Dec 02, 2022
Sharp Ends
Posted by Joe Abercrombie

✓ Sharp Ends ☆ Joe Abercrombie, Sharp Ends, Joe Abercrombie, Sharp Ends Sharp Ends is the ultimate collection of award winning tales and exclusive new short stories from the master of grimdark fantasy Joe Abercrombie Violence explodes treachery abounds and the words are as deadly as the weapons in this rogue s gallery of side shows back stories and sharp endings from the world of the First Law The Union army may be full of bastards butSharp Ends is th ✓ Sharp Ends ☆ Joe Abercrombie - Sharp Ends, Sharp Ends Sharp Ends is the ultimate collection of award winning tales and exclusive new short stories from the master of grimdark fantasy Joe Abercrombie Violence explodes treachery abounds and the words ar

  • Title: Sharp Ends
  • Author: Joe Abercrombie
  • ISBN: 9780316390811
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Hardcover
✓ Sharp Ends ☆ Joe Abercrombie, Sharp Ends, Joe Abercrombie, Sharp Ends Sharp Ends is the ultimate collection of award winning tales and exclusive new short stories from the master of grimdark fantasy Joe Abercrombie Violence explodes treachery abounds and the words are as deadly as the weapons in this rogue s gallery of side shows back stories and sharp endings from the world of the First Law The Union army may be full of bastards butSharp Ends is th

✓ Sharp Ends ☆ Joe Abercrombie - Sharp Ends, Sharp Ends Sharp Ends is the ultimate collection of award winning tales and exclusive new short stories from the master of grimdark fantasy Joe Abercrombie Violence explodes treachery abounds and the words ar

Bookdragon Sean

This was a great collection of twisted short stories It s Abercrombie at his best I ve reviewed each one individually A Beautiful Bastard 5 5 I feel like I ve been waiting for this story for a long time If you ve readThe First Law Trilogythen you ll know what an ugly bastard Glockta is He was captured by the enemy and tortured to the point of ruination As a result, he reaps vengeance on the world, but still serves his country This story is a glimpse of the Glockta we often hear about it is a few [...]


Buddy read with the lovely one, Sarah3.5 5 StarsSharp Ends, the ultimate collection of Tales from the World of First Law by Abercrombie s, is a great dessert to provide insights and info for most of the previously established characters.Picture My complete collection of Joe Abercrombie s The First Law seriesThere s no way I m missing any stories in the First Law world, it s one of my favorite series of all time, especially the First Law trilogy.Unlike most anthologies, there is a sense of struc [...]


4 5Buddy read with my lovely friend PetrikSo my phone kinda deleted all the notes I had written down to write this review Clearly the world hates me right now.Also I see a lot of people starting their First Law journey with this Anthology or one of the standalones Why do they do this Please read the series in order so you actually know what s going on.I m going to do my review a little differently then I was going to All novellas in this book apart from Made a Monster, gets a solid rating of fou [...]


I remember reading one of my friends reviews for a short story collection where they updated the review as they read each story Seems like a cool format and I good way to keep track of each story, so here we are A Beautiful Bastard 5 Stars.Really strong short story The malicious practice sessions led by Glokta and cheered on by his sycophants while a military campaign was conducted poorly in the background created a real sense of unease and tension The characters really stole the show however as [...]


This is a book about Shev and Javre, plus nostalgic episodes from other stories in First Law Universe.I think this book is mainly for telling the hilarious stories of Shev and Javre, but because the length is not long enough for novel length book, then book added some chapters of previous First Law stories The additions have various quality but mainly are for comic relief or showing some characterization of a few characters My personal favorites of course the appearance of Corporal Tunny.Maybe S [...]

Athena Shardbearer


Mogsy (MMOGC)

3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 04 25 The full title of this anthology is actually Sharp Ends Stories from the World of the First Law, so fans of Joe Abercrombie s novels set in this universe should be in for a treat All thirteen tales in here are set in the Circle of the World, spanning a period that starts about a decade before the beginning of The Blade Itself and ends a few years after Red Country, and some feature locations and characters that have appeared before in hi [...]


Actualizaci n la colecci n ya est disponible en espa ol y se titula Filos mortales.Rese a de todas las historias y de la colecci n en general en mi blog Click aqu.One of my most anticipated reads of 2016 and it didn t disappoint Joe Abercrombie returns to his dark, brutal and gritty world with thirteen stories that revisit some key moments narrated in his different books, providing detailed background for our old favourites characters Logen Ninefingers, Glokta, Temple, Shy South, Curnden Craw, N [...]


