Dec 02, 2022
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[PDF] Unlimited Ý Gasp! : by Z.A. Maxfield Gomez Pugh, Gasp!, Z.A. Maxfield Gomez Pugh, Gasp Length hrs and mins Jeff Paxton came home from Afghanistan looking for roots Instead his pregnant sister talks him into a job babysitting the volatile megastar Nigel Gasp Nigel is stubborn needy and determined to be the center of attention everywhere he goes Before long Jeff realizes that something is bothering Gasp and that keeping him out of trouble might beLength hrs and min [PDF] Unlimited Ý Gasp! : by Z.A. Maxfield Gomez Pugh - Gasp!, Gasp Length hrs and mins Jeff Paxton came home from Afghanistan looking for roots Instead his pregnant sister talks him into a job babysitting the volatile megastar Nigel Gasp Nigel is stubborn needy

  • Title: Gasp!
  • Author: Z.A. Maxfield Gomez Pugh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Audible Audio
[PDF] Unlimited Ý Gasp! : by Z.A. Maxfield Gomez Pugh, Gasp!, Z.A. Maxfield Gomez Pugh, Gasp Length hrs and mins Jeff Paxton came home from Afghanistan looking for roots Instead his pregnant sister talks him into a job babysitting the volatile megastar Nigel Gasp Nigel is stubborn needy and determined to be the center of attention everywhere he goes Before long Jeff realizes that something is bothering Gasp and that keeping him out of trouble might beLength hrs and min

[PDF] Unlimited Ý Gasp! : by Z.A. Maxfield Gomez Pugh - Gasp!, Gasp Length hrs and mins Jeff Paxton came home from Afghanistan looking for roots Instead his pregnant sister talks him into a job babysitting the volatile megastar Nigel Gasp Nigel is stubborn needy

Heather C

Nobody does turning 40 like Nigel GaspSo here I was reading along thinking This is awesome, this is hilarious,this is hot, this is sweet Could it actually be a 5 star read for me And thenwithin the span of like 30 minutes reading time, it went from 5 stars 4.5 stars 4 stars I will be generous and leave it at 4 After all, I did really enjoy large parts of it aside from a few annoyances So here is how it all went down There will be spoilers and a little plot review But how can I explain myself wit [...]


Great rocker romance from Z.A Maxfield Nigel Gasp is a 39 year old rock legend He soaks up adulation and attention like the rest of us breathe air As his fans and detractors say Nigel Gasp is the life of the party That s what it says on the tin When his manager Deidre needs time off to look after her new baby she calls on her ex army vet brother Jeff to look after Nigel and keep him out of trouble At first Jeff wants to throw him in the river but his feelings soon change.Nigel s a great characte [...]

Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*

SoooooThis was an interesting story I admit, I really enjoyed it but holy smokes were there a lot of things I found wrong with it Nigel is a real piece of work He s a suicidal rock star pushing forty and looking to go out in a blaze of glory Jeff, a third tour veteran of the Army, is made to babysit Nigel while Jeff s sister, who s also Nigel s manager, gives birth to his nephew Nigel s than Jeff can handle, though, and has to result to drastic measures to get through Nigel s stubborn, trouble [...]


I struggled heavily with this story I liked the idea behind the story and I liked the plot but I had a very difficult time relating to Nigel Nigel is almost 12 years older than Jeff but I could never wrap my mind around that age difference He appeared, in his looks and actions, as a guy so much younger Even younger than Jeff Even though I didn t approve, I understood his being a selfish, entitled, spoiled rotten rock star Dee his best friend and Jeff s sister was a huge enabler of Nigel s bad be [...]


3.75 stars rounded up I love it not in love with it but I do enjoy it It got me teary eyed at one point Although there are also some niggles which I think some of the fine reviewers out there have pointed out.I admit, that it takes time to get into the story, to actually care for either Nigel or Jeff For the most part, it is basically because I cannot, for the life of me, imagine Nigel as 40 years old rock star He seems too childish, too erratic, too self oriented Jeff, on the other hand, feels [...]

Kaje Harper

Rock star Nigel Gasp has to be one of the most interesting characters ZAM has created The man is a chameleon, to the point where most of his time is spent living in character, and he has effectively lost track of the real man behind the legend This book is mainly the story of how Nigel finds his way back to the things that really matter.Jeff Paxton has left the military and is at loose ends, searching for a purpose and roots, when his sister commandeers him for a brief stint of celebrity tending [...]


