Dec 06, 2022
The Frenchman
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[PDF] Read ï The Frenchman : by LesleyYoung, The Frenchman, LesleyYoung, The Frenchman Meet The Frenchman His name is Louis Messette He s rich He s ruthless And he s in for a surprise when he meets American Fleur Smithers The daughter of his family s arch enemy Marie the Mercenary the sworn eradicator of crime in Toulon s ports is sexy as sin And gullible as hell College grad Fleur Smithers thinks moving to France to spend a year with her newly fMeet The Frenchman His [PDF] Read ï The Frenchman : by LesleyYoung - The Frenchman, The Frenchman Meet The Frenchman His name is Louis Messette He s rich He s ruthless And he s in for a surprise when he meets American Fleur Smithers The daughter of his family s arch enemy Marie the Mercenary the

  • Title: The Frenchman
  • Author: LesleyYoung
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Read ï The Frenchman : by LesleyYoung, The Frenchman, LesleyYoung, The Frenchman Meet The Frenchman His name is Louis Messette He s rich He s ruthless And he s in for a surprise when he meets American Fleur Smithers The daughter of his family s arch enemy Marie the Mercenary the sworn eradicator of crime in Toulon s ports is sexy as sin And gullible as hell College grad Fleur Smithers thinks moving to France to spend a year with her newly fMeet The Frenchman His

[PDF] Read ï The Frenchman : by LesleyYoung - The Frenchman, The Frenchman Meet The Frenchman His name is Louis Messette He s rich He s ruthless And he s in for a surprise when he meets American Fleur Smithers The daughter of his family s arch enemy Marie the Mercenary the


I received an RC via Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest review Thank you The Frenchman was a great start in this brand new series that I have decided to stalk and keep an eye on Granted, it could have used some expanding and fleshing out with the plot and characters a tad bit , but over all, I enjoyed it a lot So, the story After learning of her birth lineage, Fleur LaSalle Smithers, travels to a small seaport town in Toulon, France to get to know her of her roots and new found mom.Upon [...]


DNF 40%.This book was unbearably bad because of the h This idiot grows up with a strict adoptive mother who teaches her to behave like a lady and not be slutty Then the h goes to live with her birth mother in France for a year One night this donkey is out with her slutty BF and they meet a couple of guys The H and the h do not communicate with each other AT ALL bc he only speaks French or so she assumes The h s BF pressures her to take the guys to an apartment Never mind that they are in a forei [...]

Lynsey (A Bookish Life)

I was first introduced to Lesley Young s work last year when I read Sky s End, an absolutely brilliant Sci Fi romp through the stars with some hothothot aliens and enough sexual chemistry to boil ectoplasm It was exactly my cup of tea action, thrills and spills, mystery, a fiesty heroine and a dash of romance Loved it So it was on the strength of that alone that I agreed to try this book out, despite the fact that erotica isn t really my forte I m not even sure The Frenchman needs to be labelled [...]

Courtney Vasiliev

I looooved ittt The Frenchman is the first book I have ever read by Lesley Young, but I can assure you, it wont be the last I loved this book The characters are Awesome, every single one of them Fleur is definitely my favorite female character, even though she can be a bit spineless, I can live with that I mean how can you be angry when you have a hot guy spitting compliments at you in french Another great thing about Fleur is her realness besides for being spineless, I was definitely able to re [...]

Rachael Orman

I absolutely loved this story from the first page I loved that there was than first appeared It s a love story, but with twists that are awesome and I found myself agreeing with the main character going WHAT WHY OOOOOOHHHHH I found myself really rooting for them to find a way to make it work through all the turbulence and lies they end up dealing with, which is rare for me Normally I expect it, but I really didn t know if they would be able to make it work and was pleading for them to find thei [...]

Beth(YA Books Central)

Tiffany s Review I don t think I have ever read a crime romance novel of both worlds The main character Fleur is so innocent when she first travels to live with her birth mother in France It didn t take long for her to find loveor was it trouble Fleur and Louis relationship had me happy one minute and angry the next I was also dying to know about her birth parents relationship I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading another Lesley Young book I give The Frenchman 4 stars curling up [...]

