Dec 02, 2022
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Unlimited Hollow - by Yolanda Olson, Hollow, Yolanda Olson, Hollow Jude McIntyre was born to fail Her life was not something she would wish upon her worst enemy A pretty unloved girl she came alive again the moment when her mother died But a devastating secret from the past is haunting her again She needs to find a way to keep the secrets safe inside of her like swore she would When an idea forms in her mind to take her revenge on heJude McIntyre was born Unlimited Hollow - by Yolanda Olson - Hollow, Hollow Jude McIntyre was born to fail Her life was not something she would wish upon her worst enemy A pretty unloved girl she came alive again the moment when her mother died But a devastating secret from

  • Title: Hollow
  • Author: Yolanda Olson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Ebook
Unlimited Hollow - by Yolanda Olson, Hollow, Yolanda Olson, Hollow Jude McIntyre was born to fail Her life was not something she would wish upon her worst enemy A pretty unloved girl she came alive again the moment when her mother died But a devastating secret from the past is haunting her again She needs to find a way to keep the secrets safe inside of her like swore she would When an idea forms in her mind to take her revenge on heJude McIntyre was born Hollow Definition Meaning Merriam Webster Hollow definition of hollow by The Free Dictionary HOLLOW meaning, definition in Cambridge English Dictionary Hollow hollow English Spanish Dictionary WordReference Hollow Bleach Wiki Fandom Hollow YouTube Hollow HellHades Raid Shadow Legends Hollow Serenity Official Wynncraft Wiki Home Hollow Paradise

Unlimited Hollow - by Yolanda Olson - Hollow, Hollow Jude McIntyre was born to fail Her life was not something she would wish upon her worst enemy A pretty unloved girl she came alive again the moment when her mother died But a devastating secret from

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4.5 Releasing Jude Stars This book is absolute messed up family darkness, all in the name of love for one girl, Jude.Never wanted by her parents, Jude was raised and loved by her two brothers, Ethan and Jeremy As close as the three are, the two brothers don t know of the dark secret that Jude is hiding They only know that the little sister they love endlessly is lost and broken, on the brink of sinking into her own darkness.Meeting Adam Weaver one day, Jude comes face to face with her nightmare [...]

Krissy Michelle Hamrick

I really enjoyed this book It was just as twisted as the other 2 books I ve read by Yolanda Olson The only reason I m giving it 4 stars is because there were a lot of errors I would get into a good reading groove and then an error would jump out causing me to have to figure out what the sentence was supposed to say Other than that, I loved the story It was definitely weird and crazy, but that s how I like it.

Maria Lazarou--Obsessed by Books Blog

When I saw the chance to review this book, I well and truly jumped on it.I am telling you that Yolanda has one seriously twisted f king mind, I was blown away by this book.From the first page you are drawn into the world that Yolanda has created for us Jude is a young woman who is tormented and twisted by circumstances that happened in her childhood Born into a family where she has to deal with a fanatically religious mother and two older brothers who set up to protect her Jude feels unwanted as [...]


This is certainly dark and sadistic, which I liked of course, but I felt that the story was just that.a story It lacked a certain amount of depth and development for me It was too short thus not really giving the reader the opportunity to really know all the players and what made them tick This was quite complex, or it should have been considering the subject matter and the content It left me feeling rather discontented, like I got half a tale and I really wanted .You certainly get the mind set [...]

Tara Dawn (Colourful WordWench)

Wowwhat the fuck I snagged this book after seeing teasers and didn t read the synopsis I wanted to be surprised as much as possible, and fuck if I wasn t Jude is a messed up soul You don t really see it in the beginning, because she really seems like a normal quiet girl, but as the story goes on you realize you were wrong Very wrong The plot was nothing what I expected and than I could ve imagined with what the fuck moments happening back to back It was anything but predictable which kept me fl [...]

Sarah - Vanilla Twist Reads

I was given this arc in exchange for an honest review, what i can say is that this book is not for the faint hearted and some may find the subject hard to deal with Yolanda has a way with words and setting the story so that it draws you in and you don t want to put the book down even though its devestating and dark in parts.Jude McIntyre is the youngest of 3 her mother worshipped god than she cared for her children, her father was absent all her life and then there are the events that happened [...]

Alisha Cole

RaiseYourHammers in honor of Jude Jude has always been the girl no one was proud of, becoming a scared little girl when a tragic event from her childhood takes place Keeping it a secret for years, haunting her she finally sees away to end the demons that taunt her This book was an emotional thriller, that kept me on the edge of my seat flipping pages like no other book has before I definitely recommend this if dark books thrill you another amazing 5 stars hands down ps Still having withdrawals i [...]


