Jul 02, 2022
Devil Dealing
Posted by IanPatrick

[PDF] Devil Dealing | by ↠ IanPatrick, Devil Dealing, IanPatrick, Devil Dealing A top police investigative unit breaks an illegal gambling operation in the context of rampant police corruption and drug fuelled gangster violence in the city Lead detective Jeremy Ryder is a physically powerful quiet and meticulous investigator His partner Navi Pillay is a small and exceptionally strong Tamil martial arts instructor and she provides the speed and phyA top police [PDF] Devil Dealing | by ↠ IanPatrick - Devil Dealing, Devil Dealing A top police investigative unit breaks an illegal gambling operation in the context of rampant police corruption and drug fuelled gangster violence in the city Lead detective Jeremy Ryder is a physica

  • Title: Devil Dealing
  • Author: IanPatrick
  • ISBN: 9781516982646
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Devil Dealing | by ↠ IanPatrick, Devil Dealing, IanPatrick, Devil Dealing A top police investigative unit breaks an illegal gambling operation in the context of rampant police corruption and drug fuelled gangster violence in the city Lead detective Jeremy Ryder is a physically powerful quiet and meticulous investigator His partner Navi Pillay is a small and exceptionally strong Tamil martial arts instructor and she provides the speed and phyA top police

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[PDF] Devil Dealing | by ↠ IanPatrick - Devil Dealing, Devil Dealing A top police investigative unit breaks an illegal gambling operation in the context of rampant police corruption and drug fuelled gangster violence in the city Lead detective Jeremy Ryder is a physica

Rodney Martin

This is the first in an intriguing looking quartet Not quite as good as James McClure s The Steam Pig, perhaps, but Devil Dealing is a refreshingly realistic and fabulously exciting thriller set in the same country five decades later a country where there are now between forty five and fifty murders a day That is a higher death rate than currently experienced in the war raging in Iraq and Syria and South Africa is not a country at war This thriller is carefully researched, draws on interviews wi [...]

Joy Wags

Love it Fantastic Gripping and believable Very moving scene at one point but I can t spoil the plot It made me cry And cry some Tears, laughter, action all the way Witty exchanges, brilliant use of multi lingual expressions and slang, lovely relationships between characters, and really nice mood and atmosphere Nice to read a thriller every bit as good as the top of the chart thrillers, and one that is not set in Europe or the USA What a nice change Bit of real history, too, but it never gets in [...]

Ronald Gumede

Hey, man This is so brilliant My own police experience is like this, and this is just so accurate I love it The characters are just like the guys I know and hang with It s also funny and entertaining Except for the bit in the office The police hanging around the urn is real that s where we waste a lot of time talking rubbish And that s where the action flagged a little in this book But it was still quite funny when they talked about rugby About two thirds of the way through I just couldn t put i [...]

Suzie Whyte

This is totally absorbing What a page turner, right from the beginning I know the Durban scene very well, and like many am fascinated by its crime and policing This writing captures everything amazingly well It s really exciting, and the characters are thoroughly engaging There was just one part where I felt there was probably a bit too much telling of the historical background, but then I realised, in the next section immediately following, the real need for that And then came the brilliant clo [...]

Matthew Seagreen

Blockbuster action and totally believable characters, with the relationships both amusing and endearing I couldn t put it down The action is very cleverly woven through two lines of plot, and there s a major surprise two thirds of the way through, which is brilliantly foreshadowed and prepared for I went back on the text to see what I might have missed, but all the clues were there So I enjoyed it even on the second reading Very exciting, very moving, very original Intelligent as well as thrill [...]

Robert Storey

I see that Devil Dealing is the first in a series Normally I prefer single thrillers, but I m pleased I tried this one, anyway For one thing, it IS a single thriller The author makes that clear in his preface, and this one definitely stands on its own feet A model crime thriller, in many ways A team of sharp and witty detectives on the hunt for villains as evil as Satan What s not to like Exciting and page turning I read this very quickly and couldn t put it down These characters grow on you I c [...]

Kobus Koopmans

Stunning Couldn t put it down And I long for the next books in his series, even though this volume stands on its own two feet The characters are really interesting, detailed, and witty I happen to have been to many of the locations where the action is set, and it is exactly as I remember it This is almost not even classifiable as fiction The characters and action and events are happening every day in South Africa as well as elsewhere in the world, doubtless This is a crime thriller that is diffe [...]

