Nov 27, 2022
Posted by Ava Marsh

Exposure Best Download || [Ava Marsh], Exposure, Ava Marsh, Exposure The new novel from the author of UNTOUCHABLE with her unique brand of unputdownable thriller and something a little extraKitty Sweet is in prison charged with double murder She s as damaged as she is charismatic as dangerous as she is charming And now she s been invited to tell her story to explain how on earth it came to this Hers is a story of heartbreak and desThe new novel from th Exposure Best Download || [Ava Marsh] - Exposure, Exposure The new novel from the author of UNTOUCHABLE with her unique brand of unputdownable thriller and something a little extraKitty Sweet is in prison charged with double murder She s as damaged as she i

  • Title: Exposure
  • Author: Ava Marsh
  • ISBN: 9780552171212
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
Exposure Best Download || [Ava Marsh], Exposure, Ava Marsh, Exposure The new novel from the author of UNTOUCHABLE with her unique brand of unputdownable thriller and something a little extraKitty Sweet is in prison charged with double murder She s as damaged as she is charismatic as dangerous as she is charming And now she s been invited to tell her story to explain how on earth it came to this Hers is a story of heartbreak and desThe new novel from th

Exposure Best Download || [Ava Marsh] - Exposure, Exposure The new novel from the author of UNTOUCHABLE with her unique brand of unputdownable thriller and something a little extraKitty Sweet is in prison charged with double murder She s as damaged as she i

Rachel Hall

Ava Marsh s debut, Untouchable, was an unashamedly ballsy look at the world of high class escorts, with a hugely captivating plot and the tension of a top class thriller It s success was built on combining a protagonist who readers vied for with an original element of risk, all set in the shadowy world where sex is debased to a financial transaction Grabbing the reader from the off with a pithy look at the lead character compiling her tax return and deliberating on just what can be classed as le [...]


Read as a buddy read with Liz of Liz Loves Books.Exposure is the follow up to Untouchable, the erotic thriller we all loved to bits last year Ava Marsh has done it again, with a fabulously sexy and dark tale of a young woman s fall from grace.The taboo adult entertainment industry is centre stage If you have ever read any autobiographies of porn stars, with their warts and all lurid stories, then this is exactly what you get here An eye opening and shocking account of what actually goes on behin [...]


Exposure is the second book from Ava Marsh If you ve read the first, Untouchable, you ll already have a feel for what to expect.Our main character, Leanne, splits up with her boyfriend and is left with many debts to clear off Finding herself in such a predicament she becomes desperate to find easy money and fast Thus she is drawn into the world of the porn industry Initially starting with just shots for various porn magazines she soon progresses into the world of porn films where she takes on th [...]

Miriam Smith

When this book is described as provocative it surely is, and if you re prudish about porn or sex then this book is definetly not for you I personally wasn t offended by anything but realised just how shockingly naive I am I read this in little over a day its that easy to read and follow and the characters are very believable There s a great story in this book, it s written well and I m pleased I had the chance to read this thriller as it s not something I probably would have picked up myself Tha [...]

Liz Barnsley

Exposure was a Saturday buddy read with my good friend Christine of Northern Crime her review HEREWell what to say about Exposure Anyone who has read Untouchable, the previous book from Ava Marsh will already know about the sexy, sassy writing that drags you into a different world and holds you there utterly enthralled for the entire reading time, now she has done that again with Exposure Both books are centred around intriguing and cleverly drawn female main protagonists and here we have Kitty [...]

Joanne Robertson

Untouchable, the first novel by Ava Marsh, was in my top 10 reads of 2015 I just loved the way the author took the seedy side of high class prostitution and gave it a sympathetic spin with an unlikely but likeable heroine So when I heard she had another novel coming out, I was elbowing my way to the front of the queue to get my early copy With a slight trepidation I started reading, hoping that this wouldn t suffer from the dreaded second novel syndrome but I m pleased to say that it didn t I wi [...]

Rachel Gilbey

4.5 StarsEnthralling story taking in the highs and lows of the adult film industry, and what its like to be a porn star It has captured my imagination and any time I wasn t reading, I was thinking about Kitty Sweet and just what her life was like For Kitty Sweet is telling us her story from the comfort of prison, as she was found guilty of murdering two people She has been in for years at the point we meet her, and she is encouraged to talk to a psychiatrist, and to tell her side of the story It [...]