Book Swoon

Have you ever just went into a book with very little idea of what you re getting yourself into At the time I signed up for this lovely blog tour, the gorgeous hunk you see above was not on the cover yet The premise and the French setting intrigued me and of course I adore a good romance I for some reason was picturing an older mature Frenchman Maybe cultured etc Wise How did I miss the hot, international rugby part I thought to myself What the heck, it sounds good and I would love try something [...]

(Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick

Good Gravy This was sexy sexy sexy A hot french arrogant rugby player with a criminal past A sweet american college girl seeking to spend time with her mom A fast paced storyline that dabbles in quite a few tropes Drama, action, racy sex scenes, and heart swooning ending My first time reading this author but won t be my last.


compelling mafia romance Told from the heroine s perspective Some Drama Needed epilogue.


Free on as of 3 27 15


Originally posted on Lipsyy Lost Found lipsyy.wordpressTo be perfectly honest, I didn t think much of the synopsis or cover of this book, but I was in the mood for a quick, light read so I thought I d give it a go, and I m really glad I did The Frenchman is a page turning romance bordering on erotica , set in Toulon, France where innocent and naive Fleur Smithers is spending a year getting to know her police officer birth mum The relationship between the two is interesting They are very differen [...]


When Fleur Smithers, a girl from the States and someone who had grown up living a pretty sheltered life decided to head to France to find her biological mother , she never expected that she would turn out to be the daughter of a Police Inspector and not only that her mother s nickname is Marie the Mercernary , as she is one of the toughest cops around Out one night with her best friend Jess, who has come to accompany her from the States, Fleur meets a table of French Rugby Players and one in par [...]


The Frenchman by Lesley Young What can I say I loved it This tells the story of Fleur and Louis But there is also the story of Fleur and her new found birth mom, Marie Fleur is just adorable She is so sweet and innocent when she arrives in France Although she might not leave France as innocent, she never loses her sweetness She often had me chuckling with her inner thoughts Watching her grow and mature while in France was a pleasure to watch She certainly goes through some crazy situations that [...]

Ruthie Taylor

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads As a sworn Francophile and rugby fan, I definitely enjoyed the setting and the context of this story As a diehard romantic, also fascinated by cop v family cartel action, the plot was guaranteed to keep me interested The sum of these parts is even better than might have been expected Ms Young is a writer who can turn herself to bringing to life hot chemistry fuelled nights, as well as scary encounters with the less amiable m [...]


I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review.I really enjoyed this book I sat down about five hours ago thinking I would read a chapter before bed and then ended up devouring the whole thing in one bite I couldn t put it down I wanted to know what would happen next I was eager to find out if Fleur would ever figure out the truth Mostly, I just hoped for a happy ending.I loved Fleur and Louis as a couple from the start Their instant attraction and constant heat kept their story going e [...]


This book is absurd and absurdly readable Even as I groaned at the cheesy plot and florid language I m pretty sure a clit doesn t clench I kept turning the pages I can t recommend this book at all and yet I ve already bought the next in the series I hate myself, I really do.

Isis Ray-sisco

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review This does not effect my opinions or the content of my review.The Frenchman by Lesley Young is a romance with an irresistible bad boy It is the first book in the Crime Royalty Romance series It is also the first book that I have read by this author I enjoyed reading it and found it to be interesting I liked the plot of the story as well I debated about which rating to give it I ended up deciding to give it a 4 because it didn t capture my att [...]

Azahara Arenas (Living in Our Own Story Blog)

I was utterly thrilled to read something written by Lesley Young I loved her debut novel Sky s Ends so deeply that I literally needed to read of her work.The Frenchman is the first book in the Crime Royalty series, a romance erotic set of books full of suspense, steamy hot scenes and unforgettable characters Every book is focused on a certain nationality, highlighting the wonders of the country, language and its people By far this new series has The Frenchman, The Australian and The American A [...]


GENRE ContemporaryTHEME Romance, Crime,SportsRECEIVED TourBLOG seeingnight 4.5 starsREVIEW Rugby Hottie check, sweet innocent heroine check, crime family check, momma cop and criminal daddy check check Bah I m such a hot mess after this book and it s a good mess, I love the combo of crime and romance, especially with two totally opposite protagonist who fall head over heels for each other Bravo Lesley Young, you totally one me over with this one, hands down The Frenchman follows sweet Fleur Smit [...]


