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Unlimited Slammer - by Tabatha Vargo, Slammer, Tabatha Vargo, Slammer The last place Christopher Jacobs aka X thought he d find himself was behind bars Ten years later the boy he used to be is gone In his place is the shell of a man with murder under his belt Any emotion he once had was left under the gavel when he was given life in prison That is until the new nurse in the infirmary joins the block Putting your hands on a prison empThe last place Christo Unlimited Slammer - by Tabatha Vargo - Slammer, Slammer The last place Christopher Jacobs aka X thought he d find himself was behind bars Ten years later the boy he used to be is gone In his place is the shell of a man with murder under his belt Any emo

  • Title: Slammer
  • Author: Tabatha Vargo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Unlimited Slammer - by Tabatha Vargo, Slammer, Tabatha Vargo, Slammer The last place Christopher Jacobs aka X thought he d find himself was behind bars Ten years later the boy he used to be is gone In his place is the shell of a man with murder under his belt Any emotion he once had was left under the gavel when he was given life in prison That is until the new nurse in the infirmary joins the block Putting your hands on a prison empThe last place Christo

Unlimited Slammer - by Tabatha Vargo - Slammer, Slammer The last place Christopher Jacobs aka X thought he d find himself was behind bars Ten years later the boy he used to be is gone In his place is the shell of a man with murder under his belt Any emo


So pissed I m sorry but I have to give this 1 star I give her kudos for the shock factor at the end, but no Just No So many things irked me about this book many I don t even know where to startere really are too many to list HEA view spoiler If you re looking for romance with a happy ending don t read this, there is not a happy ending hide spoiler I ve loved all of Vargo s books prior to this, but this one is just not my cup of tea I really don t want to give anything away if you plan on reading [...]

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Stopped reading 25%No ratingThe book is unputdownable The writing is good The story is engaging A nurse at the maximum security prison The most dangerous inmate Yum The majority of my friends loved it.So how come the current average rating is only 3.83 Someting is wrong Very, very wrong I should have known I better run before it s too late view spoiler I need a HEA, dammit hide spoiler br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br


An Engrossing, Suspenseful And Fast Paced ReadI devoured this book over the course of several hours today This story completely sucked me in and held my attention from start to finish What a ride When Lyla accepts a job as a nurse at a maximum security prison, she realizes immediately that she isn t cut out for the job She s too sweet, too pretty and far too soft The only thing that keeps her coming back is desperation She needs the money and jobs are hard to come by.In no time, she catches the [...]

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4.5 X Stars Tabatha Vargo delivered her best writing to date, while going very dark for her fans The story mostly takes place at a maximum security penitentiary where our heroine, Lyla meets inmate X Evil radiated from him, even though he had a face that was obviously chiseled by angels The two develop a hot chemistry and fall in love as our nurse falls for the convicted murderer and feared prisoner The story is told in alternating povs and the author sure did her homework gifting a very believa [...]


Type StandalonePOV First Person DualRating Lyla Evans was a recent graduate assigned as a nurse at a maximum security prison It wasn t an ideal place for a beautiful gentle woman like her, but basic needs forced her to endure the undesirable working condition Christopher Jacobs was known as X among the inmates and guards Having been there for ten years, he knew the dos and don ts of being in incarceration But when Lyla crossed his path, all rules were thrown out the window In his eyes, she was w [...]


4.5 Twisted Ride WOW that EPILOGUE was the best HOLY SHIT, I would so totally watch the movie if this book is ever made into one of course haha What a wicked and awesome book, loved it of courseWar s evil girl gif is the best way to described the twisted ending and Epilogue and how I feel after I read this LOLIt s been a long time, I think is time Starting tonight eekkk dp B0145TLATG rDARK AND TWISTED HMMMM YES PLEASE BLURB The last place Christopher Jacobs, aka X, thought he d find himself was [...]

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4,5 5 seeing her was like being in the STARS Monster were real, too They didn t live in our closets or hide under our beds They squatted within us, coming out occasionally to destroy the things we loved COMING OUT TO DESTROY US.Christopher X Jacobs has been dead for 10 years A living, breathing but unfeeling dead person He s been trapped inside a maximum security prison for the murders of his girlfriend and her friend, of which he has no memory He d spent the last 10 years of his life fighting t [...]