Book Addict Shaun

Ava Marsh is one of the most exciting authors that I have read in recent times, Untouchable and Exposure being two of my most memorable reads of the past year Exposure is a thought provoking and truly compelling read that I had read in less than a day because I couldn t wait to see how everything was going to end.I became a teenager just as the internet was becoming mainstream, when it was something that most people I went to school with had either in their living rooms, or for those lucky few, [...]

Roman Clodia

Edgy and addictive with a brilliantly tricksy endingI loved Marsh s Untouchable from last year and this cements her status as a must read author for me Leanne Kitty is another complex, multi faceted character like Stella Grace in the first book and another sex worker, this time a porn star rather than an elite prostitute When the book opens Leanne is in prison for murder but who has she killed and why This is, again, not for the faint hearted there s no coyness here about what it means to work i [...]

Tracy Fenton

ooooh If you are prudish then don t read this book however if like me you love a bit of explicit raunch then I would highly recommend Ava Marsh latest novel Porn star Kitty Sweet is in prison for double murder and this story takes us back to how Kitty started out in the porn industry It s very rude and very naughty but it s also a gripping and fast paced thriller 4.5 stars from me.


My sincere thanks to NetGalley, Random House UK Transworld Publishers, Corgi and Ava Marsh for providing an advanced review copy of Exposure in exchange for an honest review Kitty Sweet isn t like anyone you ve ever met before She s an infamous porn star, imprisoned for double murder As damaged as she is charismatic, as dangerous as she is charming But once no different from you or I Kitty s past is full of heartbreak and desperation, of adulation and glamour Of ruin She s descended to an underw [...]

Todd Simpson

Wow, this really is an amazing book When I first started reading this I thought the story was about a porn star that ends up in jail However, it s much complex and entertaining than that Firstly, I like to say what a wonderful writing style Ava Marsh has This is the first book of read of hers and I m certainly now a fan There were parts to this story where I sat mesmerised, I was so drawn into the story Leanne starts out with a bit of nude photography to help pay off some of her debts, and when [...]


I absolutely loved this author s debut book, Untouchable, when I read it last year and so I had high expectations for this new offering, although I was always a little scared as usual that it wouldn t live up to these expectations and that I had set the bar too high I really shouldn t have worried as I also absolutely loved this book too Read start to finish in only a couple of days with only sleep and work getting in the way We meet Leanne AKA Kitty Sweet in prison After a particularly uncomfor [...]

Katherine Sunderland

This novel opens in 2016, with Leanne Kitty Sweet in prison serving her sentence for double murder The writing is gritty, making the reader very aware of the brutal world of prison with its favours, game playing and the need to be constantly alert and wary of every other inmate Leanne knows she must never give anyone leverage over her despite how tempting it is to confide in someone you think could be a friend The language is brutal, coarse, offensive and harsh but used by Marsh to create authen [...]

Celeste Ní raois

Thanks to Sophie Christopher, Transworld and Ava Marsh for a copy of Exposure in exchange for an honest reviewWe meet Leanne in HMP Brakehurst Prison, she s been charged with a double murder She s as damaged as she is charismatic, as dangerous as she is charming And now she s been invited to tell her story, to explain how on earth it came to this This story is told in dual time in the present day and back as far as when Leanne became her alter ego AKA Kitty Sweet It tells us the story of how she [...]

Barbara Beswick

Blimey O Riley Where to start Bizarrely, prior to starting this book, I d only the day before finished a Santa Montefiore novel Exposure let me tell you, is as far removed from Ms Montefiore as Bing Crosby is from Kanye West Nowhere in Exposure will you find a leading man with a tanned chiseled jaw, cologne sodden, with eyes the colour of the Aegean and teeth whiter than Santa s beard that s the big guy in red by the way, I m not suggesting Ms Montefiore has a facial hair problem To get to the n [...]

Kelly (purplebookstand)

ExposureWow What a storyline Having read and loved Untouchable, I was really looking forward to reading Marsh s new book I wasn t disappointed Kitty Sweet is an infamous porn star who is in prison and charged with double murder She s been invited to tell her story, and how she has come to be where she is There s something endearing about Kitty, she kind of fell into the porn industry and is swept along at an alarmingly rapid rate There were times when I just wanted to pluck her out of the situat [...]

I read novels

My favourite book by Ava Marsh was untouchable But I really did enjoy every page of reading Exposure This story is about Leanne Jenkins who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder Leanne was sent to prison for the murder of her lover She did porn to earn money to clear up the debut her ex left her with But what drove Leanne to carry on after she had paid off all of her debuts As Leanne sees in prison Yvonne Conway a therapist, Yvonne asks Leanne to write down what brought her to [...]


