Dec 06, 2022
Own Me
Posted by Lexi Scott

[PDF] Read ☆ Own Me : by Lexi Scott, Own Me, Lexi Scott, Own Me Genevieve Rodriguez s life isn t panning out the way she s always envisioned At all Not only is she exactly one D away from getting kicked out of school but her heart is in pieces after her long time crush marries someone else For Genevieve sunny Silver Strand has never felt dismal Then Adam Abramowitz her super cute super smart physics tutor who never seemsGenevieve Rodriguez s life is [PDF] Read ☆ Own Me : by Lexi Scott - Own Me, Own Me Genevieve Rodriguez s life isn t panning out the way she s always envisioned At all Not only is she exactly one D away from getting kicked out of school but her heart is in pieces after her long time

  • Title: Own Me
  • Author: Lexi Scott
  • ISBN: 9781943892167
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Read ☆ Own Me : by Lexi Scott, Own Me, Lexi Scott, Own Me Genevieve Rodriguez s life isn t panning out the way she s always envisioned At all Not only is she exactly one D away from getting kicked out of school but her heart is in pieces after her long time crush marries someone else For Genevieve sunny Silver Strand has never felt dismal Then Adam Abramowitz her super cute super smart physics tutor who never seemsGenevieve Rodriguez s life is

[PDF] Read ☆ Own Me : by Lexi Scott - Own Me, Own Me Genevieve Rodriguez s life isn t panning out the way she s always envisioned At all Not only is she exactly one D away from getting kicked out of school but her heart is in pieces after her long time


2.5 stars.


Genevieve proposes marriage to her best friend tutor so that she can help him get his green card Adam has had a crush on Gen since he first saw her but knew she was out of his league He s a geeky scientist whose focus is on his thesis and she is a beautiful woman who could get any guy she wants When faced with the idea of Adam having to leave the country, Gen immediately wants to marry him Adam thinks it s just to help a friend but Gen feels for Adam than he knows I really enjoyed this story Th [...]

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Own Me by Lexi Scott is the third novel in the Silver Strands series I went into this book, not having read anything else in the series, so yes, it can be read as a standalone and will fully support itself It s told from an alternating third person point of view, and is written extremely well No awkward moments, no slow downs, it s just right.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and a lot of it was due to the main characters They have chemistry, but they are also both in denial about the other one Fro [...]


4.75 StarsAdam Abramowitz is a graduate student scientist in training whose thesis research is going the tank at the same time his visa is running out But then he has a sweet and sexy fellow student to tutor, Genevieve Rodriguez, who offers to get down on one knee to keep him here permanently A green card is what ultimately brings them together, but it s also the source of their troubles Adam and Genevieve are bit of opposites attract Her a free spirit him a logical thinker Their methods don t b [...]

Isha Coleman

As a teen I would read a lot of Sweet Valley High stories The Silver Strands series takes me back to that time Young people dealing with grown up struggles as they take the plunge into making adult decisions Own Me fits right into that format Genevieve and Adam are thrown together at a time when they both are at their most vulnerable What ends up developing is an affinity As they get to know one another, an affection starts to grow that leads in a direction neither expected An endearing look int [...]


Genevieve has been getting tutored by Adam for a while now So, when he confides in her that he is looking at being deported back to Israel, she vows to help him figure it out However, at her brother s engagement party where not only are her aunt s and family members asking her when she will get married, and her life long crush is giving her pitying looks while snuggling close to his new bride, Genevieve blurts out the one thing that will shut everyone up and solve Adam s problem You guessed it, [...]


Title Own MeSeries Silver Strands, 3 but can be read as a standalone Author Lexi ScottGenre New Adult, Contemporary RomanceRating 4 StarsCliffhanger view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Review on Blog HEREToo busy concentrating on his failing thesis, quirky student and genius scientist Adam Abramowitz had a momentary laps of duh when he forgot to re apply for his student visa Good thing the beautiful, seemingly unobtainable Genevieve Rodriguez the student he s tutoring [...]

Michelle (Much Loved Books)

Own Me is Genevieve s turn, she is one Cohen s younger sisters Her life isn t exactly a bed of roses, she is on the verge of failing classes, has had one relationship after the other, trying to find someone to replace Deo, her crush, and her family just don t seem to understand her at all Adam is her tutor, but his life is now going to be turned upside down Delaying the inevitable, Adam finds himself being sent back home to Israel, thesis or no thesis, and is stuck on trying to find a way to sta [...]