Sharp Ends revisits stories from the world of the First Law series It s packed with a variety of tales from ones that have only been mentioned to some that no one knew happened A slew of characters from The First Law series appear such as Sand dan Glokta, Curnden Craw, Whirrun of Bligh, Temple, Shy, Bremer dan Gorst, Nicomo Cosca, and many others The book also includes varying stories about new characters Shevedieh the best thief in Styria and Javre the Lioness of Hoskopp.The stories vary for me [...]


I wonder after reading the four singles if I would have liked the trilogy as much I tend to think I wouldn t JA s writing style was fresh for me then It s quirky and interesting but not smooth by any means I ve bored over time of his story telling It can be good in parts but then boring as hell in others This 7th book reflected all of that Some of the shorts I really enjoyed Others I hated Some like Glotka s story I wanted to see beyond where it ended I found Shev and Javre s stories the best in [...]


I hardly ever read short stories, preferring my books to be long and full However I was willing to make an exception for this author especially when I saw that one of his stories was about Glokta As it turned out it was worth buying the whole book just for that one short story but then there was so much .Writing really strong characters is one of Abercrombie s greatest strong points and his tales of Shy, Glokta and Nine Fingers were brilliant back stories Then he introduced some new to me anyway [...]


Well I am going to keep this review short Just like the stories in the book.Overall, pretty average I have to say It was nice being back in that world, but the stories were pretty bland There are a couple of stories that follow on from each other, which made the book tolerable But it certainly showed me that I am not a fan of very short stories There was really nothing to get your teeth into and felt like adding some scenes to sell another book.This is NOT a book to buy to give you an idea of w [...]

Tracey the Lizard Queen

Full review at thequeenofblades This book contains everything I love about Abercrombie and Gritty realism, vulgar language, dark humour, blood, guts, desperation What could you ask for This has had the desired effect and now I feel like I need to go read everything by this author This is a big problem for me because I ve already got books waiting and books I ve paused to read other books and now I can t keep up any Dammit I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Twerking To Beethoven

Joe Abercrombie is back into amazing shape with an astonishing, superb, brilliant and uncanny set of short stories There s not a single one I didn t lurve well, ok to be perfectly candid, maybe Freedom isn t on the same level as the others, I said maybe Also, the four stories featuring Shev and Javre are sort of a short novel of their own, and they somewhat remind me of Lansdale s Hap and Leonard and that s a good thing, in case you re wondering.What I loved the most about Sharp Ends is the sand [...]


I m having trouble rating reviewing this book On the one hand, yay More Joe Abercrombie On the other hand, I think I m just not as satisfied by his short stories as I am his books I totally think this is a personal issue rather than any fault of the anthology itself I enjoyed the Shev Javre stories the most and I think this is because they were the characters who reappeared the most throughout The other stories felt toss a way Maybe if I had just come off reading the books, they might clue me t [...]

Milda Page Runner

Loved it As expected with short story collection it is a bit of a mixed bag most stories are good and some are awesome but inevitably there are a few that I didn t care for Hence the 4.Highly recommend to Abercrombie fans and readers familiar with the First Law world I wouldn t recommend for the new readers whilst some stories would work, majority would lose too much without the context.Here are few sentences about each story as I ve read them Beautiful Bastard 3 Nice insight to how Glokta becam [...]


Un momento, que me limpio las salpicaduras de sangre y v sceras y vuelvo.Un momeeeeeento Ya Es que el ltimo relato era de Logen Nuevededos Costaba limpi rselo todo.A ver, sigo sin ser amigo de las historias cortas porque los personajes no est n suficientemente definidos para mi gusto Tiene que tener mucha fuerza en la historia para que por s sola salve el relato.Pero si ya has le do el resto de libros de Abercrombie este no es sino leer alguna peripecia m s de nuestros viejos conocidos Bueno, y [...]


I m a huge fan of Joe Abercrombie, especially of his First Law series This anthology is set in this grimdark world of violence and treachery, and fleshes out many of the much loved much hated characters from the original trilogy and the three stand alone novels.My favorites out of the thirteen short stories were A Beautiful Bastard , the story of Colonel Sand dan Glokta immediately before his was taken captive and tortured by the Gurkish army My biggest complaint comes with this story, as well i [...]