An indulgent and gritty thriller The main character, Kitty, turns to the porn industry to clear debts left by her Ex Swapping between two time frames, the story develops with Kitty getting herself far involved in the darker side of the industry This results in a thrilling encounter of intrigue, greed and eventually revenge.It certainly is a no holds barred encounter Although it can be very graphic at points, this is a cracking read, which keeps the pages turning.This may not be as jaw dropping [...]


Wow, strap in for a wild ride This is a brilliantly written, bold and sexy book that is definitely not for the faint hearted Ava Marsh s writing is confident and assured she has constructed a great plot, with depth, complexity, cold hard reality and a dash of black humour Kitty is a sympathetic and compulsively readable character and the supporting cast is well developed The structure is great, the pace is perfect and the ending is a revelation I cannot recommend this highly enough to those who [...]

Kelly Furniss

A very dark, seedy gritty thriller The story is based on Kitty Sweet who is in prison for double murder As she talks to her psychiatrist we learn how she entered in to the world of adult entertainment and how her life has come to this The characterisation was very good with some intriguing personalities but this book certainly is not for the easily shocked and prudish.A very different, shocking but enjoyable read.My thanks go to the publisher, author and Netgalley for this arc in return for an h [...]

Gordon Mcghie

Ava Marsh wrote my favourite book of last year Untouchable It was dark, tense, frequently very graphic and provided insightful overview into the lives of high class escorts It was brilliant.I am extremely fortunate to have had the chance to read Exposure, Ava s new novel, which is released today It pleases me greatly to be able to say Exposure was another cracking read I am going to spend another 12 months telling people they should be reading Ava Marsh s books.In Exposure we meet Kitty Sweet or [...]

Louise Mullins

Sex, drugs and murder The latest thriller from one of my favourite thriller author s is a pacy lie filled ranch fest that brings to light the untold dangers that lurk beneath the porn industry I must admit I got a little annoyed half way through thinking that I d guessed how it would all pan out I was very wrong.Told in the present while Leanne Kitty Sweet is in prison with snapshots to her past where she s in love with Joe and details her descent to murder there were many ways this story could [...]

Sarah MacIntyre

A great read Dark and gritty taking you into a murky but fascinating world A story of how a normal girl gets mixed up in this seedy industry Aside from the exceptionally detailed stories of the sex industry there is a great thriller going on too Why is Kitty in prison and how did she get this low in life Great characters and story with a gripping storyline with glamour, porn, love, violence and friendships Highly recommended Thanks to publisher for advanced review copy for an honest review.

Susan Corcoran

Firstly I would like to thank Ava Marsh, Corgi publishers and TBC for a copy of this book in return for an honest review Exposure is certainly not for you if your prudish In keeping with the subject matter, Kitty Sweet in prison for double murder and is a porn star, it s contains lots of sexual references But they are in keeping with the storyline and give this book the sexy dark edge that makes it such a great read The heroine is sexy, damaged but vulnerable The story is fast paced and gritty I [...]

Claire Reeder

I received a copy of Exposure from NetGalley and Random House UK Transworld Publishers, Corgi in exchange for an honest review.I was intrigued by this book and as I ve not read the author s previous book I was unsure what to expect.The book begins with Kitty Sweet in prison and then the chapters go between present day and earlier in Kitty s lifetime as she begins to tell her story.This book is well written and has a good mix of characters It was a very easy read and you found yourself compelled [...]

Georgie Logan

Exposure definitely exposed the porn industry and introduced Kitty Sweet aka Leanne Jenkins, who tells her story while incarcerated in a prison cell Not for those easily offended, Exposure is a thriller with sex, murder, revenge, and shows the downside of being a porn star Kitty is a believable character and her story was addictive, and not what I expected A fabulous read and I have already recommended this to my friends who love a great narrative thriller.

Chris Porter

I kind of got bored with the same porn filming stuff, and wanted to get to the edginess of the thriller writing It was predictable, and I couldn t feel empathy with any of the characters I have tried and am not wholly convinced with this author.

Philippa Mckenna

The gritty, seedy world of the porn industry is laid bare in this cracking novel by Ava Marsh Sex, crime and enough thrills and spills to keep you hooked from start to finish Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the review copy.


This is the first book ive read from this author I found it a little slow in the beginning but soon got into the story which is told from the view point of Leanne who is a convicted murderer and an ex porn star Easy enjoyable read Thanks to netgalley and the publish for my arc

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