authors debuting in 2017 The interview was a lot of fun and their book sounded like the perfect fun read a teen who lands an acting agent and thinks her career is about to start, only to find that life waiting for callback is a lot complicated than she expects.When I got a copy of the book a couple weeks later, I was thrilled And the book was jus [...]


This was such a fun uplifting book about the ups and downs of one young teen called Elektra who dreams of being on the stage and screen With talent and big dreams she is also a very likeable , funny , down to earth character who does not take herself too seriously or anyone around her With a supportive family, and great friends around her she will go far and she is so nice you want her to do well There is also a little love interest too which all adds to this fun read While juggling school , fri [...]

Michelle (Much Loved Books)

I snagged a proof copy of this book from Luna, and didn t manage to get to it When I found out the authors were going to be at YALC I knew I had to at least try the book, and within the first few pages I knew I was going to love it Decision made I picked up a finished copy, planning to get both copies signed, but still never got around to reading it After struggling to read for a while I needed a book I knew I would love, and Waiting for Callback finally found its way off my shelf and in my hand [...]


Originally published at solittletimeforbooks.Waiting for Callback bounces into the world of contemporary YA with a funny, charming heroine and a behind the scenes glimpse of acting I really, really enjoyed it.Perdita and Honor blend the acting world and the world of a 15 year old girl battling spots, her mum and exams perfectly I loved experiencing the gritty reality of starting out as an actor it was rather eye opening The only other experiences of acting I ve read about are flashy movie stars [...]


Waiting for Callback is a super adorable story about 15 year old Elektra as she tries to find her big break After many failed after school activities, Elektra believes she has finally found her calling in acting Sure, she has no other talents and can t do accents, but she loves being on stage So landing herself an agent is a very exciting time for her, even if the auditions are few and far between With actual jobs even fewer and further But Elektra refuses to give up She handles every obstacle w [...]


This was an unsolicited book, which arrived just in time for me to take it with me on holiday What attracted me to it was the brightly coloured cover Stunning I began it on my journey to the airport and I finished it during my 8 hour flight I found that this was a quick and easy read, perfect for getting away from it all and had a Geek Girl feel about it I loved that it has been written by a mother and a daughter and I think that their strong relationship has come through in this novel as it is [...]


I delayed watching anime to finish this strangely gripping read, and that s a major deal when I watch anime daily and very few human drama shows It is really funny and accurately portrays disappointment after disappointment as Elektra fails to get a call back It gets into what seem slike every single issue surrounding being in entertainment, and views from family and friends When she gets a callback it s not what she expects, but she does end up liking it and it was a really moving scene in how [...]


I really enjoyed Waiting for Callback.The main character Elektra is really relatable in that is is just an ordinary teenager with all the usual problems around boyfriends, spots, friends and school work and I really enjoyed her story In Waiting for Callback you get to see the world of acting through the eyes of an inexperienced teen actor as she makes her first steps into a world which isn t as glamourous as it seems from the outside which makes for lots of really funny moments throughout.All in [...]

Emma Carroll

I was thrilled to receive a proof copy of Waiting for Callback and have been raving about it ever since The fact that it s written by mother daughter team Perdita Honor is intriguing in itself Yet what stands out for me is the writing tight, confident, HILARIOUS Waiting For Callback got me out of a reading slump I can honestly say it s one of my favourite reads of 2015 It s hard to believe it s a debut

Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess

CORA AND THE REREADSTHIS BOOK.I LOVE THIS BOOK.ELEKTRA AND HER FAMILY AND FRIENDS ARE ALL AMAZING.This is one of the funniest books I ve read and reread It makes me laugh out loud and cackle on the bus and snort in public I can t stop myself from reading parts out loud I couldn t put this book down.

Claire Knight

I really enjoyed this book, the main character Elektra is funny and down to earth suffering many of the problems normal 15 years olds face with the added extra of trying to start off her acting career The plot was good and I enjoyed that there were actor actress quotes at the begging of each chapter


A witty, light hearted read with authentic characters If you want to write an authentic teenage voice, what should you do Collaborate with a teenager Written by mother and daughter team Perdita and Honor Cargill, Elektra s voice was one of the most authentic I ve read this year, alongside Editing Emma, for reference Elektra isn t an independent, multi talented typical YA protagonist She is a teenage kid There is an assumption that teens don t want to be portrayed as kids, but nobody explains whe [...]

Karen (^ v ^)

This was exactly the read I needed right now Fun, lighthearted and the best thing to keep me distracted from exam stress I loooveed the whole premise of behind the scenes not so glam movie making, innocent first loves and friendship drama You can t disect these books too much or it just ruins the fun P This was thoroughly entertaining


Rating 5 sYou can read this review in full here bookendsandendings.wordpress.I had been wanting to read this book for quite a while, as I really enjoyed the Geek Girl books, and I had heard about the book from various events, such as YA Shot, so I was happy to finally have gotten around to reading it For me, what really made Waiting for Callback stand out from other books where seemingly average girls are whipped into a whirlwind world of fame was the fact that things didn t happen quickly for E [...]

John Naylor

I received this book for free via First Reads.If you break down the premise of this book it could have been formulaic and predictable Teenage girl wants to be an actress She has a worried and over protective mother and her father is mentally absent yet well meaning She sees boys she likes while starting to act in mostly terrible roles Yet, sometimes formulas turn out to be something than the sum of their parts This book has such a sense of warmth and love throughout it that I couldn t help but [...]


I was super excited to receive an early copy of this debut via a giveaway, and it definitely brightened an otherwise wet, cold Sunday afternoon It was light and fun, and had me smiling and even laughing out loud at times The fact that the book has been written by a mother daughter team is really interesting and unusual, and I think that this has worked incredibly well the teenage voice is very authentic, but at the same time the point of view of the parents also comes across convincingly I loved [...]


3.5 StarsIf you re looking for a fun read then Waiting for Callback is it.Sometimes I think books labelled as fun and nice get short changed because of those labels but I think you d be missing out if you let this pass you by I liked Waiting for Callback because it was a nice book I had fun reading it Elektra was a nice character and there where entertaining as in fun moments that made me chuckle it was a nice reassuring read, the kind of book you pick up when you need cheering up Don t misunder [...]


I received a copy of this book for free through the GoodReads FirstReads Giveaway Program Waiting for callback was a pleasant surprise, from the beginning to the end Elektra, the main character, brings the reader to her teenage world, with all the drama and the passion of a 15 year old girl She is busy trying to balance her life between her emergent acting career, school, family, friendships and boys, with the support of all the tools any teenager has available a smartphone, a Facebook profile a [...]

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