Marry me and stay my best friend It started with an accidental marriage proposal, for convenience that is Out of whim or panic , the hottie Genevieve Rodriguez proposes marriage to her nerdy friend and tutor, Adam Abramowitz when he told him that his visa was about to expire and he has to return to Israel.Being in Silver Strand has never made her so miserable She never felt so lost She was starting to move on, after losing her long time crush got married to someone else, and she was one D away f [...]


Read the full review on Bookaholics Not So Anonymous.Note This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.Fictionalized stories of marriages of convenience can easily be found in books, movies, and television shows, but they also happen to be common occurrences for migrants seeking permanent status in the country they ve been living in for quite some time I ve heard tales of people agreeing to marry someone needing a green card in exchange for money, but that cert [...]


Own meBy Lexi Scott3.5 StarsGenevieve Rodriguez is the baby of the family and often than not, is getting lectured She s almost flunking out of school and despite trying her best, she can t seem to win over her large family Because isn t that what I am to the people I love the most That sucks It hurts When her tutor, Adam Abramowitz is facing deportation, what s a friend to do Marry him, duh She needs her family out of her hair to get her life together, and he needs his green card Seems fool pro [...]


Genevieve Rodriguez has been putting up a forceful front after finding out her long time crush is marrying someone else Pretending she is okay, she has leaned on her friend and tutor Adam Abramowitz but doesn t realize that Adam is dealing with issues of his own.When Gen finds out that Adam is being sent back home to Israel, because of his Visa she feels like this is another bow Making a rash decision Gen comes up with a fake proposal marriage while Adam plays along As they fall into a new relat [...]


3.5 Green Card StarsThis was a sweet, touching and a bit sexy of a read I however found that it dragged a bit too much for me I loved Adam but I wish he was Alpha male.


Own Me by Lexi Scott is book three in the Silver Strand series Genevieve Rodriguez s life isn t going quite the way she has planned Her long time crush Deo has recently married someone else Her college career is about as close to failing as it could possibly be She is working in her families furniture store and life as she knows it couldn t get any bleak The one highlight she has is her tutor Adam Abramowitz While they have become close friends, he is all by the books, scientific guy And while s [...]


3.5 Nerdy and Socially awkward hunky H StarsI ended up enjoying Own Me, the second book I ve read by this author, a lot that I thought I would.I loved Risk Me, the previous installment on this series, so much that I jumped at the chance of reading this next one.While I was intrigued by the story line, I realized when I got farther into the book that the main issue between our couple was going to be lack of communication This, as a rule, really pisses me off.Adam is an Israeli studying in the St [...]


3 1 2 stars flails I loved this PHD Student Adam has been tutoring Genevieve Cohen s little sister from Risk Me for a long time, and they ve become friends His research isn t going as well as he wanted, and he didn t fill out the proper forms to get an extension on his student visa Genevieve is still nursing a broken heart after her childhood crush married the love of his life, but she s ready for her family to get off her back about it When she finds out about Adam s situation, she comes up wit [...]


When life gives you lemons, they say that you make lemonade and in Own Me by Lexi Scott that s just what two people will do to ensure happiness between the both of them Own Me starts off with Adam who is a PHD student doing grad work and he has just recieved a letter from the government telling him that he needs to return home to Israel Despite his hard work , he has been too focused on yeast and bacteria that he forgot to fill out his papers and now his visa has expired and it s too late to app [...]

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This took an eluded situation and gave it the Lexi Scott twist and it was delicious.A friend to lover s story of the highest order, one that had me flicking the pages like an absolute dervish.While it is clear that marrying someone just so they can facilitate the required documentation to enable them to remain in the country is not something to be recommended, I have to say that in this case it was clearly the catalyst to bigger and better things.It is or can be just the push that a dormant love [...]


I will try to avoid spoilers.Own Me by Lexi ScottGenevieve Rodriguez is an intelligent classy young woman but like everyone, she struggles in certain areas of study No worries, she has her best friend and tutor to help her.Adam Abramowitz, is an attractive Israelli native who tutors Gen in physics, while trying to successfully get positive results from his experiment for his thesis.However, his determination caused him to put the renewal of his student Visa on the back burner.Adam has always had [...]