Can I get a WOOT WOOT Can I get Gasp Gasp This book was a DELIGHT to readLike with a capital Hell Yeah Ok so this bookFirst of all it s been like a gamillion years since I had the pleasure of reading a ZA Maxfield book, like the ZAM that I read in my early M M romance reader pup daysYou know the ones, The Long Way Home or my ex Favest Crossing Borders, sooo my point is THIS BOOK ROCKED Like Nigel Gasp.It ROCKED.Jeff Paxton has just declined to reenlist after finishing his third tour in Afghanist [...]


4.5 starsThe story is like the blurb says, so I won t repeat Just some highlights There s a baby in this story With hazardous name Dating a rock star is not easy, since there s always groupies, etc Jeff s struggles between being his own man and part of the entourage is nicely written While there are conflicts, Ms Maxfield doesn t allow it to be sources of unnecessary angst like some m m authors would do And this is important she makes the MCs talk to each other Gasp Such a fresh approach Guys ca [...]

BWT (Belen)

3.75 StarsGomez Pugh has yet to let me down Once again, his narration, accents and all, was so freaking entertaining I found myself massaging my cheekbones a couple of times from smiling so hard for so long.That being said, this is a slow and steady love story between two men who are both a bit broken in their own ways The story isn t flashy and ran a bit long in places However, it was very entertaining with lots of humor, some quite hot sexy times, and sort of how I picture a real relationship [...]


Read a lot of Z A Maxfield and enjoyed most I think she has a great way of making her characters likeable and quirky I like her humour, just my style.Nigel Gasp is exactly how you would expect a successful rock star to be, he s an exhibitionist, over the top, immature, shallow, off the wall and narcissistic but he s also extremely talented, funny, witty and has a way of disguising himself when the need arises, that made me laugh out loud than once in the book To tell you how, would be a real sp [...]


This was almost a did not finish book I usually like Maxfield s work, but this took me a while to get into There was a weird or lack of transition between the prologue and first chapter that I found to be quite jarring.Nigel was just too ridiculous for my taste I don t have a problem with men in drag or men who cross dress, but I just didn t get it in the context of this novel I understand it was the one of the many facets of Nigel, but I don t know, it just wasn t for me I just didn t understan [...]

clear skies

WHAT WAS THIS HOT MESS I know I always give one stars to everything I read Personally I believe other people are just either a easily entertained or b forgiving than I am or c the crazy notion they actually enjoyed this book Fair enough.Nigel Gasp is a forty year old rock star who has a death wish Typical narcissistic rock star it s all about ME ME ME He s vain and rather stupid and no it doesn t matter he can sing like an angel, can play multiple instruments or has accumulated a billion dollar [...]

Cole Riann

Review posted at The Armchair Reader.This will be a fairly short review because most of what I have to way has been said myriad times by now from other reviewers, all of which you ll find on the book page at GR.I really adored this book in the way that makes ZAM one of my very favorite authors A few of her recent books just haven t affected me the way the earlier ones did, like Crossing Borders, which still remains one of my top favorite books in this genre Still, there are quite a few inconsist [...]

JustJen "Miss Conduct"

3.5 stars for me on this one I liked the idea of the story, but there were a few things that just didn t work for me For one thing, there are a lot of loose ends and unanswered questions, such as who squealed that it was Nigel out at the bowling alley Did Amil have something to do with it What was his deal, anyway One minute he was backing up and supporting Jeff and Nigel, the next he was making derogatory comments about them What was wrong with Hazard Did he choke on something There were a few [...]


Overall I liked Gasp but perhaps I ve moved out of serious fandom with this author The books remain good and the same quality as always but they don t engage me enough any I find myself skimming parts and liking the characters well enough but forgetting the book pretty quickly once it s done The story is entertaining to read but not enough for me to really escape into the drama and romance Part of that is the lopsided pace with the beginning starting slowly only to revel in the details of Nigel [...]


4 StarsI have a soft spot for romances with musicians as the main character and this one was very enjoyable I liked the character of Nigel despite his narcissism, mainly because he was so up front about himself He knew he was a pain in the arse and hard work, and he was even self aware enough to understand the reasons why I loved how Jeff managed to get under his defences and see past the rock star into the man beneath I also liked that whilst Jeff seemed a good and decent man, he still had his [...]


I listened to the audiobook for this one and it was fun Nigel Gasp is a rock star Ridiculously talented Nigel has earned his fame and the fortune that came with it, but he s about to turn 40 and his life is quickly spinning out of control Dee is Nigel s best friend and personal assistant manager I say best friend because that s what we are told she is I never saw her act like a best friend Sorry Dee fans, but let s face it Dee was a selfish bitch that was not there for Nigel at any point he migh [...]

