Dec 02, 2022
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單車失竊記 Best Read || [Wu Ming-Yi 吳明益], 單車失竊記, Wu Ming-Yi 吳明益, 單車失竊記 Best Read || [Wu Ming-Yi 吳明益] - 單車失竊記,

  • Title: 單車失竊記
  • Author: Wu Ming-Yi 吳明益
  • ISBN: 9789863442448
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
單車失竊記 Best Read || [Wu Ming-Yi 吳明益], 單車失竊記, Wu Ming-Yi 吳明益,

單車失竊記 Best Read || [Wu Ming-Yi 吳明益] - 單車失竊記,


In 1905 Taiwan, owning a bike was like owning a Mercedes Simple farmers and fishermen coveted a bicycle to call their own, a thih be an iron horse that would carry their harvest or fish to market Bikes were precious The theft of an iron horse was reported in the local newspaper Religious villagers prayed to the Holy King for the safe return of an iron steed The narrator, Ch eng, describes the disappearance of his father and his bike in 1993, the day after Chung Shan Hall Market was torn down Wha [...]


I would have enjoyed reading some of this as separate stories, but because I found it so disjointed, running off on long targets about different topics, I didn t finish it The writing and translation are good, although I had trouble with the names, which is my problem, not the author s I hasten to say I admit to getting confused about whose story was whose and whether the author was speaking about himself or actually relating someone else s story This takes place in Taiwan, formerly Formosa, and [...]

Karen Mace

This is an unusual, but fascinating story a mix of fact and fiction beautifully woven together by the author as the search for his father, who disappeared 20 years ago, through the medium of the bicycle his father disappeared on He thinks that if he can track down the bicycle, he might be able to find out why his father upped and left the family so long ago.What follows is a highly detailed book describing the family, their upbringing and the importance of the humble bicycle the iron horse to ma [...]

Stephanie Jane (Literary Flits)

See of my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsThe Stolen Bicycle is the first Taiwanese book I have read and I expected it to have a Chinese feel to it I didn t previously know that Taiwan had been under Japanese control for fifty years until 1945 and, for me, I felt of a style affinity to Japanese literature Author Wu and his imagined protagonist Cheng overlap in several of their interests Given that The Stolen Bicycle is mainly narrated in the first person by Cheng, this makes it impossib [...]

Text Publishing

Unusual insights and vividly observed detail abound in this witty and sensitive story Toowoomba Chronicle A work of astonishing energy, in which Wu beautifully touches on loss, life and death, fate and destiny, establishing emotional connections between memory and objects, and between the natural world and wara novel that provides comfort and reconciliation from a wounded past Thinking Taiwan The novel, inspired by his love for bicycles and Taiwanese history, brings readers back to a simpler tim [...]


The book opens with Cheng deciding to track down his father who disappeared 20 years previously along with his bicycle He thinks that if he can find the bicycle he will be able to discover the truth about his father This apparently simple premise is the starting point for a multi layered and wide ranging novel that takes in Taiwan s history, the Japanese occupation, the war in Malaysia and Myanmar as well as in Taiwan itself, and a wealth of characters and their stories From the present day in T [...]

Jolyon Cheung


A beautifully written, magical book that I didn t want to end I was totally enchanted by this story of iron horses, love, families, elephants and butterflies set in current day and WW2 South East Asia A writer is searching for the much loved bike of his father, which vanished with him some years previously, in the hope that finding it will help solve the mystery of his father s disappearance Wu Ming Yi intertwines magical stories as he puts together the pieces of the puzzle Outstanding.Many than [...]


This is a real scrapbook of a novel And I adored it This book dug into all sorts of untidy corners From an indepth look at Taiwanese bicycle models, elephants in Myanmar jungle during the World War two, to a lost Father and then to about catching Butterflies And it is all written with a grace and a simplicity which is beautiful and at times heartbreaking.


I feel as though this just wasn t meant for me On some level the beginning did draw me in in such a whimsical way and the bike notes was rather okay.Perhaps it just wasn t to my liking the way it was written afterwards and I began to wonder where did it lead me.In the beginning, the narrator is not only believable but I could easily believe him and understand him as well as like him And that his whimsical attitude did feel rather interesting.But I just didn t like the format it was written in al [...]

Yu Chao

Chih-Kang Hsu



One of the most sophisticated novel I have ever read.


It is quite captivating at the beginning but there are too many branches that don t interest me Honestly, the writing can be concise so that the pace can be sped up It s a pity that I don t enjoy this book with such interesting motif.

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