Victoria Jefferson

Oh yes I grooved on this I used to live near where a lot of this action takes place How absorbing I loved the characters and the dialogue and the accents What a clever moment there was at the end of the one chapter Thursday, I think, at the end of the police ball What an evil villain, too How funny was one thing, though the strange accent of the forensics woman I know people who speak just like that They live in the shadow of Table Mountain This was a fast paced thriller and I could imagine some [...]

Roxanne Grenville

Very punchy, exciting and fast moving, and scary in parts Especially in the deep, dark and menacing voices of the criminals I would have given five stars except for the fact that there s a bit of descriptive detail in one part that fills us in about the background of police matters in the country and that s a bit boring I can see that that is probably necessary for any reader who might not know about the situation, but it slowed the action down a bit at that point Maybe I m carping The really ni [...]

Tshepo Mkhize

I like this so, so much Four very big stars I would have given five except for the slow bit, giving us some historical background But this was necessary, I suppose The scenes are exactly like my home town of Empangeni The characters are so entertaining, and I still know people who speak exactly like this I read this very quickly, it was so exciting I can t wait to get the next one in the series The bad guy is so, so evil I hope he comes back Jeremy is my hero And Navi, too She s brilliant Please [...]


This book falls squarely within the genre now called Sunshine Noir, an excellent police procedural set in sub tropical Durban where the harbour allows the local South African crime scene to intersect easily with international crime Very well written with a good pace, well developed characters and solid plot There are a few spots where the narrative is a bit detailed in dealing with the history of the South African police system, but one assumes it is for the benefit of international readers who [...]

William Lindstadt

Hey This is great I loved this New, fresh, original I liked the witticisms, the companionship among the cops, the fun juxtaposed against the most brutal crimes Really bad criminals Really good cops But nobody is caricatured They are all deftly created characters LOvely martial arts action I liked the specific detailed descriptions of some of the action I took a little while to get on top of the accen ts strange grammar but ended up really liking it Good stuff, this

Patricia Cuffley

All right OK Now I get it I have just finished reading this, after listening to the audio version of the second book in the series only last week Wrong way around, because this is the first book in the series Should have started in the right place, I suppose In retrospect, I think now that I might have been a bit harsh in my review of the second book Now I get the point, I think This is really good I loved it Now I see where the characters all come from and how they fit together It helped me, to [...]

Deborah Nielsen

Yay Glad I got this Having just read a slow moving old style detective investigation I was in need of an all action hero Preferably one who was not an old style sexist Jeremy Rider is my new hero Like Jack Reacher Tough, no nonsense, but clearly different from his sexist partner detectives is the author making a point about how REAL men should behave not like the other detectives in the office Here we have the tough white male being rescued by a tough Asian woman How very nice Witty dialogue, a [...]

Katherine Wilson

I enjoyed this very much I had just read a stunner for Christmas and thought nothing could come near it Smiley s People but I have to admit that this was, though not as good as John le Carr , still a really gripping tale and very up to date with what is happening in the world I loved the character and the action and the witty comments, and it was great to see a range of different people populating the book, with different accents, idiosyncrasies, street lingo, etc I downloaded this not because I [...]

LuluBelle Runjes

I voted four stars There was a part where I thought it got a little bit too descriptive about police detail and politics But then I understood why it s a completely necessary part of the background to the action And the action then became incredibly exciting and realistic It s also really funny and moving in parts The accents and dialogue are so accurate I hear them just like that around me all the time in real life I like this book so much What writers like Mike Nicol, Margie Orford and Deon Me [...]

Conrad Listner

I listened to this book back in October, when I was driving a car around New York for a week and needed something to keep me occupied I rated it on Audible, as I recall, but I had another dip into it recently and thought it was even better than i had thought back then Lovely quick paced action and thrills, superb characters, evil guys and good cops And really good studio production, too Speaking of thrills that one murder, with the devastating weapon, is to die for if you ll pardon the expressio [...]

Sharon Loyd

I listened to this back in November and did a review on the Audible site I have since had a look at the book too, then went back to the audio for another listen just last week It really is excellent Apart form the really good quality of voice and diction, the story is compelling and very different I was so drawn in by it I listened to it during a long road trip originally, but recently I ve been listening to it in bed Scary stuff Very tense and menacing, and lovely characters I still think it s [...]