Ha sido una alegr a volver a reencontrarme con viejos conocidos como Whirrum, Shy, Gorst, Glotka, Cosca, Logen y los norte os y muchos m s en estos relatos llenos de asesinos, timadores, traiciones, peleas, escaramuzas y filos de hachas y espadas.Mis relatos preferidos Trabajos rid culos Me ha encantado el humor negro que destila el relato Craw y sus secuaces haciendo un trabajito.Lugar equivocado, momento equivocado Revivimos desde otros puntos de vista de gente desconocida, los hechos narrados [...]

Michelle Book Hangovers

I have to have thisw I m obsessed with the First Law series and the bloody nine Oh yes, oh yes ohhhhhh yes


En Filos Mortales el autor de Lancaster nos lleva por trece relatos ambientados en las distintas pocas de La Primera Ley, encontr ndonos con personajes habituales y queridos as como la presentaci n de otros nuevos que utiliza como protagonistas de varios relatos Trece relatos que sirven para profundizar un poco m s en el Circulo del Mundo y algunos de los sucesos acontecidos, trece relatos para conocer a Joe Abercrombie en su vertiente adulta o en su defecto, volver a ella.Una colecci n de relat [...]


1 A Beautiful Bastard 5 5A great little prequel to the First Law series, featuring a pre crippling Goska in his glory days2 Small Kindnesses 5 5Abercrombie introduces two new characters in this short story and I already want to read a whole series of novels about them3 The Fool Jobs 4 5On a raid with some of our favourite Northmen and women 4 Skipping Town 5 5Ah, I see We have a framing sequence Excellent 5 Hell 3 5That one was a bit meh Perhaps because I hadn t been away from Temple long enough [...]


FULL REVIEW ON MY BLOG, TOTAL INABILITY TO CONNECTThere are few things I love than Joe Abercrombie s writing, specifically his First Law works I was excited, after getting a short story collection from Mark Lawrence s Broken Empire series last fall, to get back into Fitch s series as well.Anyone who s read my reviews and blog knows that I m a big, BIG fan of novellas and shorts Love them A collection of shorts is a great thing as well, especially a novel containing something like 12 new shorts, [...]

Emily (BellaGrace)

So, take this review with this caveat I am not really a fan of short stories and this is a book of short storiesI loved the glimpse into the life of a pre tortured Glokta I liked the stories with Shev and Javre all of those were good except the last one which I didn t care for the one where the stolen package changes hands about 10 times I also didn t like the story with Costa in it The rest of the stories were just OK.I have a hard time getting into short stories and I didn t remember who most [...]


In Wheel of Time units, this book is Traveling Circus level pointless.


This is a solid 3.5 star anthology collection Most of the stories were good, not great, and a few were wonderful I m thinking particularly of The Beautiful Bastard, which shows us a pre Gurkish torture ruination Glokta, and the very entertaining Two s Company, which takes two characters that form the backbone of this collection, and pairs them with my personal favorite Abercrombie character, Whirrun of Bligh, aka Cracknut cause his nut is cracked.Even though all of these stories could be read on [...]

Alexander Páez

Hay alg n relato m s flojo que otro, pero en general son todos excelentes, sobre todo los nuevos, destacan sobre los antiguos Abercrombie demuestra que no ha perdido el ritmo que la trilog a The Shattered Sea ha sido un descanso para volvernos a tirar a la cara su gritty m s oscuro Porque el grimdark no se trata solo de mostrar la faceta oscura de la humanidad, el sarcasmo, la iron a y los dobles sentidos son parte importante de este g nero, y Abercrombie es el rey.


Once I got over Glokta being in this book for only about fifteen pages, I well, actually I m not over that at all Having somehow ignored the numerous places where the contents of this book are referred to as short fiction, including the inside cover, I understand that I have only myself to blame for thinking I was going to get some sort of pre First Law era novel, but dammit if I don t need Glokta in my life than what s here The teasing taste of what a miserable, talented bastard he was before [...]


This review can also be found on my blog thetattooedbookgeek.wordpressI received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Joe Abercrombie is one of my favourite authors, I absolutely loved The First Law trilogy and the three individual books set in the same world after but I ve never read his The Shattered Sea trilogy as the YA tag put me off as the things I really like about his books aren t YA, the dry wit, the dark flawed characters, bloody and bruta [...]


In a genre plagued by gamergate bullshit and rabid puppy idiocy and mad NRx fedora hatters and whitegenocide stupid, this author stands out as a class act Readers should be aware that Abercrombie was targeted for abuse by ROH, regarding the handling of a non heteronormative character in The Last Argument of Kings, and instead of nuking the vitriolic presentation, engaged the underlying criticism and accepted it in part on aesthetic grounds that all occurred in a thread at asoiaf.westeros.This te [...]

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