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To read the entire review please visit my link text Own Me is a sweet, romantic, and thoughtful third installment to the Silver Strand series However, the character s were constantly over thinking themselves, and riddled with so much self doubt, even when they were given esteem bolstering advice and were shown, by romantic gestures how the other felt about them they were in disbelief It was incredibly frustrating The story premise was a good one, the characters were engaging and charming, but th [...]


First I have to say that while reading this book, once we got the description of Adam, I kept envisioning Yotam Shwartz as Adam Go Google him and you ll see what I mean I thought this was a cute friends to lovers by way of marriage of convenience story I haven t read the first book in the series, and while this does center around the same group of family and friends, it s not that hard to get caught up with the story since each book is about a different couple Another fact I like with this story [...]

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I was drawn to the Silver Strand series when I saw the cover of Risk Me, so when it came time to sign up for Own Me, that plus the fact that the synopsis sounded good, had me saying, Why not I m glad I decided to take a chance on this book because I really enjoyed it It was just an awesome read and I ll definitely keep an eye on this series What can I say about Genevieve except that she s fabulouso She s strong but vulnerable, sweet but passionate, and smart but a little ditzy at times She strug [...]

April Symes

A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review Genevieve Rodriguez has a hard time with her family She feels like she is the only one who is overlooked she is the imperfect in a sea of perfect people She is fixing to fall out of college so she hires a tutor Adam Abramowitz who is so sexy and he helps her understand physics and he is super smart He doesn t notice how she dresses or what how she looks, even when she dresses super sexy just for him He is there to tutor her and mak [...]


I received a copy via Indiesage PR.This has been a very perplexing read for me This is not a mystery novel, no that s not what perplexed me I m unsure whether I like this book or not I m hovering over the like it four stars and hate it two stars bar so I compromised with three stars Also, pardon me but seeing the book cover again is distracting me, or simply put, my thoughts are all over the place Anyway, with that out let s proceed The premise was not new but it has that air of freshness in it [...]


This book was so cute Gen and Adam are seriously so cute together They push each other to the brink but in the end, it makes them stronger and bonded What happens when you re failing your class and the tutor is doing everything he can to help you You pay him back by solving his problem Gen is failing one of her classes and failing to see her purpose Adam has been tutoring her for a while but both have been harboring feeling for each other He finds out his visa is expiring soon and needs help st [...]

Jennifer Pierson

Own Me is my first book by this author, and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot Genevieve Rodriguez is one D from getting kicked out of school for good, and her long time crush just married someone else Adam is graduate student whose visa is about to expire He s also her super hot, geeky best friend physics tutor When he tells her that he will have to return to Israel, the words marry me pop out of her mouth before she thinks about it It starts out as a joke, but one unexpected moment changes [...]

Briana Pacheco

Own Me has the perfect plot, the perfect characters, and the right amount of humor I couldn t put this down until I knew how Genevieve s and Adam s story would end.Own Me is a standalone novel so you don t need to read the previous books in the series but I would highly recommend you do All the characters appear throughout them Also Genevieve has crushed on Deo Hide Me s hero since she was a kid and you feel her heart ache knowing he s now married.Adam is a smart guy When he speaks science, it u [...]


This book is Genevieve s book, and can be read as a stand alone in the series I was happy to see Genevieve get her own book and I have to say that she shocked me with what she does in this story Genevieve had been tutored by Adam for years and no sparks have flown between the two of them yet When Genevieve hears that Adam is worried about his green card expiring before he can get his experiment done, she has a crazy idea that runs through her mind She can help Adam out by getting married Genevie [...]


I enjoyed this book The friendship between Genevieve and Adam was fun They joked around, supported and encouraged each other, and laughed together They had such a refreshingly sweet friendship And then we hear their inner thoughts and their relationship gets even better with the attraction they feel I love Adam s character for making her feel like she is than she thinks And I love Gen s forceful way to make Adam come out of his shell to have fun The theme of friends to lovers is always a entert [...]


This is the 3rd book in the Silver Strands series This book can be read as a standalone novel For reader enjoyment and understanding of the series, I recommend reading in order.Genevieve Adam have both been hit with disappointments When they turn to one another and Marry Me falls out How do you go on from there Is it a joke Adam is sure no one sexy like Genevieve wants him She is sure no one notices she is smart and wants her Can they learn along the way that its what inside that counts Maybe wh [...]

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