Dec 05, 2022
Royal Bastards
Posted by Andrew Shvarts

Ç Royal Bastards ↠ Andrew Shvarts, Royal Bastards, Andrew Shvarts, Royal Bastards Being a bastard blows Tilla would know Her father Lord Kent of the Western Province loved her as a child but cast her aside as soon as he had trueborn children At sixteen Tilla spends her days exploring long forgotten tunnels beneath the castle with her stablehand half brother Jax and her nights drinking with the servants passing out on Jax s floor while her castlBeing a bast Ç Royal Bastards ↠ Andrew Shvarts - Royal Bastards, Royal Bastards Being a bastard blows Tilla would know Her father Lord Kent of the Western Province loved her as a child but cast her aside as soon as he had trueborn children At sixteen Tilla spends her days exp

  • Title: Royal Bastards
  • Author: Andrew Shvarts
  • ISBN: 9781484767658
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
Ç Royal Bastards ↠ Andrew Shvarts, Royal Bastards, Andrew Shvarts, Royal Bastards Being a bastard blows Tilla would know Her father Lord Kent of the Western Province loved her as a child but cast her aside as soon as he had trueborn children At sixteen Tilla spends her days exploring long forgotten tunnels beneath the castle with her stablehand half brother Jax and her nights drinking with the servants passing out on Jax s floor while her castlBeing a bast

Ç Royal Bastards ↠ Andrew Shvarts - Royal Bastards, Royal Bastards Being a bastard blows Tilla would know Her father Lord Kent of the Western Province loved her as a child but cast her aside as soon as he had trueborn children At sixteen Tilla spends her days exp


For next halloween, I m going to wear a trash bag and when people are like oh haha you re going as trash , I ll be like, close I m going as Royal Bastards , and then I ll show them this book.I just wanna say, from the bottom of my black heart, that I wish I could shoot this book to venus so it would die a fiery acidic death.Listen, contrary to the stereotype of patience and forgiveness given to me by my sun sign, I have never gotten over anything or anyone in my life I m like a bitter old man ex [...]

Chelsea Humphrey

This book was an adventure and I can t remember the last time I ve had this much fun coming along for the ride The style of writing was interesting i started out wondering if this was actually a Middle Grade book, and as the story progressed pulled a huge NOPE definitely YA The only comparison I can think of is how the Harry Potter books progressed they start out very light and youthful in feel but gradually grow darker and heavier That was totally this book The author did an excellent job of co [...]


Update It has come to my attention that I accidentally made the same joke as another user in this review Especially when this user is one that I admire and who s reviews I look forward to I know they probably don t trust me any, but please know that it was never my intent to copy them and it was purely coincidental While I did like their review before hand that contained that joke, it was before they posted the entire thing and I didn t even see it until after I wrote my review Nonetheless, I ha [...]

Saania Zee Jamal ϟ

To whoever wrote this book s synopsis syn op sis s n ps s noun a brief summary or general survey of something.Do take note.

Cait (Paper Fury)

This is one of my most anticipated reads for this year And did it live up to it CAN I GET A HECKIN YEAH It s sassy, bloody, and full of love hate friendships which obviously instigate the bestest level of sass I m just really thoroughly entertained and impressed And than a little peeved that there seems to be no sequel MORE PLS.L I K E S The SASS LEVELS You ve basically snabbled my attention when you introduce me to two siblings sitting on a wall and making fun of nobility And that s just a pre [...]

Lia Bonnibel

Here s the thing.If I have to read another book with a stellar premise, that instead turns out to be your typical and average story, I ll quit the reading scene faster than you can say clich .No, okay, that was a bit exaggerated, but I m sure you see my point and I hope you re ready for the umpteenth rant view, because that s what you re getting for this hook Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo.What makes Royal Bastards a 2 star book I guess it s only fair of me to start by the obviously hated parts.Firs [...]


I suppose honor can mean whatever we twist it to mean Before I begin, I just want to add that I don t easily give 1 star ratings to books It s just that very few things in my life annoys me to death and this book is no exception as it just got blacklisted, oops For those who have been following my updates on this book know that this story hooked me from the start I even told my friends that it was getting me out of a reading slump that wedged itself onto me from the first week of June The synops [...]