What the hell did I just read This book is the first book writen by this author that I ve read I fell for a teaser and I just had to read it And I loved it I don t want to say too much but that ending never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this would happen Wow


LordI have consummated my life in an instantThe last innocence has burstNow is never or never or simply wasThe beginning has given birth to the endEverything will stay the same Extracting the Stone of Madness The awakening by Alejandra Pizarnik I have to say that this is the beginning of a beautiful obsession because Yolanda Olson has blown my mind From the beginning till the end, Hollow has been an emotional roller coaster for me.Jude McIntyre is not a damsel in distress and she doesn t want to [...]

Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books)

The sounds alone would be enough to haunt my dreams and make them into permanent nightmarese sounds of my own tortured screaming The sounds of twelve year old Jude finally killing her own personal boogeyman Meet Jude, named after the Patron Saint of Lost Causes, the third child born into the living bible class that consisted of Violet McIntyre s miserable existence Jude and her brothers are finally free of the overbearing figure that ruled their lives with bible scripture and church as she sudde [...]

Alana Melos

This is going to be a tough one to review.Those who know this pen name know I write and review erotica, some of which is very dark However, IRL, I read and write a lot of horror as that s my first love when it comes to stories Let me tell you this this story is horrifying It inspires horror, but it s not supernatural or a slasher or anything like that it s a very personal horror which unfortunately happens to too many people Jude is a sheltered woman, who is not sheltered by choice She was attac [...]

Amanda Mottershead

This is of a novella short story then full novel It took me about an hour to read.The concept for the plot of this tale was interesting and one I hadn t seen done much before Jude has had family problems from the beginning of her life Her father left while she was in the womb Her mother was religious and unloving a la the mother in Carrie Her cousin did bad things to her at a tender young age.It s not farfetched that Jude is one messed up girl after that much trauma But I didn t get the feeling [...]

Linda Cotter

Ok, how can I do this without giving much away HmmSo, ok, Jude had a tough upbringing Her father left when she was in her mom s belly, her mother was excessively religious and neglected Judel she had were her brothers.Like peas in a pod, her brothers and she were always close Except for one instance Jude s world changed, and she was afraid to confide in anyone.Now that she s an adult, her brothers try to take care of her and give her what she needs But, when given the opportunity, do either of t [...]

Kristin Dutt

Don t bring the hammer down on me I truly have enjoyed most of Yolanda s books.To sum this book up well maybe a novella Jude goes freaking crazy Yup that about sums it up without giving away spoilers Why I 3 starred this you may want to ask Well honestly it could have gone into some much wickedness and depth Here we have a freaking crazy chick who s had enough and two brothers plus grew up with a over the top crazy a mom It could have been soooo much better than what was given It pangs me to le [...]

Barbara Gartman

I was given an ARC copy of Hollow in exchange for an honest review When I first started reading Hollow I thought, There s just no way that I can finish reading this book The subject matter was a bit too real for me at first, but I stuck it out Because, knowing Yolanda and her twisted mind, I knew the story would take a drastic but inevitable turn Trust me when I say that Hollow is ABSOLUTELY not for the squeamish or closed minded people Ultimately I was blown away by Jude s story and the ending [...]

Andrea Britton

Hollow is the story of Jude McIntyre who hasn t had an easy life Things were done to her that can not be fixed She has some revenge that she needs to deal with As the saying goes Hell Hath No Fury like a woman who needs revenge Jude is on a downward spiral Will she get her revenge or will others stop her Will she get the much needed peace she needs Read this dark, angsty read and find out I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for this book and have enjoyed watching the whole story come to a who [...]

Leanne ~ Tales From The Heart

I was gifted this ARC as part of Yolanda s Beta Reading team lucky me Having read this author s books before, I knew it would be twisted and dark and that strangely enough I d still enjoy it immensely.This story was a great roller coaster ride and invoked so many emotions, just when my heart was racing and adrenaline pumping it came screeching to a halt Yes, there was closure but I was left stunned and thought what do I do nowt back to my lame book in my bag that paled in comparison.If you like [...]

Jennyfer Moorman

I was honoured with an arc for an honest review and here it is I love yolanda so style of writing , once you start u can t put the book down , Jude seemed a strong willed young lady who s bent up on revenge with the help of her 2 brothers who have always looked after her since she was born, how far will she or they go Well you have to read 0 the only little thing that s either good or bad I ve not decided but then again have put it down as being almost as amazing as yolanda lol is I knew how it [...]