Me as I read this bookTen years ago Christopher X Jacobs was convicted to life in prison with no chance of parole for a crime he doesn t remember committing His life since then has been a life of pain, numbness, and fighting to stay alive even when he wants to die Then Lyla Evans takes a job at the prison as a nurse and X can t resist her.Desperate for a way to support herself, Lyla takes the only nursing job she could find Now she works around men who have committed terrible crimes with no remo [...]

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TITLE SlammerAUTHOR Tabatha VargoGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE August 19th 2015 MY RATING 5 STARS A refreshing, unique, suspenseful readI cray cray loved this, as soon as I picked this up I was absorbed in the story, these two characters melted my heart, for me this was by no means dark but it did have some gritty raw moments which had me racing through the pages to see what was install for these two, and I was by no means disappointedThis will be the second time reading something by th [...]

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3.5 s Slammerp, that s where Christopher, aka X, is for committing a heinous crime he doesn t remember Slammerat s where Lyla is too bute just started working there as a nurse Hopeless how I felt wondering if these two could ever figure out how to be together Well, I certainly didn t need to worry about that I was definitely drawn to this book because of the forbidden but I had no idea what wild ride I would be on It s hard not to fall for Xhe s like a gentle giant and he s just sooo hard on him [...]


4.5 StarsLyla Evans is a nurse who reluctantly takes a job at the infirmary of a notoriously tough prison With her mounting debt, Lyla has no choice but to accept the position despite her fears of safety On a daily basis, she is subjected to vile and crude comments by inmates, but she remains dedicated and optimistic that she can do the job and make a difference She was too pretty Looked too sweet for such a sour place She didn t belong here Christopher Jacobs is a prisoner known as X who is ser [...]

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I guess this is another case of it s me not you I gave up about 60% in and then skimmed to the end And it was exactly like I guessed plus I didn t think this was dark at all.There are so many great reviews about this book but it s just not my cuppa We all have our own tastes in genres and stories books I love, you may hate so please don t go by my opinion.


Do you love great romance Where the couple fall madly in love, can t keep their hands off each other, and do all the things that lovers do Well go hop on your unicorn and tell him to double time it running on the rainbow back to Candyland and pick yourself up another book on the way This shit ain t for you.This was given to me as an ARC for an honest review and honestly I never saw it coming Lyla Evans is a nurse stuck taking a job in a maximum security prison just because she needs money There [...]

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This is clearly a five star intense physiological read The mind fuckery and suspense is what has me stupefied Alfred Hitchcock meet Tabatha Vargo You ll never know what hit you in this thriller of who done it and why Just when all the puzzles pieces are adding up, you ll be wrong The clever author brings realism and sadistic accounts of the inner lockings of the prison world Fulton Prison didn t just change the lives of its inhabits but also those who worked in it.

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OMGI cannotThis was justI decided to read this book on a whim because I wanted out of my book funkWrong book This put me in an even bigger one This story rocked my world It made me gasp, laugh, it broke my heart and stomped on the pieces Slammer is a story about love and strength It s about knowing yourself It s about protecting others from everything, even from yourself.Lyla is a nurse and she has landed a job at a prison infirmary The job is tough and she has to deal with rough inmates all day [...]


5 thriller starsreview will come Jeeez, it took me forever to write it but here it isSo Slammer as in slam dunk or prison is a compelling story set in this closed, saffocating place where bad people run the show, as they fight for the rule and territory marking This is about X the man sentenced to life in prison and having already spent 10 years of his life there for the double murderwhen he was 18 years oldYes, X was once known as Cristopher Jacobs, with a steady girlfriend and a small time err [...]

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5 Angel in Darkness Stars ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK Did I say I loved this book Well I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT If you need a HEA book, then this is NOT the book for you If you need a book that sucks you in, is raw and gritty, in your face, all consuming and heart punchingIS IS IT Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too They live inside us, and sometimes, they win Christopher Jacobs, aka as X my his prison inmates, has been in prison for 10 years after killing his girlfriend and her friend He ca [...]

