Dec 02, 2022
Music From Standing Waves
Posted by Johanna Craven

[PDF] Music From Standing Waves | by ☆ Johanna Craven, Music From Standing Waves, Johanna Craven, Music From Standing Waves It s and growing up in a forgotten top corner of Australia Abby s life consists of backyard cricket Nintendo and underwater wrestles with her best friend Justin But when she hears a recording of a Dvorak violin concerto Abby becomes determined to one day perform the piece in the concert halls Suddenly music is everything and not even her blossoming relationshiI [PDF] Music From Standing Waves | by ☆ Johanna Craven - Music From Standing Waves, Music From Standing Waves It s and growing up in a forgotten top corner of Australia Abby s life consists of backyard cricket Nintendo and underwater wrestles with her best friend Justin But when she hears a recording

  • Title: Music From Standing Waves
  • Author: Johanna Craven
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Music From Standing Waves | by ☆ Johanna Craven, Music From Standing Waves, Johanna Craven, Music From Standing Waves It s and growing up in a forgotten top corner of Australia Abby s life consists of backyard cricket Nintendo and underwater wrestles with her best friend Justin But when she hears a recording of a Dvorak violin concerto Abby becomes determined to one day perform the piece in the concert halls Suddenly music is everything and not even her blossoming relationshiI

[PDF] Music From Standing Waves | by ☆ Johanna Craven - Music From Standing Waves, Music From Standing Waves It s and growing up in a forgotten top corner of Australia Abby s life consists of backyard cricket Nintendo and underwater wrestles with her best friend Justin But when she hears a recording

Bill Ward

I loved this gentle story of a young girl, who dreams about becoming a concert violinist and escaping her small town life This is very much a character driven story, following Abby as she moves to the big city, to follow her dreams by studying at the Melbourne Conservatorium against the wishes of her mother It is a story about a young girl growing up, her first boyfriends, challenges with her family, encountering the competitive world of the Conservatorium and all the accompanying emotions, whic [...]

Iva Kenaz

Music From Standing Waves is a very nice, touching, and feel good novel that takes us on a journey through one unique girl s life.Abby grew up in a small beach town in Australia, spending her childhood years alongside her best friend, Justin As they grow up, they realise that their interest in one another is complicated They have a good chance of starting a beautiful romance, but Justin simply isn t as mature as Abby and a bit of a jerk Also, Abby has big plans for her future and thinks that he [...]


I had this book recommended to me by a friend and really enjoyed it Even though I m not a musician, I was really drawn into the story by the very realistic characters Great for a holiday read.


Originally reviewed for whisperingstories 3.5 starsI would say that Music from Standing Waves by Johanna Craven is, in itself, a musical composition The notes, the ingredients, they have been disposed upon a previously clear sheet of paper There s a particular order to these elements, a rhythm that leads you through the life of Abby, the girl who dreamed of performing her way out or perhaps her way in.If you want to truly enjoy this novel, you cannot be afraid of getting lost in it Better yet, y [...]

Jana Petken

Poignant and very well written story about Abby, her love for the violin, and her relationships with friends and family.The tale begins with a little bit of a mystery Abby disembarking the aircraft and wondering whether to leave her precious violin on board.This is not a fast paced roller coaster ride but of an even paced, page by page development of relationships with various character who are introduced and lovingly developed.I loved the way in which we earn about Abby s inner feelings She do [...]

Vita Rogers

I was sceptical about whether I would enjoy this book, as I m not a musician But the story and characters really drew me in and I read the book in a few sittings over the bank holiday weekend I found Abby s drive to achieve her dreams really relatable and admired her commitment to follow them in spite of family expectations and rural upbringing Although I must say Acacia Beach didn t seem that bad I might even visit if I ever get over to Australia


Wow This book was one heck of a ride If I had to describe this book in one word it would be a rollercoaster Its because it made me feel some type of way I literally felt all kinds of emotions while reading this This book is about family, finding unexpected love, and chasing your dreams Overall, the plot was amazing and it got me hooked from start to finish I couldn t put it down I love the drama It also had a lot of character developments I appreciate that so much I love the ending a whole lot I [...]