This was my first read by Leslye Young and I have to say that I am hooked I absolutely love her writing style and story telling style This book had romance, suspense and action all in one and kept my attention through the whole book I could not put it down once I started I was disappointed once I was done because it was such a good story and I wanted from these characters.Louis is a well known rugby player that never has to work for what he wants with women His good looks and money seem to get [...]

Lynn (Ellesea Loves Reading)

This is the first book I ve read by Lesley Young I was drawn to The Frenchman, the first book in The Crime Royalty Romance series because of the international setting for the plot This was a much welcome and refreshing change from what I ve read recently.Fleur LaSalle Smithers is in Toulon for a year in an attempt to build a relationship with her biological mother She s lived a sheltered life with her adoptive mom in Austin, Texas and is now spreading her wings to find her family roots in France [...]


Fleur Smithers has traveled to France to spend time the birth mother who gave her up One night, she meets Louis Messette, star player on an international rugby team Immediately attracted to each other, she takes him home only to have him reject her when he realizes she s still a virgin But he cannot stay away from her they quickly fall back into each other s arms but with stipulations The main one being Fleur must keep their relationship a secret Confused but willing, Fleur agrees She accepts a [...]


Rating 4.5 StarsSHORT REVIEW The complexity of the characters, the thrill of the chase, the anticipation of what is bound to happen between the two, and most of all, the surprising twists one after the other made this book a real unputdownable read The inside is as sexy and as sinful as the cover.LONGER Set in the romantic place of France, we are off to a hot, sizzling and dangerous journey of a young American woman, Fleur Smithers who just learned and knew of her roots She is moving to the seap [...]


Wow I read this book in two hours and 45 minutes That s about a page a minute It s really, really, good It also features many of my favorite elements like a famous athlete, a man with an accent, organized crime, drama, a bad boy, and a good girl I knew before going in this book had the potential to impress me, but I didn t know how much.The story grabbed my attention from the first page and didn t let it go until it was finished I liked Fleur from the moment I met her I could feel her excitement [...]


I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to read the book because all I could think of when I read the blurb was France It s set in freakin France I ve never been to France Actually scratch that I have never been anywhere outside the Philippines so knowing that I d at least get a glimpse of this wonderful country got me really excited and eager to read the book And I m so glad I did because now I m not only in love with the place I m also very smitten with the very hot, very French, [...]

Terra Kelly

HOT HOT HOT Fleur has lived a charmed life, she has been pampered and protected in the American South by her father When her mother re enters the picture and introduces Fleur to new things that she had never imagined before she sets off in an adventure to step off of the path of the straight and narrow that has been her norm for so long Fleur follows her mother to Toulon, a seaport town in France for a year Her mother works for the French National Police investigating the crime family Messette T [...]

Michelle James

I adored Lesley Young s first book the sci fi, action, romance Sky s End , so I kept an eye out for any new stuff she would be releasing I had no idea what to expect when I bought The Frenchman but I was not disappointed AND it definitely had me blushing on multiple occasions This is a super sexy read the book advises that it contains explicit sex scenes, and it delivers on this throughout but the characters Young has created plus the story line are all well thought out and built on It wasn t ju [...]


I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.If ever there were two star crossed lovers, Louis and Fleur are itOM THE BOOK EXCERPT Fleur Smithers rarely veers off the straight and excruciatingly narrow So moving to the seaport town of Toulon to live with her newfound biological mother an inspector with the French National Police for one year is a pretty major detour.Son of France s crime royalty family and international rugby star, Louis Messette, is devoted to his sport, fami [...]


I greatly enjoyed this book, in which we get to read and learn about Fleur and her trials and tribulations in navigating the rocky, sometimes perilous world of romance Fleur is a very likable character, although she did have her moments of naivete that made me want to shake her I likedthat while Fleur was a virgin, she wasn t exactly virginal she was on a mission to finally give upher v card She meets Louis while out to dinner, and that is the beginning of a tumultuous relationship with the inte [...]

Shayna Griffitts-Lindsay

Provided by the publisher via Roger Charlie for an honest review Thank you Louis loo e , I m afraid to say, didn t capture my heart He s arrogant, gruff, demeaning, and untrustworthy I am not saying that he didn t have his moments But for a good 90% of the book, my lips were curled in a grimace.I have a feeling that this novel is supposed to take after 50 Shades of Grey, which I ve yet had the pleasure of reading Sarcasm, my dears The snippets I ve read of 50 Shades makes me want to put it throu [...]

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The Frenchman