Dec 05, 2022
Mistake Me Not
Posted by Scarlett Finn

[PDF] Mistake Me Not | by ✓ Scarlett Finn, Mistake Me Not, Scarlett Finn, Mistake Me Not None [PDF] Mistake Me Not | by ✓ Scarlett Finn - Mistake Me Not, Mistake Me Not None

  • Title: Mistake Me Not
  • Author: Scarlett Finn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle
[PDF] Mistake Me Not | by ✓ Scarlett Finn, Mistake Me Not, Scarlett Finn, Mistake Me Not None

[PDF] Mistake Me Not | by ✓ Scarlett Finn - Mistake Me Not, Mistake Me Not None

April ♥"LOS" ♥

Once again, Scarlett Finn has surprised me After reading Explicit Instruction I thought I knew what to expect from this author However, in Mistake Me Not, she was still able to astonish me Ryder Stone is a much different Hero than Rushe Explicit Instruction but no less likable While Ryder is still a dominant, alpha male, he has a softer side that we only see when he s dealing with Lacie When Lacie Hart sought out the help of a private investigator she never expect it to change her life She was s [...]

Angela Dossett

Love, Betrayal, and Best Friends I ve never read anything by this author I purchased this book after reading a blurb on It is simply amazing It touched on personal issues, struggles, emotions, and determination I found myself actually relating with the characters involved They were well written, made realistic Secondary characters were mentioned enough to make you wonder if they will have their own stories The concept of friends willing to go the distance for one another made this story, in my o [...]


Freaking Ryder Loved himThis book takes you all over the place and I loved it Lacie s best friend finds out she pregnant Sorcha is a handful Sorcha knows who the father is but he disappeared She convinces Lacie to go to her ex, who is a PI, Shep Upon meeting Shep, who unbeknownst to her was actually Ryder Ryder, OMG What an alpha male You can just tell the instant chemistry between the two Lacie tries fighting the attraction to Shep, aka Ryder She doesn t want to date Sorcha s ex Ryder knows he [...]


This author delivers again It wasn t the everyday cookie cutter romance No, this one s special Ms Finn amazes me with her storyline twists Do yourself a favor and read this author


A bit of everything.When I started this book it had 3 UK and 3 US reviews, all were 5 star so I figured I was in for a spectacular read and I must say I wasn t disappointed.Sorcha is 3 months pregnant and Bruce the father of the baby has left town with no forwarding address in order to track him down and in the interests of secrecy she enlists the help of her best friend Lacie Sorcha sends Lacie to hire Shep a private investigator she used to date, Lacie never having met Shep hires the wrong guy [...]


I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I have to say that the synopsis did not do the book justice I really like the story of Lacie and Ryder I also really liked the relationship with Lacie and Sorcha This story has a ton of twists and turns There is nothing like a good mystery I love how they met with deception and it was quickly revealed to Lacie who Ryder really was I loved how fierce she is Loved how she has a great Take charge attitude and is very open and honest with everyone I [...]

Dina Roberts

I m trying to figure out the genre of this novel It has some explicit sex, but I don t think it has enough to be classified as eroticaI think it s a romance novel mixed in with crime But it s not really a thriller There s a little bit of a mystery, but not much Maybe it s a damsel in distress type story Yeah That s probably how I d label it.There s a lot of mushinessr lack of a better word Sometimes I think it was sweet and romantic Other times, I felt the annoyance I feel when I m around people [...]


wow Scarlett Finn you have done it again I loved this book Not as hot as explicit instructions but still this book is a must read I don t know where you ve been hiding but man am I glad I found you.


a 3.5 s A pretty good read though predictable at times I would be interested in of this series.

Margie 'CSR' Fite

another great book from Ms Finn this book is full of secrets ,, betrayal, lust, twists everything that if you have not read one of Scarlet Finn s books, you MUST get on it you will NOT be disapointed this is very different from explicit instruction but LOVED this book just as muchLacie Hart is bff with sorcha and her bff needs Lacies help lacie is so loyal, she would do anything for her Sorcha is pregnant and needs Lacie to go to the private investigator to find the father so lacie agrees when s [...]


Mistake Me Not is another of Scarlett Finn s can t put it down books Every book by this author that I have read has me wanting another Ryder, caught in another PI s office by Lacie lets her think he is the PI she is looking for Mistaken identities and mistaken motives get in the way of the H h s attraction to each other for a time I liked Ryder s protectiveness and Lacie s determination to help her friend, Sorcha Sorcha, on the other hand, really needs to grow up The supporting characters to thi [...]


I was provided a copy of this book for free in exchange for a honest review The story of Ryder and Lacie Lacie s friend Sorcha has found herself pregnant, and needs to find the baby daddy A case of mistaken identity leads to the meeting of Ryder and Lacie Then ensues a wild ride of twists and turns, that quite frankly are hard to keep up with Ryder is not my type of H He didn t seem to have enough of the alpha protector I love He came across as weak, and played the self pity and blame game to th [...]


EhhhEhhhI like the idea of the book, I just felt as though Lacie and Ryder s relationship was not realistic what so ever The attraction mad sense but them acting on it within 24 hours and then going straight to a couple in 48 just made NO sense Lucie was just completely innocent in every thing she said and did, and Ryder had the i m man you woman let me save the day tendencies.


Really enjoyable read, dramatic as it went but it suited the book, loads of thrills, mystery and a few curve balls thrown in which totally kept your interest Likeable characters, not often I like both the h H but Ryder Lacie were a perfect pair My only gripe is that there were a few unanswered questions, not enough closure for me on what happened next for some of the characters, I couldn t see a second book so I was a wee but miffed But allIn all a thoroughly enjoyable read.


just from reading synopsis I thought it was going to be one thing but it turned out to way better Lacie meets Ryder trying to help friend Sorcha out but she thinks he is someone else This chance meeting turns into a crazy topzy turvy adventure.

KL Copper

This book was good However, the ending was a rather weak I thought it could have been played out and expanded on .


Intense love storyWow , another spell binding story of 2 people that find each other that have a special connection , and the whirl wind adventure that takes off

Cindy Robles

OMGThis book had me so stressed I finished it in one day I couldn t put it down I would definitely recommend this book

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