Honestly Believe them when they say this starts off really good but then is absolute shit I mean it wasn t absolute shit I may have exaggerated but honestly the romance and insta love ruined it So like, this book was basically going to class to find a substitute teacher who gives you a pop quiz you didn t study for and you fuck up on it big time Everything goes so so well until that one thing that ruins pretty much the entire everything In this case, it s the shitty romance or insta loveee Reall [...]


i have 84 regrets and this book is at least 23 of themactual rating 1.5 Stars not quite level the love interest but it was dangerously close it s been two days since i finished this so i already suppressed most of the awfulness that was this book, but i m gonna try and put my thoughts into coherent sentences for you and convey my feelings in a civilised way so i can move on and pretend me reading this book is something that only happened in an unpleasant feverish dream buddy read with my fridges [...]

Joshua Gabriel (Ever Bookish Josh)

My written interview with the author can be found here.I buddy read this book with the charming bookish king, Solomon, and the empowered fangirls, Cait and Ambs.LO AND BEHOLD, THE VERY FIRST BOOK THAT MADE ME CRY.Exactly 18 hours ago, my heart broke Please send help because I haven t gotten over that painful yet beautiful plot twist I really did not expect to be emotionally invested in this book I ll do my best to convey my thoughts without sulking, bursting into tears or giving any spoilers pRo [...]

maymay ☕

This book promised me a lot of thing treachery, betrayal, action, no disappointment, and a hell of a squad But guess what happened Honestly, So this train wreck started off alright We got some siblingship going on Nice We got some average writing Fine We got some rebellion Cool And then Zell appears and I m like MY BABY.So far so good,ThenReality RollsOverMeWithATruckBasically it just turned into a hell of a lot of telling not showing the characters are as flat as my math scores the PLOT is so U [...]

destiny ☠ howling libraries

Yeah, well, you basically don t have emotions between gotta kill and yay, I killed, so that s not really a surprise ALL OF MY LOVE, YOU GUYS I would give this book 10 5 stars if I could, I swear I honestly went into the book without a clue of what I should expect, and while I was optimistic, my hopes weren t that high This book literally shattered every single expectation I held The writing style is easy and fun, without being childish The characters share a witty banter that never gets old, and [...]

Cait • A Page with a View

This was fun at times but mostly seemed like a ton of other YA fantasy books The main character had a really modern tone, which actually made me laugh out loud in parts I don t really know what to say about this that isn t a spoiler, though the story mostly sets up the main characters and then flips everything at 20% so they re all on the run for most of the book There s magic, castles, assassinations, plots, politics, and a kingdom with a complex history so basically, a typical fantasy world th [...]


If you want a book with lies, deception, blood, gore throw in plenty of humour this is the one for you Just going to throw this out there, this was my first ever audiobook, and the narrator was AMAZING Also thanks Fathima for telling me about it What an absolute rollercoaster of a ride this book was, I mean seriously The story starts off really light and you see all of the characters in quite a light hearted situation at the bastard table From there the story continues and I won t divulge too mu [...]


dnf 30% I ve decided not to rate this but I feel like if I had bothered to keep going it would probably fall somewhere between 1.5 and 2 stars oops oh no looks like I m not gonna finish this so sad jk jk I am not even remotely close to giving a shit about any of this, I am outtual representation of my thoughts while reading this book _ _ The plot and worldbuilding felt like very standard, cookie cutter read as basic, cliched, and boring as hell ya fantasy, and it read like bad fanfiction this i [...]


WrensReads Review I went into this book thinking that with all the hype, I was probably going to be let down Not a lot of my book friends were reading it, but being attracted to the title the idea of it, the narrator and the fact that I like the idea of all these bastards of lords and ladies making trouble, I decided to give it a try Maybe, just maybe, I would like it.Maybe, just maybe, I absolutely loved it.Let me introduce to you, the bastards Tilla our main girl Has a strong personality, know [...]

Cindy ✩☽ Savage Queen ♔

Royal Bastards aka a royal waste of timeFor those looking to read a kick ass fantasy, adventure book, I implore you to look elsewhere Because this book was one of my most anticipated books of the year, and it was an utter letdown Issues with this 1 Rehash of typical YA fantasy elements with little to no added fun 2 Insta love that the main character will not does not acknowledge as instalove, but is most definitely on the instalove spectrum 3 Odd narration elements, like sometimes the narrator s [...]


Good LORD did I love this I m totally a fan of Chosen Girl Fantasy and all, but this was a really nice break, in the friend group vein of Finnikin, which I adore The at times anachronistic language totally worked to crack me up, and I really loved the gender balance of roles here in the heroes, villains, and bastards Adventure, romance, high stakes, a great premise, and a delightful and varied cast all combine to ensure this is gonna be one of my favorite Fantasy YAs of the year.