Jennifer D

This was such an enjoyable and easy read While the book did at times tackle some quite heavy issues, it was done in such an effortless way that I never felt bogged down by the story The characters were so real, the situations very believable and the settings very vivid I read this through the new adult fiction group, but this book could easily be enjoyed by older readers too Abby s problems were all very relatable and the opening section set in the 1990s made me nostalgic for my own childhood I [...]

Jennifer Loiske

Sometimes you have to go far to see the truth Abby is a small town girl with big dreams In spite of her horrible mother who does everything in her power to stop Abby from reaching her dreams, Abby decides to try her luck and moves to Melbourne However, the grass rarely is greener on the other side This is a gem for young adult readers Something different A book that matters The language is vivid and the writing style easy going Love for music is leaking through the pages, and you can almost hear [...]

Paulette Mahurin

This beautifully written lyrical prose starts out with the protagonist Abby disembarking from a plane, arriving in Australia There s a moment when she thinks of leaving her violin in the storage compartment lending an air of mystery Why would she want to do that and what happened to provoke it A good start that grabs attention As the story progresses, characters are introduced Justin her childhood BFF Andrew her piano teacher Andrew s wife Hayley the glamour girl from a rich family, and Nick Abb [...]

Michael Kelly

A novel about a girl from a remote little town in Australia who begins taking violin lessons and develops a real passion for music.There are a large number of themes running through the book, each one becoming predominant at times, but all ever present, blending in the story of Abby s life, relationships and decisions.There s the theme of artistic obsession I ve never been able to play an instrument, but I m a great lover of music and I can certainly understand creative obsession And it s an obs [...]

Ian Hunter

This is a lovely story of a girl with a passion for music She grows up in a sleepy corner of Australia that she feels suffocated by She s bored There s nothing here for her And music is her only escape Ironically, what she s recoiling from, many of us would consider paradise The charm of the local characters, scenery, and culture of the Australian province, the slices of travel literature that sneak up on you through the pages, makes the world the lead character wants to escape very much one we [...]

Jennifer Young

Music From Standing Waves is a coming of age novel with added grit the health warning comes at the outset, as it really isn t for anyone who can t take a lot of swearing If you can get through the realism then it s a good and gripping read, detailing young Abby s love affair with the violin and the way music takes her from a small town in Queensland to studying music in Melbourne.Johanna Craven is a terrific, engaging writer and the story holds the reader from the beginning as Abby stumbles thro [...]

Grant Leishman

Being someone who is musically challenged, I was a little concerned when I first picked up Craven s book, Music From Standing Waves Would I understand it or would it be too muso for me I needn t have worried on either score What it was was a wonderful story about a young girl from the back of beyond in Australia, who dreamed of one day playing the great concert halls of the world, as a concert violinist The story was beautifully written and the characters well developed and complex We followed A [...]

Melissa Craven

This book caught my eye and I decided to review it because I adore classical music, the violin especially I absolutely loved this book It was such and unexpected find and I m so glad I picked it up Abby is a strong willed, determined young woman, but she s still flawed and struggles to find the right path for her life Her passion for music is as admirable as her determination to make something of herself As a reader, I m always looking for female leads like Abby because she is a great example fo [...]

E.M. Cooper

I absolutely loved Music from Standing Waves and I m wondering how I can do it justice It s wonderful It brims with so much life and feeling and is so well written When I learned the author, Johanna Craven is a musician I began to understand how she was able to capture the contrasting atmospheres of both Acacia Beach and the Melbourne Conservatorium and why her writing style is so lyrical and musical.The tale follows the struggles of a talented musician, a young Australian girl living in Acacia [...]

Carissa Lynch

It s obvious that a musician wrote this book because the words just sing from the page, with such lyrical and beautifully written prose The opening of this book was magical, with this sense of untold mystery in the air I was immediately hooked When Abby hears a violin for the first time, she immediately falls in love with music Nothing and no one can stop her from pursuing her one life s dream to play at the Melbourne Conservatorium As the story progresses, gliding us through her experiences wit [...]

Kathy Gates

I thought that the standing waves of the title related to the the narrator s childhood Abby grew up in what sounds and feels like an idyllic setting in coastal north Queensland where rainforest meets sea But no, it refers to music or specifically sound waves And it s the tension between home and music that is the nub of Craven s novel The first half deals with Abby s desperation to escape the small world of Acacia Beach her musical talent is her ticket out But when music becomes a serious busin [...]

