Dec 02, 2022
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Í Join Á Steve Toutonghi, Join, Steve Toutonghi, Join What if you could live multiple lives simultaneously have constant perfect companionship and never die That s the promise of Join a revolutionary technology that allows small groups of minds to unite forming a single consciousness that experiences the world through multiple bodies But as two best friends discover the light of that miracle may be blinding the worldWhat if you could live Í Join Á Steve Toutonghi - Join, Join What if you could live multiple lives simultaneously have constant perfect companionship and never die That s the promise of Join a revolutionary technology that allows small groups of minds to un

  • Title: Join
  • Author: Steve Toutonghi
  • ISBN: 9781616956714
  • Page: 125
  • Format: ebook
Í Join Á Steve Toutonghi, Join, Steve Toutonghi, Join What if you could live multiple lives simultaneously have constant perfect companionship and never die That s the promise of Join a revolutionary technology that allows small groups of minds to unite forming a single consciousness that experiences the world through multiple bodies But as two best friends discover the light of that miracle may be blinding the worldWhat if you could live

Í Join Á Steve Toutonghi - Join, Join What if you could live multiple lives simultaneously have constant perfect companionship and never die That s the promise of Join a revolutionary technology that allows small groups of minds to un


What initially begins as a pretty interesting thought experiment about small groups of joined minds and experiences under a quantum entanglement surgery quickly becomes a lot .Doesn t it sound interesting when it quietly becomes a murder mystery, a philosophical discussion about immortality, including mental illness, meme propagation, obsession, and later, a myopic cautionary tale pitting the Joined against the Solos and eventually even a fascinating evolution of humanity as it reaches for the s [...]


3.75ish starsMaybe it s a reflection of my intelligence level, but this was a challenging read I found myself repeatedly having to reread sentences and paragraphs to make sure I knew what was going on Maybe it s just the nature of the book For me, at least, there s some pretty hard science going on combined with the meta aspect of singular consciousnesses inhabiting multiple bodies Throw in some philosophy and environmental commentary and it makes for a pretty heavy novel In spite of all the con [...]


The future world of Join is one of environmental devastation where many of the survivors have turned to a new technology that allows a group consciousness Chance is a five, a group consciousness of three male and two female bodies Chance s newest drive human body has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and Chance is struggling with the concept of losing part of itself At the same time Chance s oldest friend, another join called Leap is displaying an odd tic which is pretty alarming because [...]

Richard Derus

Rating 4.5 of fiveAn excellent, provocative read I wasn t impressed by Ancillary Justice, a different take on multi consciousness society, but this other end of the stick vision of it was fascinating to me.A better review was, horrifyingly, eaten by Blogger I m still distraught EDIT But no longer The real review is finally, finally, finally live.

Jessica Woodbury

A dreamy, lyrical, and inventive sci fi novel with a big concept that s beautifully built and imagined In the world of JOIN, you can form a single entity by joining your consciousness with another person That shared consciousness lives in both of your bodies, managing them the way you manage your limbs You spend the first part of this novel learning how this world works, watching Chance, a join of five drives navigates life and experiences the world Chance has just added its fifth drive only to [...]

Tudor Ciocarlie

After Too Like the Lightning and Ninefox Gambit, Join is another ground breaking novel that I ve read in 2016 and probably that greatest use of quantum physics that I ve ever encountered in a book This kind of speculative fiction, full of complex, mind blowing ideas and with a difficult, innovative structure, is the main reason why I m reading science fiction Like Gravity or Kim Stanley Robinson s Aurora, Join talks about why we should look into ourselves and at the suffering Earth, and not at t [...]

K.M. Alexander

Steve Toutonghi s debut novel, Join, is one of those science fiction books that stick with you much like the work of Philip K Dick or, recently, Jeff VanderMeer It s the kind of book that comes up while you re at work or socializing or brushing your teeth Its themes both challenge and provoke, all with an engaging plot I was hooked In fact, it s rare that I have to force myself to slow down with a book.Set in a near future where Earth is ravaged by extreme weather events, we find ourselves conf [...]

ashley c

3.5 stars Review to come.Great idea, weird plot I give 5 stars for the premise of the join and the worldbuilding that went along with it, and 2 stars for the story On to the premise, and I will talk about the premise and my thoughts about the idea but I have no thoughts about the confusing plot itself Toutonghi paints a very comprehensive picture of a world where fusing minds in different bodies is possible and has been for a few decades I use the word fusing instead of his chosen word join bec [...]

Kiwi Begs2Differ✎

Thought provoking The story is part thriller and part vision of human evolution It pivots on the idea of Join , a future technology that enables humans to combine their minds while keeping separate bodies drives Join has advantages Virtual immortality is an obvious one, even if your body perishes, your personality would survive in the joined entity , or would it view spoiler If you joined too many times would your original self be diluted and potentially disappear hide spoiler What about not hav [...]


4 Stars Join by Steve Toutonghi is an original piece of science fiction crossed with speculative fiction and a dab of psychology It explores to some degree the question as to What is it to be human It readily explores and contemplate, What is death Join does a good job at world building and explaining enough to allow the reader feel comfortable in the setting along this group of characters Toutonghi has developed an awesome take on the evolution of Man with the onset of the hive mind Each perso [...]

Darth J

The premise makes this sound a lot like Sense8, so I want to read this before the second season premiers.