Huge buddy read with Wife Oragy Marmesan Half Amy Person EmmaWell I m the only one in this BR who didn t hate and roast the hell out of this book Having said that, obviously, I don t think the book was bad Yes, it wasn t great, but it was enjoyable to some extent It feel like I was reading a whole bunch of different YA books merged into one, but I wasn t completely bothered by it.The book started off great A group of royal bastards on the run Deception Betrayal Action What s not cool about that [...]


Meh I didn t hate it, didn t love I had high expectations but I think, in the end, I just wasn t invested enough once I started reading Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Royal Bastards by Andrew ShvartsBook One of the Royal Bastards trilogyPublisher Disney HyperionPublication Date May 30, 2017Rating 3 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from Being a bastard blows Tilla would know Her father, Lord Kent of the Western Province, loved her as a child, but cast her aside as soon as he [...]


I was hesitant on this book because of some of the negative reviews but that does not usually stop me from reading a book and I am sure glad it doesn t because this book was actually really interesting It had some very humorous parts and a good deal of adventure Overall, if you are hesitant on reading this because of some of the reviews, I recommend giving it a shot I laughed a lot during this book and was found it very entertaining.


If you d like to know how much of a disgrace I am, I was meant to read this book 4 5 months ago as a buddy read and I just started and finished it now Well shit guys this book was great I had very low expectations going into it and yet I was absolutely blown away by how much I enjoyed it I feel like this was such a strong opening to what s going to be a great trilogy I am shook to the max

Mogsy (MMOGC)

4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2017 06 04 This book was a ridiculously entertaining read, putting me in mind of Marvel s Runaways set in a fantasy world that is rife with Game of Thrones vibes Characters tragic and comic, heroic and despicable all live within these pages, including beautiful princesses, warring kings, powerful mages, and of course, royal bastards.As the daughter of Lord Kent of the Western Province and a Castle Waverly servant, sixteen year old Tillandra has alw [...]


I pretended to be your friend so I could betray you, he said And I didn t do it for my people or my family s honor I did it because I wanted my father to be proud of me again I did it for the man who threw an ax at my skull So what does that make me A bastard, I said Same as me Titan s breath, that was good Not the best but good My actual rating is between three and four stars, but I ll round it up because some dialogues made me laugh Thoughts I had no idea what this book is about I saw it on my [...]

Lauren Stoolfire

I received a free eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Tilla is a bastard Her father is Lord Kent of the Western Province and her mother a low born woman As soon as Lord Kent had his own legitimate children he tossed Tilla aside to raise them into the nobility instead She longs to be at her father s side as a legitimized heir, but at sixteen she spends most of her time with her half brother Jax they share the same mother , a stablehand, exploring the old tunnel system under the c [...]


this book is like a pile of crap on your doorstep somewhat disturbing, but u still can t stop yourself from looking at itre, royal bastards is your average fantasy book with kings and knights and castles and magic so it s honestly nothing special, but giving it a one star rating is a low blow to the vagina deserves better bc some of the characters were actually really nice.

Amber Robertson

BUDDY READING with the usual my wifebroski also he hasnt added this book to his TBR so this isn t his review the eBook kingThis was the worst buddy read we ve done yet, BUT WOW I enjoyed this This was what I needed to start my recovery of Lord of Shadows Full review to come

Anja V

please leave me alone while I sob silently in the corner because of yet another anticipated book that let me down_This book didn t really appeal to me on the blurb alone It s the typical premise of Someone living with the king experiences or witnesses some sort of betrayal and has to flee with an odd group of people We ve read that a thousand times, sometimes executed well and sometimes not so much So that alone won t sell your novel to me But then people started posting funny and intriguing quo [...]


I am so glad I got the chance to read and review this book early It has been an incredible adventure I loved it This is another great book with everything to offer anyone who enjoys a good book Diverse characters, political intrigue, romance, blood, fights, kingdoms on the brink of war and 5 teens who have to set aside everything they know in order to come together to save their kingdoms as well as keep themselves alive This book mostly focuses on Tilla Tilla is the oldest of a regional Lord, sh [...]


I am 30% through a standalone book and I would have expected a lot to actually happen I am sure there s a bunch people dying and all that, but I really don t care about our little group of bastards.First of all, our MC, Tilla is a little brat She preaches about how the princess is a sheltered girl, but really all she wants is to basically run around a palace in a pretty dress too She s ridiculously shallow Anytime a new person is introduced, her first comment is about their looks The rest of t [...]

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