Marian Thornley

I love it when I read a book that captures my thoughts all day long that is what happened with this book, and I almost completed it in one sitting Abigail takes us through her childhood in a remote town in Northern Queensland her longing to escape the increasing role of music in her life the awkwardness of her relationship with the boy next door The weather plays such a role here it is almost another character When Abigail moves on by means of a scholarship to a prestigious music school in Melbo [...]

Colin Griffiths

I loved this book Not my usual genre but I really loved it For me the style of writing is perfect for such a beautifully written story I loved the main character Abbey as she chases her dreams and the events that sometimes come between her and those dreams I loved the journey that the author created for her and the love hate relationship with her parents, particularly her mother In some ways it was like reading someone s memoirs because the main character was so real I m sure she actually exists [...]

May Panayi

This was a surprisingly good book I did not expect to like it anywhere near as much as I did I could hardly put it down As a child I played second violin in the music school orchestra myself, so it brought back some memories, but my similarities ended there Though I do know all about un supportive parents in other ways I shouted at the book a couple of times, willing Abby not to answer her phone at one point The characterisation is brilliant, you really feel involved in Abby s life Not the outco [...]

Reg Shell

Highly RecommendedI chose Music From Standing Waves because of my love for historical fiction and my country Australia The settings of far north Australia contrasted in an interesting way with the Melbourne Music Conservatorium I have personal knowledge of both, northern Australia and Melbourne s classical music world, and feel that the author Johanna Craven successfully captures the surroundings as well as the sensitivity of characters in this superb novel.

Davis Galimberti

A very enjoyable light read Would recommend to those who are musically inclined, children of the 80 90s or have a general interest in Australia The author captures really well the tension between one s aspirations in life and their heritage family background and associated inhibitions Would recommend.

Astrid Arditi

Stunning A story of passion, regrets and hope A young woman led by her fierce love for music and a desperate need to escape her small town and small minded family Highly recommend it

Tracy Kincaid

Took awhile to get into the story but once I did I found that I could relate to the story Wonderful story.


This is a great story from a different perspective a young musician who wants to be a professional soloist goes after her dream, but it s not as easy and fun as she thought it would be Abby s dream begins when she is 12 years old, and the reader follows the story until she s 20 I appreciated the depictions of music, skills, dedication, hard work, and the choices that need to be made when trying to become a professional musician I also enjoyed the description of the small town mentality vs the la [...]

Ely (Tea & Titles)

Originally posted at Tea Titles A copy of this book was supplied to us by the author in exchange for an honest review.I m writing this review immediately after finishing Music From Standing Waves my mind is racing a million miles a minute Basically, I can t promise that this is going to make any sense but I m going to try my best to explain how much I loved this book.The moment I opened the e mail from Johanna, I knew this book was going to be my cup of tea It s set half in Queensland, half in m [...]

Ellie Midwood

Wow I loved it I loved Abby s story so much that I read the book literally in two evenings It is such an inspiring story which I m sure can resonate with so many young people, who are trying to find their path in life It s a story of a teenage girl living in suburban Australia and hating it She feels miserable, confined in a tiny community when all she dreams about is becoming a famous violin player and performing with an orchestra in a big city Despite her mother s resentment to her music and h [...]

Dermot Davis

We follow a young girl as she grows to be a woman and experience the challenges she faces not only in discovering herself but in how she deals with her two passions in life music and love Constant throughout is her passion for music and her drive to be the best violinist she can possibly be Being accepted into the Melbourne Conservatorium at first seems like a dream come true Having to deal with the pressures of the instruction, the personalities and demands of the teachers and the egotism and m [...]

Janet Gogerty

Not entirely coincidentally I am also reading an intense and deep biography by a violinist who lead a quartet for years I am not a musician though I have attempted to learn violin, recorder, guitar and piano over the years and can read the most simple lines of music I love music, but am likely to be found enjoying a symphony orchestra and soloist thundering through a Rachmaninov piano concerto than to be listening to an exquisite string quartet However ecstatic a piece of music makes us feel, w [...]

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Music From Standing Waves