Lisa Henry

It s Z.A Maxfield, you guys, so this was an auto buy for me And I loved Nigel What can I say I ve got a thing for reckless, self destructive characters who do incredibly stupid things In fiction, they re charming In real life I would want to tie them up and beat them And not in a fun way Which is pretty much how Jeff Paxton begins this book As Nigel s babysitter, he s the guy who has to keep the rockstar from crashing and burning No easy task And how their relationship moves from that to genuine [...]


Z.A Maxfield writes good musicians and that is such a rare thing Nigel is a tortured rock god, yes, but he is also a skilled professional, a musician and performer who actually plays music on page So many rock gods, especially in m m get that status assigned because they look good in a pair of leather pants and treat other people like dirt Nigel is all that and a bag of chips but he is also a relatable human being Both MCs get nice character arcs, the secondary cast is great and I liked the stor [...]


3.5 Stars


I loved Nigel s cross dressing and how he made a game out of trying to blend in with the crowd His outrageous behavior wasn t particularly surprising for a successful rock star at least the younger ones but since he was turning 40 I did expect a bit maturity from him Since Jeff was his complete opposite, I suppose that made them a good match Both characters had their issues but it was nice to see them communicate and come to terms with their feelings There were a few things that kept me from lo [...]


When I bought this book, I wasn t really sure I d like it Spoiled, entitled rich guys aren t generally my cup o tea I took the chance, anyway, because I generally like Z.A Maxfield s writing I am happy to say that I really did enjoy Gasp Instead of finding Nigel to be annoying, I actualy was entertained I loved his sense of whimsy, though the self destructive was a touch disconcerting Jeff was great because he did not enable Nigel like most other people did.Both Jeff and Nigel are looking for fa [...]

Funzee Shu

Don t let go I won t, Jeff whispered, if you don t I ll be right here when you re ready, Nigel This time, you re not falling alone.

Emma Sea

Perfectly fine book just not quite for me Still enjoyable though.

Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews

Originally posted at longandshortreviews bo Nigel thought he d completed his bucket list, but he forgot fall in love was the most important At forty, Nigel Gasp figured his life was pretty much over He d done everything he could think of, and probably he never should have attempted, he d accomplished everything professionally he could ever dream about and he assumed it was time to go out in a blaze of glory He didn t count on a military vet and his family disrupting Nigel s plans and his very l [...]


4.5 stars rounded up to 5.0Mega star Nigel Gasp is a self absorbed egomaniac in need of looking after He is stubborn, needy, and determined to be the center of attention everywhere he goes With his impending 40th birthday, Nigel is having a midlife crisis and has been especially difficult to handle His manager is due to give birth and needs a respite She persuades her ex soldier brother who just returned from his third tour of duty in Afghanistan to take on the babysitting gig Jeff Paxton came h [...]


It was It for me for several reasons The book reminded me of another Z.A Maxfield s creation Drawn Together I ve read the book a year ago and I still miss it There were similarities in character description A good boy, Captain America kind of guy, simple, honest A feminine with long hair, rich, flamboyant, eccentric, talented, older and on a slim short side of physic guy.For me those similarities were a plus I also like reading RockRoll MM romances.There were funny and tender moments I couldn t [...]

Lee Brazil

Nigel is a difficult, difficult man He has some redeeming features, and at the end I did respect him Jeff, well, he had a tape worm Ugh And needed therapy for than one reason I didn t buy this book for the cover art Clearly I m on a rock star kick, remembering my own fantasies of John Taylor falling in love with me or something, I supposeD I ve never read a ZA Maxfield book I didn t like Essentially it fulfilled a fantasy I ve long harbored, and was written by an author whose work I enjoy Okay, [...]


Maxfield has written a beautiful story but I just wasn t in the mood for the pace that this book was set ate slow meandering style of the story nearly made me scream Having said that, if I were not in a hyperactivebunnyoncrack kind of mood, this would have been a wonderful read Perhaps not as enjoyable as Crossing Borders a favourite of mine but a good, solid read none the less.

Heidi Cullinan

I ll admit, I m biased because I love ZAM both as a writer and as a person She s probably my favorite m m author, so I m going to like everything that comes down her pike What I loved about this one was that it was utter ZAM, all the quirks and depths and things that only she would do I loved the guys relationship, loved how horribly flawed they were Also I love that I got to see this one as it got born, and then seeing it done and printed and happy made me smile.

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ý Gasp! : by Z.A. Maxfield Gomez Pugh
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