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الكرنك Best Download || [Naguib Mahfouz نجيب محفوظ], الكرنك, Naguib Mahfouz نجيب محفوظ, الكرنك Best Download || [Naguib Mahfouz نجيب محفوظ] - الكرنك,

  • Title: الكرنك
  • Author: Naguib Mahfouz نجيب محفوظ
  • ISBN: 9770915130
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
الكرنك Best Download || [Naguib Mahfouz نجيب محفوظ], الكرنك, Naguib Mahfouz نجيب محفوظ,

الكرنك Best Download || [Naguib Mahfouz نجيب محفوظ] - الكرنك,


Naguib Mahfouz is considered the dean of Arabic writing and won the Nobel Prize for his body of work His novella Karnak Cafe takes a reader back to revolutionary Egypt where the seeds of events of today were sown Set over the course of twenty years in a cafe in Cairo, Karnak Cafe shows Mahfouz views of the revolutionary period Prior to the 1952 revolution, Cairo was a jewel of a city rivaling Paris Yet, with the political upheaval, westerners fled the city and the environment changed It is in th [...]


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Definitely enjoyed this the political and concurrent social upheavals in Egypt in the time post 1954 revolution with 1967 war and its betrayal disillusionment central are the backdrop to the conversations in the cafe The realities the characters experience unfold as the story progresses makes me think about how people deal with idealism and oppression Also thought the information on when Mahfouz published this included in this edition offered insights into contemporary Egypt Definitely good in [...]



Aha, commented Hilmi sarcastically, now I can see that, like everyone else, you resort to similes and metaphors whenever your arguments are weak Stop by at Karnak Caf and have a special blend of coffee, get to know the motley crew of misfits and fallen stars Meet the manageress, Qurunfula, a former celebrity belly dancer with a hoard of admirers, whom even age cannot diminish her appeal.The bewitching femininity of her earlier days was long gone, of course, along with the bloom of youth, but in [...]



Mohamed Hamed

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This short novel by Nobel winning Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz is a sadly melancholy story of the crushing of hope Set in the 1960s around the time of the 1967 war with Israel, it describes how a generation of young Egyptians, the children of the revolution of 1954, were betrayed and lied to by their government, while being subjected to interrogation and imprisonment by secret police Their story is told by an older man and stand in for the author , who befriends a gathering of them who are reg [...]

Mohamed Alwakeel


Un racconto che apre una finestra sulla storia egiziana recente, che parla di politica pur non trattando direttamente dell argomento ma facendo parlare i personaggi che frequentano un bar nel centro del Cairo, giovani studenti universitari ed anziani bottegai, tutti accomunati nella ingenua fiducia nel riformismo e nella modernizzazione portati dalla rivoluzione del colonnello Nasser, ben presto affossata dagli arresti e le torture cui i giovani frequentatori del caff vengono sottoposti, che por [...]

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Gokce ~Muslin Myst~

Yet another great book from a great writer Naguib Mahfouz has an ability to take a difficult story and turn it into a beautiful and engaging one with messages for the understanding I ve first discovered his beautiful writing when I read his Palace Walk trilogy and I am determined to read all his books that I can find The word beautiful comes first to mind when I talk about this author and I strongly recommend at least his Palace Walk trilogy which I believe sheds light into the history of Egypt [...]


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