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Holy fuck What was that I loved the story and the execution of it, it was different and gripping X seemed to personify fucked up perfection.BUT OMFG I did not see that coming AND that ending creeped me right out LOL Like I said, what was that

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Scioccante, violento, sanguinoso e brutale.Sangue.Dappertutto.Sulle pareti, sul pavimento.Addosso a lui.E membra umane sparpagliate per la stanza Fu allora che le vidi le parti del corpo gambe e braccia maciullate Erano disseminate per la stanza come pezzi di una bambola, rotti e insanguinati.Ma il diciottenne Christopher Jacobs non ricorda niente.Non ricorda di aver massacrato la sua ragazza e l amico di lei.Eppure firma una confessione spontanea.Dieci anni dopo, di quel ragazzino terrorizzato [...]

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HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS HOLY What on earth did Tabatha do to my heart She ripped it out, stomped all over it, and shoved the broken thing back in and I loved every minute of it I think I m not certain I even have words for this book Slammer is anything but typical If you know anything about onions then you know that they have layers, and so does Slammer This isn t an easy, breezy love story It s raw and gritty and will make you sad and mad, and smile, and even give you hope that there is love [...]

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Christopher Jacobs a.k.a X, be like Well damn, there was unexpected plot twist It just suddenly thrown in your face So many gruesome scene in this book And unexpected ending It was a plus I cried my eyeballs out over Scoop What happened to him was savage I loved the guy This is my first read of this author Overall, it was good I enjoyed it.


What kind of a twisted crap did I just read Just when I was invested in the story and got attached to the characters, suddenly I was told that everything was a lie after all.It was like Oops sorry, we might fibbed a bit for the last 25 chapters to get you all excited and agitated And now to conclude the story we are killing everyone off just for the h3ll of it Crappy, crappy end to a story.


O.M.G that was terrible.X has served ten years of a lifetime sentence He s one of the baddest mother effers in lockup He s a loner, he has no affiliations so he s constantly in fights Lyla has just taken a position as a nurse in the prison and she takes a liking to X and his story Somehow she s the only one with common sense enough to discover something obvious about X s crime and tries to get his case reopened Well this puts her in danger But she s determined to prove his innocence.I was rollin [...]


I m still reeling from what took place in this captivating read Everything in this book was executed well the writing, the characters, the unadulterated love, and of course that ending wow Even though Slammer is fiction, it takes a no holds barred look at everyday prison survival and the interaction between prisoners and prison personnel, and of course the love between a prisoner and prison staff member From the prologue I connected with main character Christopher Jacobs and the mysterious situa [...]

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Tabatha.I m feeling needy When s this bad boy out God I ll end up in the mental slammer waiting for all of this fabulous books to be released 0 xxconsidering I was so excited about this book, it just left me feeling a big ole wtf unfortunately this one was just not for me I still think Tabatha reigns supreme xxxxlater peeps xx

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Well, that was some mind fuckery, and not the pleasing you fooled me, but it was awesome type This the wtf, how does that make any sense kind and I am not happy about it Briefly, the book is about a nurse, Layla, and a prisoner at a max security prison He s locked up for brutally murdering and chopping up two people Layla works at the prison in the infirmary They both think each other is hot, loins throb, blah blah They have a connection, the rest follows Now let us go over my complaints Firstly [...]


MUST READ MUST READ MUST READ I m an utter emotional wreck after finishing this book I highly recommend anyone that likes a great mind fuck with an emotional roller coaster ride thrown in to read this book NOW I am numb, stunned and thoroughly speechless as to what to say about this brilliantly written book.

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That ending just about killed me I ll put up a review later once I m in a good mental state FOR NOW I NEED SOME FLUFFY SHIT.

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I only stopped reading this to sleep, eat, and shower It was freaking amazing I went through so many emotions while reading First off, I started the book wondering how the hell X and Lyla were ever going to get it on in a jail with a bunch of guards always around, but HONEYYYYYYYY, they got it done and they got it done right Slow clap for the sex scenes It was so interesting to learn what was going on in the prison, the dynamics at play, and even learning about X s case as the story went on It s [...]


I mostri sono veri, i fantasmi pure Vivono dentro di noi, e a volte vincono.Recensione a caldo Caldo ustionante Perch non credo di riuscire a dormire Questo libro stato una bomba ad orologeria sin dai primi capitoli Non ho letto molti libri in inglese, volevo dare una possibilit a Slammer e ora sono sconvolta Christopher quando aveva 19 anni ha ucciso la sua ragazza e il suo amico Ma non ha ricordi di questo evento Ora semplicemente X, uno dei criminali pi temuti nel penitenziario di Fulton Rhod [...]

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