Lis Garcia

raiseyourhammersJude had a rough life Physical and emotional abuse Secrets that tortured her from a young age that damaged her soul She was broken She thought she suppressed it by trying to forget, live on, but with the death of her mother and an appearance of a stranger all came back The demons that she though she had under control were now released With the help of her brother, Jude fights the demons that haunts her She seeks revenge at any cost to find peace Jude takes action, she is no longe [...]

Sharon Obelenus Holland

Wow Just WOW How much does it take to break a person To drive them completely crazy Or should the question be, what would you do to help someone you love find peace with their demons that drive them crazy Since birth Jude has had it tough A mother that didn t want her, to the point of praying for her death while pregnant, yet drove religion down her children s throats A father, who left because his wife was crazy Or a sick and demented cousin Everything comes to a boiling point What else can Jud [...]

Elizabeth Robbins

Jude has been repressed and mistreated for her entire life Brought up in an ultra religious household, with her resentful mother, and two older brothers, Jude would have probably turned out pretty messed up even without her cousin s influence One thing she s carried with her from her childhood is an unending need for revenge Her tool of choice A hammer Viciously violent, yet tender and poignant, I think we can all empathize a little with the little girl trapped in a woman s body This book is abo [...]

Lisa Omek

RaiseYourHammersThis book kicked my ass This book defines dysfunction Jude was born into it, and the dysfunction never let her go Her loving brothers, who thought they were trying to protect her were just feeding the frenzy Throw in cousin Bobby and his doppelganger and you are just asking for all kinds of twisted, raunchy f ck upedness You need to read this book, and read it until the very last line It will blow you away


Jude it s a woman on a mission to mentally undo the trauma caused as a child Living as a mistake, unloved, unwanted and alone other than her over protective brothers, Jude must face her violent past by destroying anything in her way with her hammer This book is dark and completely mind blowing Yolanda Olson has given a female victim a voice, a dark side and a vendetta Revenge at it s finest Hollow RaiseYourHammers

Lisa Brooks

I received this book as an arc for honest review This book was soo heart felt, but very dark Once you start you can t put it down, it s about this young girl whose brothers provide her with everything They love her but don t truly understand why she is like she is When Jude was young she had something very bad happen to her that no one ever knew about, until I don t wanna give out any just get this book It s a 5 star read, this author is amazing

Charlotte Isaac

We meet Jude and her brothers Jude s brothers look after her because she don t seem herself They don t know her secret of when she was younger about cousin bobby They find out the truth after they see cousin Bobby after their mom died Everything goes wrong and a hammer is brought in and revenge What will happen Why does Jude need a hammer Will she get over her dark secret What a story It really plays with your mind but really worth reading.


This Book Was BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN By far The Darkest Book I Have EVER read A Complete Mind F But I have a to Give Yolanda a Hats Off I Think She Truly captured What Most Women have Wanted to Accomplish For Years and Never Been Able to do out of Fear I must Say I have just started to get to know her work and WOW JUST WOW Over whelmed does not even touch what you will feel when you Read this 5 Star From Ms.Olson If I could I would give her 10 Stars

Tara Copsy

When given the chance to read Hollow, I immediately responded I LOVE her books and this one ROCKED This book is an AMAZING book of twists and turns, light and dark Jude has a rough start and life doesn t get easier for her Her brothers do their best for her but some things just leave that never ending hurt.I was hooked from the very start and couldn t put it down Finished in one sitting Thanks Yolanda for an AWESOME read.


Heart wrenching,What a epic tale of betrayal, abuse and finally finding peace Jude s tale is one that will rip through you The things the poor lass has had to endure, Neglected, betrayed, abused all at the hands of people who should have had her best interests at heart.As always with a Yolanda book superbly written,It drew me in until the last page Fabulous short read for lovers of dark tales xx

Bethanne Sterry

Jude oh my dear god Jude Just when you thought you had her sussed JUDE ,Yolanda has blown me away again I highly recomend this book, although i will say i did have to read a bit with one eye closed, if it was a movie i would have had a cushion over my face but none the less this book was the best rollercoaster i have ever ridden RaiseYourHammers


Unexpected but great This story was something I was not expecting I did not read the synopsis so I did not know what I was diving into I am a fan of psychological books, and this makes you think It has dark parts throughout but if that is right up your alley, I recommend this

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