Frank Swart

Good compact thriller with very convincing characters The detectives are genuine I know a few detectives and these are just the same, nicely detailed and very sharp but witty and hard bitten by the crime they have to deal with Very enjoyable reading I went straight out and got the next one in the series.

Hayden Brookshield

Nice and different, this was A believable thriller where the characters are down to earth and doing the job No over the top clever twisty plots This is like everyday police work and it is superbly observed The interactions among the police and the criminals makes for a very believable experience I shall read of this author.

Tertius Delport

I read this again on New Year s day, after having listened to the audio version in November I liked it very much back then, but since then I have read the others in the trilogy I really loved the two books that followed this one in the series, but thinking about this one now in relation to the second and third ones, I now have one or two problems with this one Maybe it s because it was the first book and the author was still finding his feet Firstly, there s no doubt that this is in the same bag [...]

Stephen Katz

I read a review of another book in this series that said this author was as good as Grisham or Patterson Big claim I thought I d check it out Guess what I think that reviewer was right This is good Really good The opening prologue was enough to grab my attention, but then the next four or five scenes go even further I couldn t put it down Slick action, detailed description without becoming tiresome One gets the feeling that this is a writer in touch with his weapons, his criminals, and his cops [...]

Paula van der Riet

WHAT a fabulous book I hesitated a bit at first, not knowing if it was going to be too violent for me to enjoy, but then Jeremy Ryder arrived, to save the day The book turned out to be a first class thriller There was just the right amount of action and intrigue, to keep me reading late into the nights And I grew up in the area in which the novel is set, so it was extra special for me reading about places I know well.

Susan Vookes

I read this after seeing a Giveaway competition First in a series of four I liked it very much indeed It was different The location was great and the sense of a real world out there struggling to find itself was really nice I also like the fact that it is short I suppose about 80,000 words and it packs a lot in The action is exciting and the musings about morality are sensible Very good indeed Will read Am listening to the audiobook of another one in the series, too.

Richard Heywood

I listened to the audiobook back in July and didn t get a chance to write this till now Thought I better, because I ve also just read the author s Mashago File, which I thoroughly enjoyed, too I thought this one was top class, really Having now also read the text, I find it a lot like Lee Child He also chases the devil himself and then gets rid of him like a pile of old garbage I like that it doesn t happen in real life, so why not in fiction I was so taken by this that it made me go and look at [...]

Janet Shapiro

This was great Devil Dealing tells the story of a team of detectives in Natal, South Africa, where they chase a really bad few hombres for different crimes The main guy is a killer who used to be a cop and stole some weapons before he scarpered Now those weapons have turned up in some murders and the cops his former colleagues are out to get him.This guy is prime evil He s one of the most evil guys you ve encountered in crime thrillers He has a weapon that he uses to kill his enemies I m not gon [...]

Marianne Patterson

I heard the audiobook of another in this series some time ago and really liked it I thought I d read this one rather than listen to the audiobook, and I had just the same experience from reading I enjoyed the character of Detective Ryder, and I could still imagine the narrator s accent and voice from the last book I listened to The detective and his wife are such characters What a hunk But by the same token I can remember the accent for the evil criminal Tabethe He gives me the creeps I suppose [...]

David Luruli

This was very, very good The plot is clever and it really had me fooled at the end of the chapter where the police have their party That was so clever What a moment I was about to go to bed but then after reading the last line of that chapter I had to carry on I read right through till morning The banter between the policemen is really enjoyable I m sure it s just like that in the cop offices The detectives are nice human characters and the way the action unravels is really exciting The author o [...]

Genevieve Joffrey

An interesting crime novel Set in a world that I don t know It made me go and look at a few newspapers online I can see that it reflects a brutal reality out there The plot is well constructed and the characters are very nicely realised I thought that the prose was a little too focused on the background to the police work in this whole domain I could have done with a little less of that And could it be true that a weapon as evil as a sharpened bicycle spoke could be used It s almost medieval in [...]

Patricia Radebe

I was unfair when I reviewed the fourth book in this series a year ago, before having read the earlier ones Now I get it Last year I thought it was all about unremitting violence Now I see the balance in this series People fighting for what is right against the odds Very good, I thought It had a good balance between violence and the different characters dilemmas and their feelings of what is right and just The series is growing on me, even if I m reading them all higgledy piggledy back to front. [...]

  • [PDF] Devil Dealing | by ↠ IanPatrick
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Devil Dealing