I m not saying if you love Sense8, read this one BUT if you like the sharing headspace kind of thing from Sense8 and don t mind characters who are distanced, less touchable, while getting a thoroughly fucked up, very science y story, THEN you should definitely read this.When I started reading Join, I was mostly just because it was super hard to tell all these characters apart who were part of a join About 10% in it got fucked up fast though and I knew it was worth it to keep reading While I nev [...]


Surprisingly excellent This has been compared to Ancillary Justice and I cannot help measuring one against the other They are opposites in many ways one into many versus many into one, galactic empire versus a single fragile Earth, looking inwards rather than ourwards All themes that deserve exploration Very well done for a debut.


A Memorable Futuristic Exploration of the Nature of Identity and TechnologyQuite possibly one of the best debut novels of 2016, Join is the best debut speculative fiction novel I have seen from a mainstream literary fiction writer, with Steve Toutonghi worthy of substantial admiration for superb world building and in creating a believable dystopian near future In Join he explores philosophical issues related to the nature of identity and our current concerns with technology Simply for these two [...]


Steve Toutonghi s debut novel, Join is a lovely piece of speculative fiction that explores a near future that explores the next phase of humanity and how the changes to the race have dire impact to the planet itself In an unspecified future, individualism has a whole different look as and people chose to join Small groups of people merge minds into a single consciousness while retaining their physical bodies, allowing them to experience life through multiple bodies, and in affect, living forev [...]


This is one of those books that sucks you in during the first few pages, but you re also trying not to get too attached to the characters because you know it s all going to go sideways in a minute Then, it does, and you just can t put the book down Excellent story well written, and very much a sense of things coming full circle, a sense of completion at the end I really wasn t sure I was going to like the story because the idea of a Join, completely sharing your thoughts memories with another, s [...]

April Cote

This book is a bad story with sci fi thrown in to try and confuse the reader into thinking it s a good story.

Aimee Meester

A beautifully written and fascinating book that remained confusing to read part of that is the subject sadly and ultimately pointless What a waste of an interesting concept.

Mike Bridge

Join is a masterfully written book and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole ride When I first picked the book up, I was concerned that there would be a bit of confusion due to the way the author addresses the joins and drives in the story But before I was even halfway through the book my mind really changed the way it thought of these characters, which is what I think the author was trying to accomplish The book truly begs the question what s the value of identity


Oh man This book was really fascinating and kept me hooked At times it was hard to keep the characters straight and to follow, I had to keep flipping back a page thinking I may have missed something but I think that was also part of the point Totally recommend for sci fi fans.

Kelly Spoer

Dude I m pretty sure this might get a Hugo nomination Damn it s good Consciousness and science fiction Count me in.


ARC 3.5


Super interesting, great ideas Exploration of a new type of consciousness and what it would mean for the world, very literally Would recommend.


No matter what you may wish from them, endings are always lies Join ended up being a lot science y than sci fi usually is but still not exactly hard sci fi which in turn stopped me from really getting attached to the characters Some of these characters are really fucked up, sure and they do go through one sort or another of character development, but never enough to fill the gap A large part of that is also because of the secondary plot of climate change that converges with the main plot a litt [...]


Quirky and thought provoking, with a darkly humorous streak Full disclosure I received a free ebook for review though Edelweiss Trigger warning for offensive language That kind of intimacy among drives is mocked by solos Before most solo resentment hardened into religious resistance, there was a famous sketch comedy show, Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard, and Howard, that parodied the closeness The seven Howards would stand in a circle, five men and two women, picking one another s [...]


Review originally published Reading Lark readinglark 2016 Can you imagine merging with other human beings Not marriage, not a Vulcan mind meld, but actually becoming one in mind, soul, consciousness That s what the new Join technology can do for you What s , besides the near immortality of course, is that the new merged consciousness gets to keep using the bodies of the people that Joined One Joined consciousness, multiple bodies through which to experience and interact with the world What could [...]


As humanity faces devastating storms threaten their future on Earth, new technology emerges that allows multiple consciousness into a single mind across each of their bodies This technology, Join, gives humanity a chance at immortality because their mind will outlive their bodies as long as it s joined with at least one living person The joined slowly ignore the environmental threats to their habitat in favor of what emerging technology can bring while those who choose to remain solo are concer [...]


This fascinating story takes place in what seems to be a not too far future Even though technology appears at the forefront of this plot, it seemed to me like a backdrop to other striking ideas the author was examining While reading it, I recalled another equally good story of the same genre The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester.The story is told in present tense and it took me quite a few pages to realize it This choice of writing style helped sustain the sense of continuity embodied by the conc [...]


I love the concept here small groups of people mind meld into a single consciousness a join that lives as one person with multiple bodies I give the world building five stars unique, intricate and well thought out and the story four stars a delightfully twisty futuristic noir The execution, however, gets one star I had a very, very hard time reading this The prose is elegant, but it s very difficult to keep track of the different characters or rather, the different drives, which is the term for [...]


What started as one of the most imaginative and interesting books I have ever read goes horribly awry in just the last few pages Join starts out as a Science Fiction novel worthy to being placed on the shelf bedside 1984 or Brave New World in concept, execution and well thought out ideas The premise of joining with other minds to become a sort of united consciousness that includes all the knowledge, quirks, personalities of its parts or drives is so wonderfully realized and wonderfully confusing [...]

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